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  1. Dating someone much younger than you

    Hahahaha I actually thought about you while typing my reply, yep, you right, anyways for the moment I just have few ladies buzzing around that they just want friends with benefits with me so I'm not looking for anyone, got my hands full hahaha
  2. Dating someone much younger than you

    Sure, although 6 years difference isn't the same as 14 years In fact I had a good time in the bedroom but that's about it, she was way too immature
  3. Surprised by Novakov, I wouldn't ever think that he could win it. Well done to him! I really thought that this was Brian's chance. This goes to show that his best days are gone. To one side I wanted to see him winning his 5th but then again I'm very pleased to see a young one winning it and making a mark for himself.
  4. Would you admit using steroids in a date?

    No I wouldn’t, if we move in together or I think that she could be the one then yes at some point we will have the talk, but is none of her business at first.
  5. Did steroids give the desired results

    Is been a love and hate relationship with them, nowadays after years of literally experimenting on pretty much anything I’ve come to the conclusion that 1. I’ll probably B&C forever 2. I can tolerate only Test, Primo and 2 orals (not at the same time obviusly) which are Var and Anadrol, very occasionally superdrol 3. Results are amazing (for me at least than of course you will always be small for some people but until you happy who cares) I just love it since I found my balance, basically staying well off nor-19 and everything that doesn’t agree with me People comment from time to time, depending on my size because I changed sizes a lot, yes lots of compliments and people staring in the gym but I honestly never cared much for that. I love the gains and the strength and the recovery.
  6. Single here but still, I totally agree with you, if I feel the need for more hardcore stuff (not that stuff at least for me though) there is a male animal hidden section where you enter at your peril But this was just idiotic and too much.
  7. Dating someone much younger than you

    I know mate what can I say, I still got some morals The last bit had me in stitches hahahaha (and yes I just did, couple of days ago, loved it, she is definitely a screamer she loved it too, neighbours not so much hahahaha)
  8. Dating someone much younger than you

    Hahahaha when I read his post I thought the same! You should go back to the previous one!
  9. Dating someone much younger than you

    Then we will have to agree to disagree mate
  10. Dating someone much younger than you

    Oh dear
  11. Dating someone much younger than you

    Exactly @Harry N theory is just theory, anyone can read a book or two (or 20 for what is worth) but without practice you won't know what you talking about. Women are different, they want different things, they are emotional in different ways you simply cannot categorise them all, yes there are some common things for most of them, but those things aren't true for all of them. And lastly for how much I appreciate that the forum is free and you are free to go on about whatever you want, I asked experiences from people that already been there and this is not your case because the max you could do is give me your experience about being with a Milf for a while (If you ever) but I wouldn't need it because I've done that when you was between 3 and 5 years old. No offence pal but you need some experience before telling older people with way much more to say than you how to deal with certain things based on a book or two you read.
  12. Dating someone much younger than you

    Not sure lol, didn't really ask. I'll let you know lol
  13. Dating someone much younger than you

    I used to prefer the 35+ too but lately I've met some seriously damaged women and therefore I ended up (accidentally really) tapping younger in their twenties