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  1. CJC 1295 injection place

    nope they won't grow, nor will any body part you inject with anything apart from SEO
  2. Pinning with igf1 lr3

    Show me one bit of evidence to show IGF-1LR3 uses up excess insulin stores.
  3. Pinning with igf1 lr3

    apart from a pump IGF-1LR3 is a complete waste of time and money. You cannot compare Peptides to HGH mainly because it is a crap shoot, no one knows if the peptides are clinical or not, if assume they are at saturation levels you will only get approx 1.13iu of natural GH released and that is if you are doing everything to the letter, this is the exact reason those using GH think it is better because no one ever gets any where near 4-8iu of natural GH release from peptides but guys are comparing that dose to a few jabs of peptides a day.......thats like comparing Mr Olympia with Mr Dorset......
  4. Genx-tropin???

    it would concern me using 10iu in one shot and not getting side effects to be honest.....
  5. Pre workout insulin

    a mentality we have all suffered from at one time or another I am sure.....
  6. Genx-tropin???

    how is it verified? are you injecting it in one shot?
  7. Genx-tropin???

    If I was still using it then I would use 6-8iu M/W/F
  8. Pre workout insulin

    he didn't rate HGH yet had you using 10iu a day??
  9. Pre workout insulin

    I have been around for a few years, I don't give out insulin protocols unless I am working with someone and I have control of all factors, I have seen what insulin can do when it goes wrong and not with high doses. Like I said there is no real muscle building benefit to using insulin, as was described in the podcast posted earlier it has no effect on increasing MPS above and beyond what would be released from eating food, it is not anabolic by the basic meaning of the word. Plus if you use Insulin pre workout it stops your liver from releasing any if it is needed through the workout......not a good thing.
  10. Pre workout insulin

    Insulin is not anabolic and it does not increase MPS, it gives you a great pump as @Bensif has mentioned but there are many other products that will give you a good pump without the risk of death. There is no benefit to using insulin when it comes to building muscle.
  11. Pre workout insulin

    I have used Insulin fast and slow at different times of the day in my 30yrs of bodybuilding, the question I would ask is what is it you think you will achieve from taking synthetic insulin.
  12. Hgh eod day, peptides on days off

    not exactly I am afraid, the body will produce what it produces naturally, from what I know it won't produce more, using peptides will release more but I see no evidence to show by releasing more the body produces more.
  13. Hgh eod day, peptides on days off

    it's not as simple as that I am afraid..... As we age many believe the body lowers the amount of HGH we produce but in fact it is the amount of HGH we release, so as we age we release less, peptides do not produce HGH they release HGH so it certainly can be assumed that using Peptides on days off will release natural HGH. Now in saying this another assumption has to be made and that is you are using good quality peptides, as the amount of natural GH released by clinical grade peptides (china does not produce clinical grade peptides for a cheap price) at saturation doses is 1.13iu so if you are using 8iu eod then expect the same from peptides you will be disappointed
  14. Coming off GH

    this is it buddy, to be fair one of the issues with HGH use is many focus on the minute detail shutdown or suppression should not really matter, what matters is the fact that if you use anything synthetic your body will adjust what it produces/releases be it Thyroid meds, Testosterone, HGH. People won't feel much difference between the two either in the short term....
  15. Moderators of this forum

    I won't need it for much longer