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  1. Any good films on netflix

    I've just watched Ratched, really enjoyed it and reminded me of the old classic Alfred Hitchcock films.
  2. Holidays 2021

    I got married on a beach in Jamaica... pussy of a wife walked up the stairs beside the fall, she also didn't dive, we are now divorced.
  3. Any good films on netflix

    Sorry if that mislead you... as I said, it's a brilliant film, not many psychological thrillers around so was pleasantly surprised I found this whilst searching.
  4. Holidays 2021

    I've walked up the falls, also dived off the cliffs at Ricks Cafe and watched the sun set
  5. Any good films on netflix

    Fractured (2019) - brilliant psychological thriller
  6. HRT and bodybuilding

    I'm by no means an expert, but believe that bloating is a side effect from HRT and should settle down within a few weeks. Weight gain is common with the menopause whether taking HRT or not. Maybe a good idea to take your dose with food... hopefully someone else will have some better info.
  7. Hi from London!

  8. Hey there!

  9. New Member

  10. Anyone tried this stuff??

    Waste of money… dose is 8 tablets a day, so 12 days supply for £10. Far more economical if you bought creatine, whey etc separately from somewhere reputable.
  11. Quick advice please

    Yes... leave it 21 days after last jab for testosterone to clear, then start on the clomid & nolva.
  12. Tudca

    Use NAC like a normal person, it's not 1990
  13. Tudca

    Reduced to £43.99 right now
  14. National Lockdown

    Lots of theories but no resolutions.
  15. TRUMPS fate

    I heard they are buying him peaches... shite leaving present imo.