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  1. ROHM Thermo lipid

    Hi guys, read your responses, what type of PCT would you recommend for this ? Got to admit shutting down my T3 isn’t the most desirable thing in the world just wondering what I’m gunna have to do working off this stuff ? Cheers for the help like I say very appreciated
  2. Hi guys, following my last post about some good clen and reputable labs.... I went ahead and bought some ROHM thermo lipid, just interested if anyone’s got experience using it and if it’s good stuff ? also if anyone’s got knowledge of how to use it, I’ve read 1ml in a shot of fruit juice in the morning on empty stomach? 2 weeks on 2 weeks off ? any advice is well needed and appreciated
  3. Hi guys, just looking for some serious help with finding a good brand of Clen? I’ve seen sis labs/Pharmaq but a few people say they’re mainly hit and miss.... be grateful if I could be given some reputable brands that aren’t bunk and what sort of prices I should be paying cheers
  4. Hi guys, fairly new to making a post such as this, I just need some help, I’m wanting to know some of the best labs around for orals ? As I’ve had two really shitty bunk experiences with ‘Elixr’ labs, I’ve tried their anavar and T5’s and had next to nothing out of them what so ever, just looking for some solid labs cheers guys
  5. Elixr T5’s

    Cheers mate, appreciate it! To be honest I jumped straight in with two ! Can’t say I’ve felt much as yet, feel the appetite suppression a bit, maybe cause of current circumstances feel like eating purely out of boredom
  6. Elixr T5’s

    Hi guys, just received a batch of T5’s with 50mg of ephedrine In them, wondering how’s best to take them ? Been advised 1 daily or 2 before a workout ? Just wanted to know anyone else’s thoughts ? Currently 5’11 weighing 92kg wanting to trim back down to 75 ish cheers
  7. HELP NEEDED 3-4 week cycle

    Update guys listened to all of you did not Carry through with cycle. had a very good holiday and have traded the test e for test prop another help post to follow
  8. HELP NEEDED 3-4 week cycle

    Really ? for such a short cycle ?? the test is by ATOM pharma and the winstrol and anavar is by ELiXiR what would you recommend if i followed through ? 1-2 tabs a week then ? cheers for the help
  9. Football/Soccer

    Hi guys, I've been wondering for a while if anybody out there knows any performance enhancing drugs that would help me out in football? yes i know ill probably get the "train harder" "get good" comments.... However for you guys knowing what I'm getting at... is there anything to boost endurance or mental focus while playing ?

    Cheers for the help dude, I've ordered some Old school Jack3d from them, hoping that its genuine this time !!

    hi yes i used to use the old school meso, however they've now reformulated it without the DMAA, i believe thats the same with DUST X too
  12. 2ND EVER CYLE DONT HATE PLEASE Hi guys needing some urgent help.... Im currently wanting to blast a quick 3-4 week cycle before i go to Florida with the family to cut up as much as possible, now my supplier says to run : 50mg of anavar e/day 50mg of winstrol e/day 250mg of Test E/ x1 a week Anastrozole/1 tab every other day - to obviously combat bitch tits I wanted your guys thoughts because i was initially going to go with the : 50mg anavar e/day 50mg winstrol e/day because i didn't think 3-4 weeks of this cycle would be long enough to cut natural test production ?? obviously ill be taking proper liver support and joint support for the winstrol But i just wanted your guys advice on what will be safer and best route and what PCT to use if i stick with my initial thought out cycle CHEERS

    Guys I need help with this !! Can’t find a preworkout that gets me going !! I have recently been using Arez and Bring the chaos which both contained DMHA, now I cannot find anything since that’s now gone off the market, I’ve seen some of the Orginal Jack3d on eBay... which seems too good to be true and more than likely fake ! If anybody knows where I can buy dmaa or Dmha to add to a preworkout or anything that still contains either of the substances please let me know or send a source/link through !! Many thanks guys