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  1. All my orders with bulkpowders have gone perfectly and were shipped the same day that I placed the order. Since I needed some products exclusive to myprotein I ordered there again even though a previous order went wrong. Placed on the 10th, estimated shipping date was 12th (Why does it take 2 days to ship something in stock?) and three days later they still have not shipped it. Instead of contacting me about the delay I have to contact them and they tell me there is some technical issue in the warehouse and they will need to investigate why my order has not shipped yet. Used to be in the past I would order something and I would have it 2 days later, now it takes up to 10 days.
  2. Question about Flavdrops

    Absolutely love the white chocolate ones, was wondering if they will eventually restock the 100ml bottles or it will be 50ml like most flavors
  3. Thinking of dropping down to 400 since I'm not really bulking anymore and just want the Tren look. Sides don't bother me at 600 but it would save me a bit of money and maybe better for long term health
  4. Acutane protocol help!

    UGL Accutane is absolute trash. Pharma has a special coating that improves absorbbation UGLs can never replicate. Anyway I take accutane like a supplement 20mg eod and I can inject and eat whatever I want and my skin stays completely clear with no sides. I'm never going to stop the accutane.
  5. Tomorrow I will have been running it for a month (2.5mg ed). It completely eradicated the gyno in my right nipple which was barely visible anyway but it's still there in my left and quite visible too. Ankle is really sore and having no libido is starting to get annoying but letro is my last resort so I'm willing to give it some time
  6. Did you run pharma grade? And how long after you ran it did your libido come back?
  7. 20 days @ 2.5mg and my gyno went from a huge lump to barely visible while also dropping 2% bodyfat. Can finally go low in bf without it looking ridiculous due to the gyno. Mine was pretty old too (3~ years) really wish I did it sooner. Do have some questions though. Can letro completely eradicate gyno or will that disc behind my nipple always be there? And how long for my estrogen and libido to recover once I quit the letro? Also running Test/tren if it matters
  8. Reversing gyno with letro

    Doesn't Tamoxifen reduce the effectiveness of Letrozole? I imagine the same would apply to Ralox, Running Letro first and then running Nolva/Ralox to both prevent rebound and further attack the gyno would be more effective I assume
  9. Anyone have any stories to share? starting as soon as I get my letro in the mail. Went with pharma grade just in case
  10. Every time I find a great lab they either dissapear or put out a s**t batch. Honestly thinking of just brewing my own s**t at this point instead of having cycles ruined by underdosed crap and constantly stressing out if it's bunk or not
  11. Longest tren ace cycle?

    I never go above 600mg a week. Tried 1g once and I was literally googling suicide methods and looking for buildings to jump off.
  12. Longest tren ace cycle?

    I've been on Tren ace for a year then switched to Tren-e which I am still on. Dating is nearly impossible due to paranoia and I have a short fuse so I avoid clubs but other than that and a slightly elevated cholesterol Im fine
  13. Nothing makes me lose more hair than Tren but it usually grows back when I stop
  14. I also train for strength but unlike you mine becomes invisible if I put on a bit of fat. Want to compete in a weight class though so have to be as lean as possible
  15. Heres mine its the left nipple only, right is just puffy