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  1. A reminisce of members gone by

    Someone's been lurking in the shadows lol
  2. A reminisce of members gone by

    @Verno your trustee sidekick lol
  3. Fav Reccy's - 2

    What's on offer today
  4. Fav Reccy's - 2

    That stuff looks lethal
  5. Before and after pic thread.

    Do you take your yohimbine all at once?
  6. Test:deca ratio

    Looking to start my bulk in October will be 450mg test 500mg dhb and 600mg deca still debating on the dhb tho.
  7. Fav Reccy's - 2

    Sounds like the perfect stuff enjoy
  8. Fav Reccy's - 2

    How long that's gonna last you?
  9. No real difference at all just maybe more pip. I always stick to test 300 just easier
  10. You are wasting your time here this just shows how hearted some people can be. it's not these people fault there are loopholes in the system and they did what they had to do to survive and the majority of the people living there where legitimate working people with their families. But hey they've just lost everything which wasn't their fault so they should be grateful for any sub standard accommodation they get. It's funny how they can go from being human beings to worthless scum in the blink of an eye
  11. 1-Test DHB

    Will look into it anything with less pip would be great
  12. 1-Test DHB

    Was thinking of doing a test deca and dhb bulk cycle after this cruise but might have a rethink this dhb sounds lethal pip wise.
  13. Cool. But if that were to happen would it be after years of heavy abuse or could it just happen after one or 2 cycles?
  14. @ElChapo if someone can have kids before they use AAS can they ever become infertile after steroid use? Or does it sometimes makes it more difficult but not impossible.