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  1. cardio/conditioning

    play football on a Saturday. and weight train during the week. when should I do more cardio, immediately after training (short bursts) burpees? sprints? etc hiit kinda training or more steady liss kind of training away from the weights (so weights in morning) run in evening also with cardio on Saturdays , how much more should I do realistically to get fit etc athletic I'm pretty out of shape I'm a forward so not much overall running just sprint to chase balls and bang em in the net other than that I'm pottering staying onside. I want to be very fit however as well as strong just to add I hate running (boredom problem) so if I could get the same results doing circuit training etc I would prefer the latter
  2. Best creatine mono

    Where do people buy there creatine monohydrate from? Powder form. Want a decent mixing creatine? My current supplier is shite with mixing and bitty. My bros supplier is powdery and makes it chalky.. Any reccomendations?
  3. add/adhd

    anyone have this s**t.. I cant stick with anything other than my mrs and bodybuilding.. ive had millions of jobs etc and just cant stick or focus on anything,.... apparently people with adhd can have hyperfocus on things they enjoy so I guess that's why bodybuilding is a keeper.. I sway between engineering contracts and done a bit of property but that's pissing me off now and my brain just says give up as soon as anything gets difficult