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  1. Cheapest olympic bar and weights

    Anyone noes where I can get the cheapest 7ft/6ft Olympic bar with weight stack of at least 100kg preferably more.... Or is anyone got any Olympic weights they want to sell??? ive looked on the usual fitness superstore etc just want to see if I can get any cheaper
  2. 2 day a week routine??

    cheers for the help that sounds good
  3. 2 day a week routine??

    squat 120kg for 5 deadlift 180x3 overhead press 45x5 bench 72.5x3 (cant increase) what assistance would you recommend ? so a bench, squat, pulldowns, accessory,accesory b op, deads, pullups, accessory, accessory is that what you mean??
  4. 2 day a week routine??

    strength and size bro.. lol primarily looks and sports performance over brute strength. however I do like squatting and deadlifting heavy. but if that isint going to hit my goal of appearance etc high rep it is
  5. 2 day a week routine??

    bump for more comments
  6. 2 day a week routine??

    would like to hear more opinions or to know someone who does x2
  7. 2 day a week routine??

    Due to life I can now only go to the gym twice a week. reading online shows I can do 2 x full body a week and still gain. is this right? has anyone here had any success from x2 a week? also routine wise shall I just do something like this a squat 5x5 bench 5x5 row 5x5 shoulder press 3x10 lat pulldown 3x10 curls 3x10 b deadlift 1x5 ramping up military press 5x5 hack squat 3x10 pull ups 3x 10 db bench 3x10 tri ext 3x10 abs 3x12 any good or do I need more volume for x2 a week
  8. Do you collect anything?

    used to collect cars but mrs put an end to that...... now I just collect s**t in computer games propa gamer nerd
  9. Baby disrupting training

    having kids and a wife with always impact training. I would love to train 6 days a week and buy every new GYM s**t that I am not allowed due to budgeting. The wife sees going to the gym as a luxury so three times a week is my lot and that's often disrupted by kids classes, ill health, family birthdays and anything that your wife decides to plan on a gym day.. However if I had to pick between my two kids and the gym.... Who would rather the gym, your kids are mini yous. my 5 year old already wants to train with me bring on when hes a teen
  10. I use liquid chalk from myprotein and it works surprisingly well
  11. Training in this heat

    did warm up sets of squats and was like na f**k that. did curls in the squat rack and went home
  12. Ideally you want a vertical pull aswell as a horizontal, lat pulls or chins/pull ups
  13. Routine ok?

    I worked on my bracing and my form and worked back up to 180 worked wonders. feels easier and I will hopefully hit 185 this week
  14. Routine ok?

    i just strained my lower back. went and saw a physio and they said itl be fine give it 2 weeks. I gave it three and its good as gold. back deadlifting 180kg again.
  15. Routine ok?

    After dabbling around with fuckarounditus... I have found this routine https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=169993933 like it its very similar to greyskull with progression. my lifts have gone up on everything following this does it seem ok or is there anything I could add or take away for better results... I do curls on a days and skullcrushers on b days and some ab work but other than that nothing else. chest feels neglected on days I'm not training it but I don't know if that's a good thing as I'm meant to be recovering for the next session on chest. I also don't do deads twice a week I do deads Wednesday and squats mon and fri. everything else follows the a , b system let me know your thoughts