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  1. Haha
    TURBS reacted to boutye911 in Blood results from 1ml test a week   
    Thread is 3 years old fella. Doubt he gives a sh1t now.
  2. Haha
    TURBS reacted to MickeyE in RIP The Labour Party   
    Yep Labour are a bunch of retards. 
    They thought calling for stricter lockdown measures because opinion polls were showing support for lockdowns, would go in their favour.
    They got it completely wrong again. Would have been far better off opposing strict lockdowns and standing up for people's rights to work, open their businesses and freedoms in general.
    Shower of sh1te. 
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    TURBS reacted to sos2008 in Libido taken a hiding   
    If your not a troll which for the sake of humanity i hope you are, then f**k me.
    Honestly just inject 500mg of test mate & get it over with.
    So many experienced people have tried to help you and told you to get bloods and post them on here time and time again. It really cant be ruining your life or bothering you at all or you would of done that straight away, it takes about 5-10 days to order bloods, receive them and get results. The issue would probably of been resolved by now had you done that. You don't listen, come up with the same old nonsense every time, look for the same old excuses. 
    You should be the poster boy on here of what not to do whilst on gear or after.
    Honestly do yourself a favour, go on medichecks order male hormone blood test at the minimum (TRT better but you need to pay a nurse to come out to take it) fill the little pot up with your blood, put it back in the prepaid envelope and into the post box when they send your results, screenshot them and start a post on here. 
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    TURBS got a reaction from ByTheNumbers in What would you spend 1400kcals on   
    Just your bog standard class 1 tomato, I'm not posh 
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    TURBS reacted to Sasnak in First mild cycle.   
    You could just add an oral to your trt dose. Any oral really but I’d avoid Dianabol because it aromatises heavily and Anadrol which is also a very watery compound. People generally use masteron for negating side effects caused by 19nor steroids (Trenbolone and Nandrolone) or use it at high doses for hardening but this is more of an advanced bodybuilding approach. Masteron on its own isn’t a particularly great muscle building drug. Some find adding a bit makes (100 to 200mg a week) makes them feel great and increases their libido. Others find it gives them acne and prostate problems. These drugs are very user specific. Don’t be fooled by the “Anavar is a mild steroid” bs that seems to be spouted around. It is generally regarded as mild in results and many use it more for vascularity than muscle building although it will add tissue. The thing is Anavar is mild on outward side effects that you’d notice but inward sides that you don’t see or feel are harsh. It will destroy healthy cholesterol levels and stress kidneys. Winstrol and Turinabol will do the same to cholesterol but stress the liver as oppose to kidneys. Orals can destroy appetite too so if you are going to use one then the time might be now whilst you shed that last 10lb.
    Whilst none of these drugs are good for you, test may produce some outward sides like water retention and spots but it won’t be as hard on other blood markers. Provided you don’t get gyno sides, test is generally the better option.
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    TURBS got a reaction from Spieren in Jimmy’s Journal   
    I would go up more gently, say another 200 over, then increase again if needed.
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    TURBS reacted to Sasnak in Dark Ghost covid vaccine   
    Looks like good stuff too. Covers all variants and flu as well. I’m even gonna pin my kids with it
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    TURBS got a reaction from jimmydeen in Inone and pharmaqo   
    Inon e 
    Nah, think it's 'in one' 
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    TURBS reacted to boutye911 in Roid Rage Realisation   
    Yip a crazy sex drive when your married with kids is fu**ing pointless. End up spending your week doing more wanking than training. 
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    TURBS reacted to gymaddict1986 in First online journal   
    Thanks mate . Yeah been natty 8 weeks now. No where near my on cycle lifts . Hopefully another 2-3 weeks and I go back on if bloods are  good and I don’t see why they shouldn’t be 
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    TURBS got a reaction from gymaddict1986 in First online journal   
    @gymaddict1986 Didn't realise you were doing this natty... awesome effort mate 
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    TURBS reacted to jimmydeen in Current PPL Split   
    I would personally do:
    Rest & then repeat. 
    In my opinion you're doing way too much volume as you're training everything x2 per week, so at the moment you're doing 12 exercises for back and biceps a week all 3-4x10 reps. So that's roughly 170 reps of biceps a week? Way too much mate. 
    Plus shoulders and legs on one day? Give legs their own day.
    In summary:
    2-3 exercises for chest, shoulders, back a session.
    3-4 exercises for legs a session
    1-2 exercises for biceps and triceps a session.
    Remember the whole point of doing PPL x2 a week is so that you half the volume you'd usually do but you're hitting everything x2 per week. It's pretty overkill what you're doing. 
    Look at @gymaddict1986 journal. He does 3-4 sets of biceps & triceps a session and he's a fookin unit. 
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    TURBS reacted to gymaddict1986 in Current PPL Split   
    Looks a bit Better than what it was , but try to keep your compound movements first mate , no point in doing a set of  bicep curls then going to a rowing movement .  Big compounds first then isolation after is a good rule to stick by otherwise you are not going to get the most of your compounds ,  Also you are doing 4 sets on small exercises and 2-3sets on bigger ones .don’t need so much work on small muscles especially if you are hitting them with compound movements  
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    TURBS reacted to jeffj in My first show...why the hell not ;)   
    Man this is getting me tired now haha..peak week feels. Constantly wanting to sleep. Although had a strong leg session yesterday. Last one before show day. Just got push and pull sessions to go. Strength was very good yesterday.
    Weight this morning was 210lb getting slowly tighter. Few more days to nail it.
    On rest day today and zero carbs so I'm sure this is going to show and feel haha.

