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  1. It is always good to link the evidence, but to be fair for the top reference they used 300-450mg of Mesterolone in the study to put this in context the normal dose used in PCT is around 25-50mg so this study does not conclude that dose would decrease testosterone in fact you have to take at least 500% more than is usually used. The bottom study does not actually prove the quoted text you copied nothing is proved if they use the term MAY The conclusion of that study was. The conclusion was this above because the study was not looking into testosterone levels and how mesterolone effects them, so cannot be used to prove this theary.
  2. i have found it does the opposite for the testicles.
  3. did the libido last? this is what I mean there are many variables, I believe the OP has been using HCG but still has issues with libido although could be mistaken, I still believe time and a decent dose of Viagra will do it though.
  4. I do not regret using steroids, i regret not being fully informed before I used though.
  5. i have never heard of HCG being good for libido but then I have not heard the opposite, although HCG will increase estrogen and without the added test to balance it, this could be the issue with your libido now. Although this is all guesswork really, I would still stand by the advice I gave above but whatever you choose good luck
  6. its not a terrible idea as the impact on the HPTA is very low, you can recover whilst using it.
  7. in that time were you using anything to affect oestrogen
  8. yes, mate, i am doing very well, was back to feeling my old self just before the lockdown
  9. First GHRP experience, tired like crazy

    i don't understand why you would cut your protein when you are looking to cut fat? protein should be the very last thing you cut when the goal is fat loss. What type of improvement in performance are you expecting or want?
  10. it does not read like he is taking the piss....
  11. Calm down buddy no need for insults, everyone is entitled to an opinion. It is sad that you have not seen your Gran but let's not exaggerate that she would drop dead when you walk through the door, maybe you get a test then if negative you could possibly see her, @Clubber Lang has a very relevant point as the deaths from other causes like cancer, lung disease and suicide have all increased since the first lockdown.....so for those family, the lockdown has done more harm than good. instead of insulting someone look at their position on lockdown, just because it is not yours does not make it wrong. On the topic of the post, gyms will remain open in all tiers after this lockdown finishes, rightly so when the infection from gyms is extremely low at 1.8% opposed to supermarkets at 11.6%
  12. Scott Stevenson Fortitude training

    I worked with Scott when he was developing the FT system, in the book, there is a 3-day routine called the family man plan, he came up with this opposed to the 4-day system for me as at the time I could not train more than 3 x week. It is an extremely intense system even at Tier 1, I recently came off it after a very hard 6 weeks to allow my CNS to recover, I will be going back to it in January. Let me know if you have any questions buddy
  13. Can i ask why you think 1000iu of HCG will bring back your libido?
  14. CBD Cream for Joint Issues

    It genuinely is a very good product mate, I was really sceptical at first as I have used creams and balms before with little to no benefit.
  15. definitely, the only way to recover HPTA properly is to give it time and as you know that is far longer than a PCT protocol, so yes the priority should be fertility/libido then TRT, as I think I read the guy is 40 so TRT would be the best route forward.