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  1. I used to be on here every day and sometimes quite a lot through the day, years ago, these days maybe once every few days and see s**t like this. Which is Why I can’t be arsed anymore. No one with any knowledge or decent chats just idiots that plan holidays around a few pots of accutane and vials of test He’s gotta be single surely. If I said to my wife I wanna go on holiday but somewhere I can stock up on gear she’d walk, after she’s given me a well deserved dig I Could find a source for accutane in about 30secs if I tried
  2. Are you fu**ing serious? You’re planning a holiday around gear. FFS this forum is full of fu**ing idiots these days
  3. @Bensif what’s your thoughts on the subject?
  4. Tren a sleepers

    Zopiclone will work but is not a good idea. They become very addictive i personally like over counter sleepeze from boots etc and find the quite effective. still would and do only use them sporadically.
  5. I wasn’t defending him either I’ve just heard him on the strom podcast and on BB&B. He sounds quite knowledgable but yeah he might of had an ulterior motive. and was after your opinion as your are one of the guys I do listen to. my Mind wasn’t made up at all as I said previously I always run supps on cycle but got me thinking may be better after. was just a question I put out there, nothing more, nothing less
  6. this one pretty sure it was him and on this vid. Now im thinking it might be another lol. Worth a watch as he has a very different view
  7. No I watched that one too. He actually knows what he’s taking about it was the RBB Podcast with I think his name was mike it does seem to make sense though. Fix once cruising I mean as you’re battering then regardless so make more use of the supps when off
  8. My favourite compound although I have DG injec sdrol so that may change
  9. I know my liver and cholesterol is effected on cycle even with supporting supps so my theory is to Taoist quicker with said supps after cycle has ended whilst cruising curious to what they think as I know swole has tried most things lol
  10. Everyone’s opinion valid and yours is a valued opinion. I’d over sent them a pm if I only wanted theirs
  11. I know exactly what you’re saying mate. Water is key but things like tudca and citrus bergamot are proven to work pretty sure swole recommends stroms support max. Might be wrong ? As said that guy (Mike I think his name was) most things sounded like rubbish but a few got me thinking
  12. Strange, I didn’t expect that lol. so you don’t take supps to lower cholesterol or things like tudca for liver repair/support? im guessing from your response you leave the body itself to do the repairing whilst on low dose or off (whatever you do)
  13. Work trousers

    My point is everywhere does different fits. M&S has always been aimed at older guys imo. They do super slim suits ffs. and as I said above ASOS do plus size in skinny fit without trying on how would you know if they would fit
  14. What’s you opinion lads? ive always run things on cycle but was watching a bodybuilding & bollocks episode with some guy from the research station(most he said sounded like s**t) but he was saying things like Tudca etc are better run after to help repair thoughts as it sort of makes sense @El Chapo @swole troll what do you think do?
  15. Work trousers

    Go on asos they do a fat section which includes skinny cut too. Never understand these threads. As in this day and age you can buy any cut for any size