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    TURBS reacted to swole troll in Swole Troll's anabolic lockdown rebound   
    Bench 115kg x8, 100kg x11 
    2 board press 115kg x5 
    3 board press 115kg x5 
    DB incline x8, x9
    Incline chest press x5, x11 
    Chest fly machine x20, x11
    LISS x15 mins 
    Bench is going to need a lot of work but then I havnt pressed a barbell in anyway but overhead since the first lockdown. 
    Expecting strength to come back fairly sharpish. 
    Drenching the place in brine today with how wet the stack suddenly got, classic dbol for me. 
    Nothing more to add 
    Just working on bringing all three of my main lifts up for the first time in years. 
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    TURBS reacted to gymaddict1986 in First online journal   
    Week 3 day 6.  Hamstrings quads calves  abs

    Warm up leg curls and good mornings  X3 
    Romanian deadlifts 
    180kg 9.     140kg 14
    Laying leg curls 
    54kg 12,  8
    Seated leg curls 
    57kg 11.  50kg 12
    Wide leg press 
    300kg 12.    370kg 5.  
    Free bar  narrow squats 
    150kg 6.    140kg.    7
    63 kg 10.    50kg 13 
    50kg 20 ,18
    Calve raises 
    80kg 11.   70kg 12 
    Seated calves 
    70kg 9.   60kg12. 
    Pump set 30 kg 12 
    Ab work
    Leg raises 35.  30, 25
    Cable crunches 
    91kg whole stack. 12 10,8

    40 minutes cardio 

    quick video from  session  rdls 180kg for 9 and a snap shot of squatting , keep in mind my legs are massively fatigued by the time I get to squats , so a measly 150kg is no where near my best as if I hit them fresh obviously but still progressing so all good  . Will be now taking a forced day off to recover and I will do more updates then .

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    TURBS got a reaction from PoSiTiVeFLoW in New to UK muscle, Anabolicminds regular   
    Welcome to the forum 
  18. Haha
    TURBS reacted to jimmydeen in Need a new series to watch   
    RuPaul's Drag race is what @js77 recommended me. Not really my thing but he said he watched it from series 1 and loves it!
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    TURBS reacted to Sasnak in Women don’t like muscles.....   
    Fml. Obvious problem. I generally ask anyone who joins this forum who claims to be female to pass the spoon test. I’m asking you even though you don’t profess to be a girl. Pic of you holding a spoon and a piece of paper with your username and today’s date on it. Alternatively go for the wooden spoon option. Write your username/date on the wooden spoon and hold it up
  20. Haha
    TURBS reacted to Blanka in Women don’t like muscles.....   
    I think it's his older brother, Malfunction.
  21. Haha
    TURBS reacted to G-man99 in Apetamin - appetite stimulant   
    Rebranded as J500 labs now innit 
  22. Haha
    TURBS reacted to monkeybiker in Got my first jab yesterday   
    I had my first jab I think about a month ago and had no sides, I guess some people are just pussies.
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    TURBS reacted to BUFFMAN in How often do you call in sick at work?   
    Once a year at the absolute most for me, and even then it's only if I have an upset stomach or flu, and even then it's not usually more than two days.  Never take the piss or anything like that! Only time was when I was a teenager (about 17) I called in sick for a whole week because I'd just got the original XBox with Halo. Was working at a right dump then packing sausage rolls into boxes, getting treated like dirt.  So sod em! They deserved it.
    I'm a grown man now with three kids now, so wouldn't dream of doing anything like that these days.
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    TURBS reacted to swole troll in Swole Troll's anabolic lockdown rebound   
    Circa 230 this morning

    That'll do. 

    Was only meant to be a tidy up. 

    Cardio reduced from 5hrs per week to 1.3hr (4x 20 mins)

    Carbs upped by 50g

    Out goes clen, primo stays in another few weeks, in goes 40mg dianabol, 300mg deca bringing the stack to 

    Test 300mg
    Primo 500mg 
    Deca 300mg 
    Dbol 40mg ED 

    Final day of cutting nutrition

    Meal 1 - Semolina, sultanas, whey protein

    Meal 2 - Crusty wholemeal roll with turkey bacon x2, apple 

    Meal 3 - Steak, mushrooms and sweet potato 

    Meal 4 - the rest of the pack of steak, mixed veg and 2 pears

    Meal 5 - broku loaf 

    Meal 6 - greek yogurt mix, standard for the past many years (scroll back a page or two to see the ingredients of this meal)

    The tidy up was a success, now to put on a bit of size and maybe enter a meet some time in the summer... 
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    TURBS reacted to DACTT in Libido problems on test/tren cycle   
    I’d say get bloods done. Bit of a mad idea jumping on quite a strong cycle when you already have pre existing gyno. Possibly prolactin related. You can get all the advise you like but the only way to find out is to get a blood test.