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  1. Does this fill you with Disgust or Delight?

    I would gladly eat that but maybe because I just ate I'm indifferent to it at the moment
  2. Covid - long term plan

    Here in Warsaw the entire city chosen Camp 2 Mask only inside shops and transports, people care about cleaning their hands by themselves, you can order at the bar table and stay there chatting with random people, in bars and restaurants no masks, no social distancing people hug, kiss, shake hands and generally nobody gives a s**t, life is almost like it was before in here, and guess what? I didn’t get anything nor the people I know nor the people that work in the places where I hang out (yes they shake hands to the regulars, hug people, kiss etc etc like life “before” too. I’m not saying the virus ain’t real, not at all I’m well aware of how it crippled my beloved country (Italy) and also Spain while I actually was in Madrid when it boomed. All I’m saying is that in another place people are being less alarmist and things are still running fine, so I don’t want to go for conspiracy theories because I’m not the type but it makes me rise an eyebrow and think why here (Warsaw - Poland) we not all dying even if restrictions are almost non existent? Food for thoughts
  3. Anyone been in Bucharest ?

    Tinder, pay for gold so you can match instantly and get laid for free (ok almost maybe the price of a drink or two) I don't know in UK as I never used it there but as far as I can tell from my experience In Madrid many hot women there in Warsaw many hotter ones and in Bucharest we will see lol
  4. Anyone been in Bucharest ?

    As per title. Moving to Bucharest next week, did some research and been impressed by how improving is their capital, I mean they got a huge fountain water, color orchestra show every Fri-Sat-Sun during spring and summer, with violins and water that goes at their rythm and apparently the fastest internet in EU (and the cheapest) not the first things that come to mind when one thinks about Romania. Anyways, Warsaw treated me well, especially the women, they love Italians, I actually learnt how to say “I’m Italian” in Polish because they like us so much that even Polish guys offer drinks just because, lovely country with beautiful women but I’ve got some real good opportunities in the Romanian capital which apparently is trying to become a new hub for multinational companies, many are moving from more expensive EU capitals to there. I’m thrilled! Anyone can provide some feedback? Thanks in advance
  5. Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

    Tyson declared that the entire profits will go for charity how is that a money grab? Surely I'll watch it with the same hope of Mike losing it and going for the kill though
  6. Male animal is the section where you can post literally anything I mean anything there was a guy Tekkers posting his shagging videos and swinging life with as much details possible. You request the access to the hidden forums to mods Adult section is more to talk about sex but there are some restrictions (ask mods which ones) Male animal is man only section and all the filth is allowed. I wouldn't post her beautiful tits in gen con but I'd encourage you to post that (and more as you got a hot wife) in the male animal once you gain access so that that dead section would come back to life. Just in case if I recall correctly you cannot disclose what goes in there like who post what or doing screenshots about posts in there or youd get banned
  7. Is her tits mate, her tits Some people probably got jealous of those!
  8. Only 7 years but surprisingly never got infractions nor bans.
  9. Funny like a kick in the ball, and moronic too, 2 in 1 you on fire. First off I asked because I used the attach link button and it didn't work. None of your systems works and you not that clever just another UK-M special kind of moron. Congrats again.
  10. How in the hell do you insert a bloody gif in here without needing to uploading it first on a image site ?? I wasted way too much trying, instructions please
  11. After this we should start a petition to make mandatory for @vetran to reply to everyone all the time. This thread just got hilarious
  12. Would you guys ever get a hair transplant?

    So many comments about steroids causing baldness, is genetics, not everyone lose the hairs, I'm B&C from years and grown long hairs while blasting tren years ago. In the avi is me and I still got long hairs and still B&C steroids. If I were losing my hairs I'd go to Turkey for a transplant running. I would look into this Nizoran shampoo maybe just for prevention, I'm 34 and at the moment touching wood hairs still thick and strong
  13. UKM Summer Shape Up 2020

    I'll sit this one out, I'm taking advantage that this summer I won't see beaches anyways so I'll bulk until March-April that's 9 months bulk should make me able to get at my biggest to date, then serious cut but next year.
  14. Favourite trainers

    Hahahaha no bro, I only shadow box under the shower