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  1. ebay items macdonalds

    What's delivery like, I'm starving ?
  2. Hi guys

  3. Uncontrollable masturbation

    Try aloe vera and self restraint
  4. Strange time to be starting a first cycle with what's going on in the world Store vials in cool dark place away from light and moisture, and hcg sterile water is one time use, so best to load up and freeze syringes.
  5. Nolva and hcg

    Nothing is set in stone mate, a couple more weeks gap can only benefit you really.
  6. Nolva and hcg

    If it was me, I would use the HCG now for a few weeks, then 3 days later PCT with clomid (even a low dose would be better than none) and nolva @ 20mg.
  7. Yeah I know that mate it should be T400 and what @Crackerman said was right, but nevertheless, it's out there for sale.
  8. Does exist mate, for example...
  9. Those needles are best for glutes, for delts use orange 1".
  10. Is SAVV...Leedalifter?

    Offer to meet him in a park, see what happens
  11. Had one as well... awesome bit of kit
  12. Advised against such visits, so no mate.