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  1. About food measuring

    Heya! So i use a food scale to weigh basicly everything I eat to hit my macros. I understand that you should weigh things like rice in their raw form not cooked form. Should I weigh my meats cooked or raw?
  2. Adding olive oil into rice?

    I do eat almonds and I have some peanut butter in my breakfast. Thank you for clarifying that this is ok to do. I usually add 1-2 table spoons of olive oil into my rice.
  3. Adding olive oil into rice?

    Heya! I wanted to ask is it fine to add olive oil for example into a cooked bowl of rice? The purpose being to hit my fat macros.
  4. Exercises to replace squats?

    When I do squats I feel like the movement goes well when I'm getting into squat position but when I'm rising from the squat position it feels really weird after that. Mainly quads are doing work and I barely feel my hamstrings working during squats. Not sure if my gym has a proper box but maybe I could train with box squats? Could be that I have not learned how to properly sit down with squats. It also could be muscle imbalance in a sense that my quads could be overpowering my hamstrings or where I fail is the core strength when I'm squatting. If it still feels weird I will give hack squats a try then. Besides that I'm already doing leg presses and leg extensions I also train my hamstrings.
  5. Exercises to replace squats?

    Heya! Is there some good exercises that can replace squats? Looking for some alternative exercises that work the legs well. I have tried to learn the form for squats for quite some time and even asked advice but still it just does not feel right.
  6. Heya! What would be a good ab/core routine for a beginner? There are ton of exercises and not sure which ones are really effective. Also in what rep range I should do my ab exercises in?
  7. Longer break from the gym

    Anyone has any input on my questions?
  8. Longer break from the gym

    Hi! I had a longer break from the gym and getting back to the gym this week. I'm 183 cm tall and weigh about 84kg and would say my physique is currently skinny fat or whatever it is called. I need to build more muscle mass so will be doing a lean bulk. I wanted to ask should I do cardio while lean bulking or just focuse on the gym and later on when I begin cutting I can add cardio? If I should do cardio during lean bulk how many times a week would be a good start and also would this be steady state cardio or something else? I'm also curious what would be good range to stay in as far as heart rate?
  9. Post workout shake

    So my choices would be having a protein shake with carbs right after workout then wait 1 hour and have proper meal or just have proper meal 1 hour later and skip post workout shake? Can I just eat a normal meal right after gym workout and not wait 1 hour?
  10. Hi! So I assume different muscular groups have different preferences as far as how they respond to heavy weights or certain rep ranges? Like biceps for example they require a lighter weight and higher reps, focusing on the negative and the pump. Could someone advice me in what rep ranges I should keep my exercises in for different bodyparts? I assume biceps, calves, triceps, traps require higher reps and legs, back require lower reps for better growth? I'm aware that there are different methods to bring in more intensity.
  11. Post workout shake

    I see so you drink the shake and have proper meal 1 hour later or what is the deal?
  12. Post workout shake

    Hello! I wanted to ask if post workout shake is mandatory thing right after having your gym workout? Can't I just eat a proper meal instead like brown rice with some chicken and veggies. What is actual science or benefits to having a post workout shake with whey and dextrose for example?
  13. Couple beginner questions

    I mean I ate carbs in the morning with Breakfast and have one other meal with carbs. I guess figured that do not need much more since have not been working out lately. For a skinny fat person would you suggest going with maintenance calories or slight increase form maintenance?
  14. Couple beginner questions

    Heya! I had a longer break from the gym. I would say my weight is around 84 kg and bodyfat is in the 18-21 %. I would consider my physique skinny fat or whatever it is called. Basicly not much muscle mass on me. I'm 183 cm tall. I have not tracked my macros for a while and feel like I been under eating. I tend to get 4 meals a day each meal has atleast 30 g of protein and one meal has carbs. So my question is should I start lean bulking or it would be better for me to figure out my maintenance calories and macros? First stick with maintenance calories and macros and slowly begin increasing calories. Also is it fine to eat 4 meals a day and not 5 or 6? I feel like 4 meals suit me currently. I usually eat every 2-3 hours.
  15. Jogging twice a week`?

    Hi! I have been bulking for about two months. Currently eating 2550 calories , 255 g of carbs, 71 g of fat and 220 g of protein. I'm 183 cm tall and I think my bodyfat precentage is around 17 to 20 %. I do not think I have much muscle mass on me. Would two 20-30 minute jogging sessions a week be detrimental to the bulk? Basicly due to my current bf% I want to keep it under control during the bulk. My weight has increased from 82.5 kg to 84 kg. Mostly after I started weighing my rice and grains uncooked. Besides that I track my food with myfitnesspal and I weigh everything I eat. I try each week to get my three workouts in. It's basicly lower and upper body split which I switch weekly. Either I get two lower body workouts in or I get two upper body workouts in and only one lower body workout in.