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  1. Any helicopter pilots?

    12 hours every 2 years is easy, hmmm! I looked more into renting one out and thats my hurdle right now. Those saying a boat, I get sea sick nowadays, which is a shame as I live on the coast of Spain but such is life! I thought jetski but I think I'd get bored quickly. A helicopter, less so!
  2. Any helicopter pilots?

    Just to reply to all.... I'd be getting it to take up friends and family, rather than for myself. No, I just researched where I could do it and the basic license cost. I wasn't sure if that £14k would give me a license for life, or if I needed exactly what you said, hours to maintain.
  3. Any helicopter pilots?

    Fair play fellas thanks, it would just be for fun, I'm 36 so as a career wouldn't be financially viable to switch to this now. I didn't realise you had to have min hours to do much, I thought once I had the license I could just hire one out on the weekends etc. Another dream shot down thanks boys
  4. Any helicopter pilots?

    I want to know once I've got the license, what can I actually do basically. I guess I can rent, not sure if I can take passengers, not sure if I would be restricted by type, duration, something else, and would i need to renew occasionally? Basically I got some spare cash and I was thinking to do it just to make life more fun, but maybe I'd be totally wasting my money if I'm not going down career route
  5. Any helicopter pilots?

    It's about £14k to get the license, which may or may not allow you to then hire a chopper for private use, but certainly will not allow you to work, as that requires IIRC 2-300 hours flight time. Therefore to make a career of it yes, its expensive, but if I could do the odd thing here and there and fly my daughter on occasions I just see it as an expensive hobby.
  6. Typical totally stupid and random question for UKM I'm considering getting the license since, but from what I've read you can't really get any gigs until you get a serious number of hours under your belt. I wouldn't be looking to make a career from it, but just to hire one out and do some s**t from time to time would be fun. I guess I expected you got the license and that was it, but it seems not the case. Before I rabbit on any further, any pilots here? (ideally you are really a pilot, and not a UKM pilot, however in the interest of the thread not instantly dying, everyone is applicable without any form of authentication)
  7. James Haskell. Natty or not?

    I'd say natural
  8. Worthless bump when the pics no longer exist
  9. Armed police shut down gym

    I feel for that guy tbh. These lockdowns are to take the load off the NHS, nothing more. At the cost of businesses going tits up,
  10. best British movie

  11. Airport drop off charges rip off

    Returning as in coming back again in your car you nugget
  12. Spotify

    Nice one Barbara
  13. Tell her you work in an undercover role, hell even I'd believe it.
  14. Who is Pat and who is Antonio? Are they famous?
  15. Unacceptable relationships

    Bruh, did you just invent that? That's some depraved s**t. Great job.