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  1. Caught my girlfriend cheating

    Change the sheets and move on with your life
  2. Hi

  3. Stone Island

    Would rather wear George by Asda
  4. Exactly... metro bankers
  5. Prefer the two bucket method lol. Use jet wash mainly these days and would only use a car wash if desperate.
  6. I only ever buy unflavoured and get 'taste' from whatever natural bits I add, like peanut butter, banana etc.
  7. What's your blood pressure like?
  8. Novla

    Sounds like the dbol mate, classic sides... wouldn't waste money on blood tests. To help, take taurine and potassium and/or just lower dbol dose, or drop.
  9. If you think you've got the nipples under control now and it's not gyno, then just carry on with the cycle mate. If it is gyno, you get a lump etc then stop tren and start nolva immediately.
  10. Once the E2 binds at the nipple you have gyno, no extra amount of AI is going to remove that. As I said in my earlier post, you need to drop the tren and start on nolva.
  11. Have you ever thumped anyone

    I had a fight at school one lunchtime and our form teacher found out about it, made us put on boxing gloves and have a second fight in the boys changing room
  12. Lick it But jokes aside, that's well poor service mate... hope you're sending them that photo for a refund.
  13. When to start pct

    Yes, would leave it a minimum of 21 days from last jab before PCT.
  14. Standard dose, no benefit taking more