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  1. HGH for boxing

    i have no idea why most say peptides do nothing?? maybe its because they expect more and have no idea how they work you wont get much more of a spike if you mix hex with GHRP-2 there is a point of diminishing return this is why its called a saturation dose, using more such as 2 x the saturation dose only gives 27% more GH than the saturation dose. if you have no issue with cortisol and prolactin then you can use GH|RP-2 over IPAM the pulse of GH is slightly more with GHRP-2 but it is very minor
  2. Lab Testing UK

    exactly why are those labs not doing the same now??
  3. Lab Testing UK

    exactly mate plus the labs don't think its worth getting someone to say they sent it for the test lol
  4. Lab Testing UK

    i am surprised because when ChemClarity was around guys were spending 250notes to test there gear but now no one is doing that strange really ?????
  5. A broader bodybuilding section?

    it would plus it would be a nightmare if someone wanted to find answers to a particular subject. clumping say diet/nutrition together would be a decent move as would all training threads but a section for any subject would just be a mess
  6. thanks for the comment, the point is to raise money for a worthy cause, plus primark do not sell tri blend t shirts
  7. biggest size is 2xl but they are big mate, when i was at my biggest i would wear 1xl mate
  8. saturation dose is not the limit but the point where returns are diminished, 2 x saturation dose will only return approx 27% more than saturation dose and that diminishes further to around 4 x saturation dose after that there is no increase in the return.
  9. HGH dose timing for a young lifter?

    i have just read that discussion and although interesting it was done back in 2003 a lot have changed in the last 14yrs to our understanding of HGH, but looking at the text and the studies you can dismiss the rodent studies they are irrelevant in the comparison to humans. ironmans and swales argument is full of mights and maybes not facts, the last studies that was posted (By Brubaker) this study CLINICAL STUDIES Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of GH: dependence on route and dosage of administration, Alexandra Keller, Eur J Endocrinol June 1, 2007 156 647-653 Shows that although there is a difference between SC and IM injections and gender plays a role in suppression timing both show a suppression of 20Kda over the 24hr mark (30hrs for women/18-24hrs for men) you cannot trick the body when you inject anything synthetic by timing it, GH/Test/Thyroid meds all have a negative feedback to the bodies nature production, you cannot get around this i am afraid but seeing as the PG releases a very small amount of natural GH a day even a dose as small as 2iu will give benefits.
  10. HGH dose timing for a young lifter?

    the studies are around on this forum somewhere as i have posted them in the past, i do not have the time to dig them out just to prove what i have said i am afraid buddy.......i would be keen to read the studies used as references for Iron Mike and supergirl do you have those at hand? what you should or should not do is down to you and how you are able to run GH, i advise either the EOD or M/W/F protocols these two protocols have given me the most success. how are you aging rapidly? do you have a condition? the GHRP/GHRH peptides, in my opinion, would be better for anti-aging over GH especially when using such a small amount of GH
  11. HGH for boxing

    iu to iu peptides will be better as it is your own GH that is released so the side effects are less in the way of no natural suppression or shutdown and the natural release will have all the Isoforms contained in natural GH not just the one contained in synthetic GH (20Kda)
  12. HGH dose timing for a young lifter?

    there is no time of the day that will prevent you from blunting your own natural production, a dose as small as 2iu will stop your own natural production for approx 24hrs, so even if you take it at 6.00am it will negatively affect your nighttime release. you cannot prevent synthetic GH affecting your insulin sensitivity all you can do is minimise the effect, this is where the EOD or M/W/F protocols come into play Gh will not keep you looking young as such it will help with a few lines and skin but only on those the wrong side of 50 if you are under 35-40 then it would not have the same effect if you are after this peptides are a cheaper and a better option but neither will do much if you are younger than 40
  13. no discussion of prices or sources is allowed so be careful what you write guys Ansomone (genuine) is eastern pharma and used in Chinese hospitals anything can be faked UGL/Generic is not likely to be faked but the consistency of the GH (purity/dose) would be in question pharma is highly faked so you need to be careful the only thing for certain anyone can say is that Simplexx is the most faked pharma GH around so steer clear unless you yourself are getting it from the chemist.
  14. then why the IPAM? this is what the IPAM will do there is no benefit in adding another compound that does the same job to be honest