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  1. about 800 mgs of test
  2. Green tea - how good is it really ?

    Why is it over-rated?
  3. I'm confused, there's only a curling rack and a curling bench you mean?
  4. Thor pulling 480kg

    You needed to take James Corden like Thor did
  5. Thor pulling 480kg

    Until there is a standard, the numbers on the plates will win. Eddie wore a deadlift suit for example. not allowed in Arnold Classic. Elephant bar bends more, but Eddie's wasn't done on a standard power bar either.
  6. Initially (16-25) I trained for size, then I went strength. The past couple of years (35 now) I've gone back to size. The strength years tore up my body quite a bit, definitely not sustainable unless you're willing to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.
  7. Philip Schofield

    He pranced across no doubt, with a tampon up his arse.
  8. HS2 gets the go ahead.

    Key word; small. Huge expenditure for one route, and by the time its finished the cost will almost certainly be higher, and no doubt it will be plagued by problems, and finally by the time its actually finished, train travel will be significantly less than now, just look at trends.
  9. HS2 gets the go ahead.

    Colossal waste of funds that could be put to much better use, but hey ho.
  10. Ssb squat vs back squat vs front squat

    All 3 will work, do what is comfortable for you.
  11. Philip Schofield

    Society, fame, news, its all fu**ing bullshit. People dribbling over some fu**ing backward two bit c**t coming out as being a lying piece of s**t for decades to his missus and kids. Way to go dipshit, lets all celebrate it for a week in every single UK news outlet. f**k off you silver haired skinny little fudge packing s**t c**t.
  12. My legs are in bits!!

    People underestimate the importance of clarity. I didn't even train legs but I was reaching for the bananas until mid way through your post.
  13. Philip Schofield

    Hardly a surprise was it. Can't stand the fruity c**t, never trust a man whose head is so abnormally large, or rather in his case, he has the torso of a 14 year old boy, prob in more ways than one.
  14. Are mortgage advisors worth paying for?

    That doesn't generally work in your favour since they aren't technically working for you. Better to get a true independent, what they save you over 5 years will more than pay for the fee.