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  1. Will covid 19 go away

    100%, much sooner, weeks at most.
  2. Will covid 19 go away

    Couldn't disagree more, time will tell.
  3. Did anyone try short term trading?

    I do it, but like any job, you have to study a lot. Of course you can listen to other people and put your money in their hands, but a good one will be expensive, and a cheap one will just lose your money. It's not easy, and not a get rich quick thing.
  4. LOL at that one, can't argue there
  5. Is that the price per G in the UK now?!
  6. S&S ISA would be the recommendation from anyone that doesn't want to just laugh at you losing your money. Making a +1000% profit in a couple of years is more than a little unlikely, a 10,000% profit even less so. You're probably best off putting that tenner on the horses.
  7. I agree, UK was always about 2 weeks behind Spain in everything. Probably extended slightly over time so I would expect around July. It's not all about public health, the economy and jobs are also a balanced priority,
  8. Mine is reopening 1st June (Spain), I'm so happy!
  9. Luke stoltman log press

    Yeah absolutely, not sure how to be honest
  10. Luke stoltman log press

    Wait, did Thor get the 501?! I missed that one. Impressive lift of course, no technique; pure power!
  11. Anyone actually had flu..?

    Dunno, never been tested for it, but I claim flu every cold.
  12. Boxing bag gains?

    This, its just cardio
  13. When I used it, I used premium, in the sense of quality, not brand. IE. I always got Hydrolyzed Isolate, digestion is better.
  14. One is a hormone, one is a supplement. Supplements are designed to easier reach the levels that would otherwise require a lot of food, same as vitamins.