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  1. I’ve B&Cing for 2 years and dropped everything (even cruise) 9 weeks ago on Tuesday. I feel pretty good considering and have kept an ok physique (better than I thought I would anyway). My only issue to date is zero libido. if I was planning on staying off I’d run a power pct but I’m getting back on ASAP so no point. i was just curious how I’d feel and see it as the perfect opportunity with hope of a rebound/muscle memory/more responsive to gear when I go back on. FYI I’m 38 1/2. Just train As you was and cardio. Think you’ll be surprised. If your expecting to feel and recover like you would do in gear you’ll be disappointed but I defiantly have shocked myself with how I feel (in a good way)
  2. SIS oils were pretty decent orals were s**t. I got stung with their bunk oxys. Box was nice and pretty green tabs too but may as well ate skittles
  3. Quarantine Haircuts

    Did you do it yourself or the other half? can you show us a pic so I can show the with what can be achieved lol
  4. Quarantine Haircuts

    I’ve always had a shaved head and short beard, not had a head of hair for 22 years but since lockdown I haven’t cut either. i said to the wife and kids I wouldn’t cut it until back at work but only anticipated 3-4 weeks. It’s been nearly 7 since last cut and looking scruffy. Id like to know how I look with it styled and have asked my mrs to have a go but she won’t. I’m not bothered if she f**ks it as I intend to shave it all off again soon anyway
  5. Quarantine Haircuts

    Come on let’s see how good/bad the hair/beards are!
  6. Lee Priest Bodybuilding Compilation

    He talks nothing but bullshit
  7. Honda GROM

    An old bike will require regular maintenance and chances of it breaking down etc which is what I don’t want as I know f**k all about bikes the other thing I like about the grom is it will take up hardly any room I my garage been looking at KTM Duke 390s too but think I’d rather a grom
  8. Honda GROM

    No I have a full bike license but haven’t been on a bike for about 5 years. im looking at getting a bike to commute into London so I don’t have to get on the trains. Something small and easy to manoeuvre but fun also is + cheapish
  9. Honda GROM

    Or pull them. They tried to steal an R6 in daylight outside of work a year or so ago. Police said they’ve chased then before doing 80+ being pulled. Are benellis s**t? They do a similar bike 135cc for about 1K cheaper. I messaged a local dealer about viewing a grom but he’s taken a deposit. KTM 390 Duke looks A good Choice and not so expensive commuter compared to the 690
  10. Can you run?

    Are you not finding your legs are beaten to s**t? ive turned to bike riding now. Was going to attempt 10km again this morning but my legs say no lol
  11. Honda GROM

    Hold their value though? That’s what I’m thinking. Seems perfect for commuting and if I don’t like it sell it im just not to happy about getting trains again one thing that does concern me is how easy they must be to pinch. Only weigh 200kg so would go in the back of an suv
  12. Honda GROM

    They hold their value very well. 3k near and 5yo with 15k miles still sell for around 2k
  13. Honda GROM

    I have full bike license. It’s cheap and does over 100mpg. They look fun too, just look like an idiot on one. reviews are really good.
  14. Honda GROM

    I work in London so it will be for commuting, 14miles each way. Due to the current situation I’m weighing up options of how to get to work
  15. I could never get the hang of pats. Dead Lee recommended it a few years back. I tried a few times but found it uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll try again when I go back on @drwae is it water based? I up AP years ago, it was the bollocks. More chance of infection though and it was gritty, would sometimes block the pin and to answer your question, no twice per week would be a waste. You would get away with eod but I’d be either pinning Ed or mon-fri