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  1. Ukm 2021 census

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
  2. Non responder?

    I think I’d disappear if I would eat just 2k calories I don’t even cut on so little like that OP what’s your height, weight and bf % ?
  3. Good to go lab

    I been using Nexus from the start so didn’t try anything else during the years I’ve had a long run with Dimension but last time I used some was back in 2018 so can’t really vouch for their stuff now Used Triumph in past too but it’s very pippy for me, many people use it without problems and I cannot deny that their stuff is legit but not for me because of pip all the time.
  4. Let’s be honest.

    Yeah I know the infamous man bun.. No one is perfect ok?
  5. Let’s be honest.

    Different than you I actually live my life, instead of being jealous of mine why don't you start living yours? Now that would be something.
  6. Let’s be honest.

    I get that, I personally lost a very good job because of Covid-19 and for a moment (it happened during the first lockdown and I was living in Madrid so not the greatest place to be at that time) I thought I was f**ked, no one really fought to give 2 shits about my situation, I used my savings to make some online freelancing business which didn't make me rich but kept me paying my bills, then moved to Warsaw didn't work there, moved again this time to Bucharest, now the online thing is going alright and I started recently a comfy office (working from home at the time anyways) job that pays well above the average here, between my little business and this 9-5pm gig I'm doing well, but no one came offering any help nor sympathy so why should I give 2 shits about whoever else got screwed? Sleeve up and get yourself out of your own troubles, I do care about a very small circle of people which are family and close friends but other than that no f**k given, if this makes me cold or without any sympathy so be it.
  7. Dating someone much younger than you

    I live and let live, I don’t feel better than others because I have luck in sex (happier if I put it this way?) I’m just happy with my life and if I’m not I’ll change something and that’s probably why I lived in so many countries, and nope, no need of big cash to do so, just be single without anyone depending on you and have some skills that will get you a job, I speak 3 languages fluently while I’m trying to get up to fluent another 2, nobody ever given me anything served in life, or I’d still be living in the little sea town in the country side in Italy where I grown up. (well maybe the threesomes landed on my feet as I didn’t do much for it that was more the ex wifey starting things) but I wouldn’t ever met her if I wouldn’t risk and move to a different country so there you have it. Peace
  8. Dating someone much younger than you

    Actually I don’t have (yet) a lot of money, I’m just doing ok I’m absent because I’m busy and then some periods I have more time for here, but then again, do not believe it, in the end I’m living a good life and yes I f**k a lot, then maybe I’m not good looking but I pull a lot and quality, but I guess it the italian thing with the beard and all go figure, besides talking about a bbuilding forum in a gen con section where people post pics of their s**t (literally happened once or twice) or the silliest things I ever read. Think what you like about my life pal edit: I asked advice because is a forum and I wasn’t used to date seriously someone so much younger than me, I wanted to hear people real experiences from who is been, from who currently is or tried a relationship with a big age gap, and lastly, does it really take a lot to pull on Tinder?? I mean some good pics and smooth talk, once in person behave confidently but not cocky and engage a conversation with some occasional flirt and add some body language to it, oh god if this is so difficult I get why many people in here just dream of certain things....
  9. Dating someone much younger than you

    You don’t have to believe anything I say pal, I know the thing here is if he has it going good for himself he is lying, and I never cared much for it, I’m enjoying life a lot whatever a bunch of strangers on the internet believes it or not
  10. Dating someone much younger than you

    Yep it was me, but the ex model was Kazakh, the Russian was the one after the ex wife, yep 2 women and often as the ex wife was loving women and even more watching me fu**ing them, I actually recently had a 6 weeks relationship with a Romanian blonde lady that asked me to find a woman for a threesome and we ended up shagging a previous fwb of mine (another Romanian as I been living in Bucharest in the past 6 months but this was a brunette) the best part of it was that the ex gf knew that the woman I found for our threesome was an ex fwb and instead of being jealous she was turned on by it she even given me approval of shagging her solo when she wasn't up for a shag as apparently she liked her a lot and trusted her with me, go figure lol Single at the moment but thanks to Tinder I'm getting laid even more than when I was in relationship lol How you doing mate
  11. Dating someone much younger than you

    Why do people need to keep fighting each other, just go out, enjoy life and come in here for a few jokes and to find out the latest non pushed lab swore by ukm residents members lol
  12. Dating someone much younger than you

    So I decided that age doesn't matter and because I'm in Bucharest and here being half Italian half Argentinian is a massive plus for the ladies around, I am just dating on the range from 20 till 40 (I'm 34) And regarding this thread I made I think last year, with the lass of 20 years old that I was involved with, we been dating (more she'd come to my place than dating but hey, those were her needs) for a couple of weeks, had fun, realised that she was very immature (and quite annoying outside of the bedroom) and then I moved on into another of 26,we lasted a record of 6 weeks lol Now I'm into fwb which is much better Got a 36, a 32, a 30, a 25 and a 21 years old coming around, life is much easier and for now f**k relationships which are too much of a headache anyways in my experience Peace.
  13. Why the same people welcome the new members?

    Hahahaha I don't think I ever sent a pm to any chick in here even when I was single, chances are is one of you blokes pretending to be a chick
  14. Why the same people welcome the new members?

    I just find funny how the rare times that a woman join the forum all of a sudden half of the forum welcomes her.
  15. Did anyone put weight on over Christmas

    Nope, actually I lost about 10 lbs of fat in the last few weeks as the new girlfriend is keeping me very active in the bed and she is 8 years younger than me (I finally found the right balance 26 her and 34 me, I'm done with immature women) so I gotta keep up, I hate doing Cardio in the gym so I'm very pleased, the funny thing is that I'm not used to see a full set of abs during winter but hey happy days