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  1. First steroid cycle advice

    Good advise on below thread
  2. The sides are very individual mate, I've known people that got bad side effects like constant flushing, red faced, delicate/itchy skin on only 10mg a day, and others on 60mg a day with absolutely no issues.
  3. In the UK there are many medications that are better for us, but doctors still dish out the same old stuff! You have to be referred to a dermatologist for them to prescribe it... The old mg/kg dosing is madness and back in 1989 after years of various antibiotics I was prescribed 80mg a day, dried me up like a prune, but bloods & liver values were all okay from what I remember. Acne still came back years later so self medicated. Most ugl stuff is underdosed but decent pharma isotretinoin at just 20mg is normally fine for most, and the lower dose will eliminate the sides.
  4. Have I got Gyno?

    Good times lol
  5. Ace is 87/100 and enath is 70/100, so 522/600 vs 560/800.
  6. Hello

  7. Sides from test?

    Most likely you had a bit of pip, quite common especially with virgin muscle. Sex drive normally increases so that's a bit weird, what lab was it?
  8. ↑ This, not enough time... @Dreamcard I first suggested clomid then AI approx one month ago (19/01) so there is no way you have given the AI sufficient time to work before moving onto the clomid. I gave the protocol of 25mg twice a week and @CarrotTop later advised 12.5 EOD, either way you've jumped onto this very quick and exceeded the dosage as doing 25mg a day. I understand your frustrations mate, but you really need to give things time to work and settle in. You've been on the doctors suggestion of AD's for a couple of weeks and already dismissing them, everything needs time to work, so please let it.
  9. Blood work labs links required

    Two popular choices on here https://www.medichecks.com/hormones https://www.forthwithlife.co.uk/male-hormones/
  10. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    There are only two genders, male and female; the rest is attention seeking drivel
  11. Arimedix

    Another vote for Aromasin
  12. Arimedix

    You shouldn't have rebound on B&C if AI correctly dialled in... happens more in a PCT but that's where the nolva helps.
  13. No need to alter dose mate, you're overtraining, not getting sufficient rest/recovery time and not eating enough... sort that and you'll see improvements.
  14. Do I have gyno?

    If you're out and can get ralox then swap over mate. Personally I wouldn't start anything new cycle wise until gyno better. Some gyno is past treatment so surgery is only option, but in most cases people just don't run the serm long enough. Letro is a potent AI and apart from nuke your E2, it does nothing for gyno.
  15. Nexus Anavar...

    If stored okay will be fine.