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  1. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    It was certainly an empowering moment that one and that's all I'm going to say
  2. Space X is a lie

    I would need some proof to believe it otherwise it goes with the Simpsons mate
  3. Space X is a lie

    Thanks now I really want to call a random ozzy and start investigating this. Nah, not really, I'll go for a siesta instead.
  4. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    I didn't eat McDonald's in years and I gotta admit the documentary supersize me helped on that. Some time ago I went to a Mcdonald to see after years if I'd feel any difference and I've noticed that: It tastes a little odd for me now It took me 12 hours to digest it It's worthless junk So in the end not for me anymore. I could go the odd time drunk and hungry if nothing else available but it happens once a year so it doesn't worry me. I also don't get drunk really often.
  5. Space X is a lie

    I still have to check with them the fact that their flush goes opposite then hours, since I've seen it in the Simpsons years ago it blew my mind lol
  6. I'm already doing it free of charge and only for hot chicks. Tinder is really helping here on this "charity mission" the number of women that are literally with the tongue out is impressive, lots of work. I know, I know, I'm a stand up guy, what can I say.
  7. White Shaming

    All fun and games after you meet an Italian and you realise that we got the second passport in the world for freedom of movement and about attractiveness well, I don't even have to explain. Now jokes aside I agree with you, we all have our problems and difficulties and to generalised based on skin colour is just moronic in my opinion. Then I'm not saying that black people have it easier, but being black alone doesn't necessarily means that the person next to you is doing better because white.
  8. Caught my girlfriend cheating

    The last part had me in stitches
  9. Caught my girlfriend cheating

    That wouldn't suffice in my opinion. Think about it what if the guy would think about it as a banana instead of as a piece of meat. I reckon he should shove his balls too in the guy's month to be sure is not vegan. This forum is terrible for mental health by the way
  10. Fat people annoy me

    Like is been said already, I don't care about them as long as they don't wear cut t-shirts or yoga pants and I'm forced to see that horrendous fat rolls dripping out of their clothes. Also please avoid beaches. Seriously. But the "curvy movement" which is predominantly in UK it really annoys me. Yes, there are beautiful curvy women but generally those are simply obese, not curvy O-BE-SE. And don't even get me started on the "I have big bones" no, you just ate 6 big macs with extra bacon and extra cheese you don't have big bones you have a very big gut.
  11. Fat people annoy me

    This should be written in stone
  12. Brilliant news

    Nan pics? Is she fit? Bloody quarantine...
  13. DHB dosage

    Nope, like I said slight increase in strength, it was more about muscles endurance and definition/hardness but without looking flat. Once warmth it was looking very silky yep. I had to interrupt it because of the gyms shut down but I will run it again in future. Let us know how you find it at 450mg I think it would pair well with oxy Enjoy your run!
  14. DHB dosage

    I used Nexus DHB that is dosed at 150mg/ml and quite frankly I don't get what everyone says about the pip. I had no issues whatsoever, it does crash a lot though so I was warming it up with the air dryer before every injection. Other than that I've used 300mg a week with 300mg of test What I did notice -Increased strength (slight) -Increased muscles endurance (a lot) -Increased cardio endurance (something) -Definition look but without looking flat (a lot) -hardness, hardened look (a lot) Sides -Depression (noticeable) could have be me that was in a not so ok period but I felt the blues quite often while on it. Edit: to note that because of all horror stories about pip I split the injections twice a week so that I was injecting 1ml of DHB mixed with 0.5ml of test to reach the 300mg of both compounds a week without risking any pip. Also the Nexus oil was very smooth (once warmed)
  15. Penis Reduction Operation

    You should have put the old "prove it to us" uk-m formula Pics or no dick. Obviously no homo!