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  1. Totally agree with @Bensif and @swole troll The problem is it is not simple to answer the question, there are far too many variables to consider. Essentially gear does not increase muscle mass without calories and muscle will not increase without training, out of those three the easiest thing to do is to take steroids. So what a lot of guys do is increase the mg of the steroid they use a week and end up taking more than they can ultimately use as the nutrition and training are lacking, this is why in my opinion you get guys on closer to 1g a week that does not look like they train when they are wearing clothes, a clear indicator of this is when they are asked about training and nutrition they immediately claim it is nailed For someone like JP increasing the overall mg per cycle would be true mainly due to his optimal nutrition and training approach, for most other people this is not true and would probably find they could actually grow more muscle with less gear if they spent the time looking at a more optimal way to train and eat for them as an individual, rather than just follow the crowd.
  2. This is what I do as an initial start point then manipulate from there. Use the calorie amount multiplying your bodyweight in lbs x 15 gives you for 2 weeks, if you drop weight then you are in a deficit if you gain weight you are in a surplus and if your weight does not change then you have a calorie amount that maintains your weight (maintenance) No calculator on the net is accurate all of them guestimate a value, then it is up to you to make the adjustments.
  3. Luke sandoe death not suicide

    Yes it is, it is his daughter i believe.
  4. HGH Experience

    Totally agree with @swole troll here. I used HGH for decades when I competed and it helped retain muscle when on low calories, although I got very little in terms of muscle tissue from it, to be honest, given that NO I would not say it is worth the price. Insulin I have never really been impressed with, there is nothing that insulin adds that builds muscle directly, what it does is shuttle nutrients into cells, the problem with that is it is more efficient at doing that with dietary fat than carbohydrates, this means for many that the "GAIN" is fat and water rather than muscle. Plus many use Insulin wrong by changing the diet to suit the dose instead of the other way round, again resulting in fat gain.
  5. Luke sandoe death not suicide

    I wouldn't believe everything that is posted on IG Obviously you are an idiot.
  6. Heart palpitations

    to be blunt mate, no one on here is a qualified Doctor so cannot give you advice that is anywhere near accurate, you have a heart condition the first thing i would do is let my consultant know about the steroids, it is stupid not to.
  7. Fat burner

    I will go out on a limb here and say you are not eating in a deficit if you were then you would be losing weight. It really is no more complicated than this, it's not what you want to hear I am sure but it is the truth, if you were in a deficit (via calories or expenditure) you would be losing weight. if you have been on a very low-calorie total for a while then you may need a structured diet break (reset calories for a week to maintenance) as these will help upgrade the metabolism that slows over time from reduced calories.
  8. Fat burner

    If you want to lose more fat, be that from around your belly or not you need to lower the number of calories you are eating or do more exercise as energy balance is key, fat burners that you can buy in a shop do not work. You mention you eat a clean and healthy diet you can gain fat or maintain the fat on a diet like this, the questions I would ask are. How many calories do you need to maintain your weight? (weight in lbs x 15) How many calories are you eating per day?
  9. Diet tips

    there is nothing wrong with the foods you have chosen (although I never would advise someone to eat/drink raw eggs) the best diet is the one you can stick to. the maintenance level calories are roughly there but you have put yourself into too severe deficit, my advice would be to make the deficit 500 calories this way you are more likely to stick with it. you need around 210g protein for your weight, plus in a deficit, a higher amount of protein will help keep hunger at bay. Good luck.
  10. HGH? IM or Sub Q?

    There is no difference that you would actually see, the PT may be correct that there may be a higher IGF1 release but it would be minuscule if at all.
  11. 44yr old best steroid cycle

    @Baz whitehead I have deleted the post with the pictures and price welcome to the forum
  12. best lab for igf1 lr3

    Never used them buddy
  13. Female competition coaches

    There are many that will openly talk and advise although only a few who know what they are doing, along with myself you have coaches on IG like coachjmchale (Josh), cdecon (Con) we have all worked/working with both natural and enhanced female clients at a high level.
  14. best lab for igf1 lr3

    You will get mainly 2 types of answers for this question. Answer A: Any peptide that releases HGH will maintain all your gains from the cycle, my mate used IGF1-LR3 and was pumped up throughout his workouts or Insulin + HGH is anabolic so that should do it. Answer B: No peptide can be used through PCT to retain the gains you made on cycle, the reason for this is that steroids and peptides (including HGH) develop muscle in totally different ways. Maintaining the gains made on a cycle through the off-cycle period is down to nutrition, recovery and training.......the majority of weight gained on a cycle is going to be water be that either in the muscle or sub-q unfortunatly this is a fact, due to this some weight loss post cycle will occur, obviously the amount lost will be determined on how quickly that weight was gained (bad diet more water held etc). Many people will lower the calories they are eating thinking that they don't need as many calories but this is the wrong thing to do, if you eat less than your body requires to maintain your weight you will lose weight, this in my opinion is why so many lose so much weight post cycle.
  15. best lab for igf1 lr3

    None, igf-1lr3 is crap and does not do what people think it does or what the sites claim it does.