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  1. Your nipple stands out like the centre piece
  2. I fu**ing love the fact you use a proper old camera with the datestamp and everything. Ever heard of printscreen Vet? Better still ignore me, I aint gonna try and explain it.
  3. How do these calculators take into account metabolism?
  4. Is that a table vet, or a section of your floor you cut up to sell?
  5. Scan booked, to late for life insurance?

    It is too late to take insurance now, yes.
  6. Alot older woman

    Course it doesnt matter.
  7. 2nd wave, was inevitable, raising numbers every day here
  8. Any old skool ravers?

    Good thread, some proper tunes!
  9. Python projects to look at?

    Yes was gonna say the same thing, will be hundreds or thousands on there
  10. Don't think I've ever had anything, I'm not internet gangster enough, dont even wanna know how long, 2002 I joined I think
  11. Vetran's life questions always challenge even the best of us. It's a hard one, tenner isn't going to buy much fun, a triple vodka might push her into inconsentable zone, a trip for food breaks the mood, and condoms are s**t. Taxi is best option.
  12. Because you didn't use the steam setting, novice.
  13. Favourite trainers

    Adidas because they just fit me better
  14. McDonald’s cutting prices

    I go occasionally cos their cupones are good, meal for like 5euro. But my stomach gets f**ked up every time, I always regret it!