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    mic8310 reacted to Mingster in Gyms in the workplace   
    Workplace gyms tend to be fitness based. Weights usually take the form of machines or light dumbbells which don't require supervision.
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    mic8310 got a reaction from Smitch in Moterbike for work   
    imo the sooner they change it the better (theory first)
    when i did my theory test i left the same time as a young lad who was climbing onto a sporty 125. asked how he got on with the test... only 17 correct. He then headed off into a busy town centre. Any idiot can twist a throttle, theres plenty of proof out there already, but i dont understand how anyone can expect to get by without knowing basic road signs and stuff.
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    mic8310 reacted to Ultrasonic in When to take Zepherine Fat Burner Capsules   
    The only ingredient I would be certain has a small effect is caffeine. This effect is due to a small increase in metabolic rate. You can Google the rest to see if you can find any good evidence for them doing anything.
    Hopefully you have this under control, but what you need to be focusing on is eating fewer calories than you use.
    Why did you post a postcode?
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    mic8310 reacted to Quackerz in Training with a rucksack   
    Whatever feels more comfortable to you. 
    Personally I would do 5X5 one day and add weight a week and have a rep day on another day of the week, best of both worlds. 
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    mic8310 reacted to Quackerz in Training with a rucksack   
    Just make sure they can fit regular weight plates so you can buy plates as you go..... 
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    mic8310 got a reaction from UK2USA in Training with a rucksack   
    Well I could sit one of the kids on my shoulders I suppose
    farmers handles look cool might even know someone who could knock some up. 
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    mic8310 got a reaction from Quackerz in Training with a rucksack   
    Thanks for the advice will look into that sorta stuff. I went to the gym for 12 months solid and found myself stuck in the same routine surrounded by youths on mobiles, at least at home I can mix it up a bit at my own leisure and do something different,  And not have crap loud music in the background. 
    Am looking at my diet and trying to improve, will look for farmers handles on flea bay as not entirely sure what they are
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    mic8310 reacted to Quackerz in Training with a rucksack   
    Could even get some paralettes and add in some static gymnastic holds like L-sits and the like. You don't need a gym, not unless your goal is to get massive anyway...... start learning handstands and s**t like that also. All these sorts of exercises can help develop a nicely rounded strength base providing your diet and programming is on point. 
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    mic8310 reacted to Quackerz in Training with a rucksack   
    Your not wasting your time mate, see my above post. 
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    mic8310 reacted to big shrek in sternum pain after atlas stone   
    Man up lol
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    mic8310 got a reaction from HakMat75 in Vasectomy   
    Been there it's great fun. Strip off, doctor injects yer sack with numbing stuff and makes a small slit... Hooks out the tube for each bollock, laser cuts em.... Burns the ends of each tube so they won't (or shouldn't) magic themselves back together. 
    I found the smell of burning bollock tube a bit sickening and after it was done I almost shat myself with the amount of blood between my legs, which turns out was iodine solution, not blood.
    once cleaned up they apply a comedy size bandage plaster type thing and send you home.
    Unless you have a mega kinky partner, suggest you knock one out alone for the first time after cos it's all bloody and horrible, can't imagine a bird wanting to swallow that.
    Good luck
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    mic8310 got a reaction from big shrek in Atlas stone workout   
    bit of a dissapointing first workout
    broke it out of its plaster mold yesterday and let it dry. weighed it today, around 45kg. bit lighter than expected and bearing in mind i havent been to a gym for over 12 months where i followed the 5x5 program (i had squats up to 120kg), i thought 45 would be simples.
    did 10 x 3 'rolling squats' (lap the stone, arms over top, roll up chest to platform level then roll back down chest to squat position)
    then attempted squats holding the ball at the same height against chest... managed 5 x 2 and thats it legs are dead, quads obviously werent expecting that and arms now feeling it although tbh i dare say id do a bit more with upper body with equipment allowing as my legs refuse to do much now.
    but hey, first atlas stone attempt its a start and now i can work on it
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    mic8310 reacted to big shrek in Atlas stone workout   
    i would still use a ply sheet on the grass as the stone will just leave craters in the ground, the last thing you want is to twist your ankle in one whilst trying to lift a stone
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    mic8310 reacted to big shrek in Atlas stone workout   
    erm nope
    ideally you want a sheet of 15-18mm ply with the matting on top and an old tyre filled with an old sofa sponge to absorb the impact or even a few old sofa cushions, even a small stone @ 60kg being dropped 3 or 4 foot can cause major damage to pathways.
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    mic8310 got a reaction from DappaDonDave in its arrived!   
    95kg weights, olympic barbell and olympic dumbells!

    im excited anyway.
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    mic8310 got a reaction from Tasty in impressive transformation   
    Done well, should be proud.

    Lots of other cool transformations here http://julianaheng.com/wp-content/images/tf_prime_deluxe_w1a.jpg
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    mic8310 got a reaction from Milky in Any anglers out there?   

    nice and cheap http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SPECTRA-EXTREME-Braid-Fishing-Line-1500YD-80LB-Moss-Green-/191016337551?pt=UK_SportsLeisure_Fishing_Line_JN&hash=item2c7976008f#ht_2694wt_1023
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    mic8310 got a reaction from Chris F in My sincerest of apologies   
    I'm still new here. Does the forum always have a monthly cycle or is it a few individuals who need to go change their tampax?