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  1. You can test the HCG via a store bought home pregnancy test
  2. Lab mentions are fine just no source/website info If source/website is on packaging, edit before posting.
  3. Hi

    Welcome to the forum
  4. Anavar real or fake ?

    Why 10's, are you female? At 50mg a day there is only 20 days worth there and would run for longer than that.
  5. IGF-1 & TRT?

    I was due to have a load of bloods and it was just something else tested, along with folic acid, iron, vitamin d etc. I purposely stayed off for 3 weeks before first blood test but doctor didn't check testosterone and few other things, had just injected before I was made aware! Luckily I had already told him I was jabbing various substances in a bid to ease sciatica pain, so when questioned I admitted to using Nandrolone lol. I would ignore your endo but perhaps hold off on proposed cycle until tests done.
  6. IGF-1 & TRT?

    Not much help but it's my understanding that TRT would increase circulating IGF-1. I've recently had a HbA1C sugar test and all came back normal. Following week doc surprised me with a testosterone test (8 days since last jab of 150 test e & deca 150 plus HCG & AI) and result was 42.5 so I got a telling off.
  7. HCG estrogen spike

    With an AI already in the mix I felt no increase in E2 when adding in HCG. Doing test n deca with aromasin E7D, then added in 1000iu of HCG on jab day and not needed any extra AI.
  8. Don't do drugs kids

    Ah the good old days
  9. UKM Poetry challenge!

    Roses are red This shite is heavy Sod the gym, I'm off for a bevvy.
  10. Anyone else been in this position?

    Pretty much everything needed has been covered in this thread... If you are still aware of ex and her new boyfriends activities with her, then you haven't followed the whole 'no contact'. It's an horrific thing to go through but you must completely forget about her, delete everything, no contact, no stalking, no looking up her friends etc. Time is a shite healer imo but all you can do is learn from your mistakes and don't make them with the next one. Of course she was all nice and telling you she doesn't love him, she did that so not to directly hurt you in person, her guilt or feeling sorry for you out of old love would of made her romantically connect with you, even if for only a few minutes. It was fake, you need to accept she's moved on. It's seems difficult now as your head is probably running through thousands of scenarios, replaying all that happened with different endings etc, 4 years is a long time but you just need to give yourself some space to heal and get used to a different way of life, then once you replace her you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.
  11. Being sober is boring

    What would you normally do if drinking? I found that when I gave up weed, after the initial shock and boredom factor I just carried on doing what I normally would do, but without the additive.
  12. Tren gyno?

    Asks for advice and tells me off for giving it... sorry my mistake
  13. Being sober is boring

    Link not working
  14. Tren gyno?

    Tren will show as estrogen on an ECLIA blood test and deca as testosterone.
  15. Southern ghost

    That would give you a trough result, normally used when on TRT/cruising but bloods within 24 hours of jab will be peak readings, to show/gauge test levels/decent gear.