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  1. @ElChapo If i run 2-3iu of hgh will it affect my natural test levels and shut me down? Ive come off aas completely and not planning to go back on for a while. Wanted to stay running hgh for the anti aging/health benefits.
  2. Viagra - Doesn’t work

    Try a guy instead
  3. Side effects are different on people. Ive used legit growth at 5iu a day and was convinced it was fake becuase i had zero side effect. My friend using the same batch had crippling pains in his hands and lots of water retention.
  4. Giving up aas

    anyone else read the title wrong?
  5. This, its very dangerous if youre off your head naturally to begin with (like me). Wouldnt recommend lol
  6. Ok thanks, if i switch twice to a week, what would be the perfect time to test the blood - right in the middle of the two jabs?
  7. @ElChapo When exactly should i take blood for my testosterone blood test. Im injecting test cyp 150mg once a week and want to see exactly the range its putting me at, as i plan on staying on this dose year round. Should i take the blood immediately after jabbing or wait 24 hours?
  8. @ElChapo Im about to send off a medichecks test for tesosterone and estrogen. Im taking 150mg test per week but also 50mg tbol and 1000 iu hcg per week. Will this differ my testosterone level results from what i would have with only taking the test by itself? I know the estrogen may be higher with the hcg but wondering on if the testosterone levels will be different from usingn the tbol as well Im also taking 1mg finasteride per day
  9. Most updated super PTC

    This. And congrats to the father if its isnt you
  10. Are Orals worth it

    8 weeks of an oral is not gonna kill you. Ive done orals for 16 weeks at a time and my liver values hardly changed. Your liver is a lot more resilient than people give it credit for. No one bats an eylid on getting pissed up every weekend but taking orlas for 8 weeks and suddenly the liver wont be able to take it lol
  11. Fake Pharmacom clen

    Ive used around 20 labs over the last 8 years, including most of the most favourite ones on this forum. Since switching to pharmacom i will never use another lab - take from that what you will lol
  12. Fake Pharmacom clen

    The packaging probably costs more than clen to produce
  13. Is my ROHM legit ??

    Looks legit rohm spell it 'intermuscular'. you will know if its legit tren within week. This nonsense about waiting a few weeks before feeling long esters kick in is nonsense. When i jab tren enth i feel the side effects after a couple days.
  14. Can vouch for this, im a grower and when on cialis its a lot bigger (no homo)
  15. Im doing 150 mg pharmacom test cyp atm for the same goal youre trying to achieve. Havent done bloodwork but i think 150 will be the best dose for you as well. Will put you slightly over natural range but not too much to experience health problems.