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  1. Old triumph

    Aye mate us northerners must be missing out on the southern insult language haha.
  2. Old triumph

    All this time living on the wrong side of the water got me nibbling hahaha..
  3. Old triumph

    No im bigger
  4. From what i can gather nothing has been mentioned about the vaccine being potentially dangerous to guys on TRT so id not worry. Ive had my first jab waiting on second and starting my cycle this saturday so alls good but my vaccine was the pfizer.
  5. Old triumph

    Bigger and better mate as always
  6. Old triumph

    Damn mate you been pi$$ing in their cornflakes lol. I took a bit time away hoping you know who would be gone. Seems your still getting verbal abuse lol.
  7. Weight just isn't dropping off.

    LOL i most probably have seen you then i too trained at xcersise4less for 4 years, i joined the iGYM at Downhill and will be starting there when its opened up again. Small world haha get yourself back into mate iGYM is ok bit small compared to x4l but its close to me so i dont mind.
  8. Weight just isn't dropping off.

    Hey mate just wondering what gym you go to or which when they open as i see from your name your a Sunderland supporter lol. Im living in Sunderland and on my own weight loss journey before gyms reopen but im over 16 stone looking to shed 10lb. I was almost 17 stone but 12% body fat 2 years ago then sh!t happened and a forced 2 year break lead to muscle waste fat gain lol. Cant wait to get back at it get me fat arse graftin again haha.
  9. Warrior UGL

    Indeed it would, i left this forum almost 2 year ago and it was like that back then. Now its got clowns talking crap about who is a pusher or reseller lol. Top and bottom of it i don't care who is what just tell me what's gtg or not right now.
  10. I only noticed a difference when i doubled my test deca doses from 600mg tes to 1200mg and deca from 400mg to 800mg. I did up food and training for the last 7 weeks of a 16 week blast added 80mg winstrol too and it blew me up. Having said that i also gained too much fat/water and wouldnt do it again it was just an experiment to see if bigger doses did anything. I dont think id go over 500mg test 300mg deca now infact i know i wont and my next cycle is only 300mg test 30mg winny.
  11. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    So basically when i took the unplanned 2 year training rest and stopped AAS ive shot myself in the foot. Ok thank you for the help im about to start 300 teste 30mg winstrol i have other meds like deca eq anadrol anavar also.
  12. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    One last question about weight gain/loss, ive had epilepsy for 36 years now and taking sodium valporate daily. I read that sodium valporate kills the male hormone testosterone, so i had mine tested some years ago. Results were 0.8nmol on 3 separate blood tests. My doctor wouldnt prescribe trt so i began taking it myself. First at 125mg then i started to cycle trt and have done for 5 years until 2 years ago i stopped all AAS and training. My question is with having low testosterone will my estrogen be high and will it cause weight gain and likely make losing weight harder ? And if so would it be of benefit to always run some amount of testosterone ?
  13. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Ive been cutting 3 month slowly and right now im around 800-1000 deficit low carbs to start and down to around 100 daily now.
  14. Shed light

    LMAO that made me chuckle out loud the wife asked whats so funny i told her she said huh i dont understand
  15. Shed light

    yeah stay on no need for PCT