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  1. Hello

  2. Southern ghost

    I wouldn't call 300mg a week a 'moderate' dose, that's over double my TRT lol.
  3. Doesn't aromatize, doesn't convert.
  4. Finally bought a rack cage

    Soon adds up doesn't it lol... saying that I would of got the 660 bench and leg attachment. Quality set up mate, shame you have to wait until November.
  5. DBOL

    IMO you're doing your first cycle the wrong way round mate... get yourself back in the gym doing a decent routine with cardio and clean diet, and then once in that routine maybe approach dbol again. If you go into it whilst overweight and laid up for months you'll just benefit from strength and once that drops, people get dispondance with training, or consider another oral to maintain level ie slippery slope.
  6. No real explanation as to why, just went back to stored vial and it gave bad pip. Think it's the second time I've done it with same reaction, so guess I'm sensitive! Others may be fine, so as a precaution this is why I advise to try just a little of vial if you are going back to it.
  7. Super Greens Alternative

    Have you found any benefits since taking it?
  8. Super Greens Alternative

    Yes, capsules... I gave up with powders as disgusting!
  9. My first sarms cycle

    Silly idea at that age mate, for starters you're going to shut down natural testosterone and ruin your good cholesterol.
  10. Greater chance of pip and/or infection. Experience puts you off... I went back to an half used vial after 6 months and got really bad pip from it, when previously it had been smooth. Others may of been fine hence no issue lol.
  11. Been sat in a bag for 5 months, I wouldn't use it... you may be perfectly fine , it's a risk but up to you whether or not you take it. If you are going to try it, just do a tiny amount into the delt or something
  12. To speed things up and aid a better recovery, why not take HCG during the 21 days whilst waiting to start PCT.
  13. I would look at 10-12 weeks for your first run. Absolutely no need for clomid on cycle, use it for PCT alongside nolva.