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  1. Gut health for better absorption.

    MSM, CBD, gluten free, more vegetarian meals in the mix, high fiber
  2. I got prescribed Tamsulosin 400mg for mine. It helps. But also exercise every day adds to the whole thing being healthier.
  3. Bands

    Theraband gold. Can be used for anything nearly
  4. weakling returns

    I was first on this forum a fair few years ago. I was inadequate about my body then an still am to a degree. I tried some exercises at home and made some progress which startled me even though it was minuscule. and then I practised in a gym. After a time I injured my left shoulder and it was bad. Was in a hell of a lot of pain for two months. I then got physio and the physiotherapist said "you are weak, therefore we have something to work with". Thanks. Great!!! So she gave me some exercises to do at home and also told me to do pilates. I have been doing my weekly pilates class now for two years. So its now time to bring in more training bit by bit. Just workgn out at home at the moment. Equipment = one weight bench. One set of adjustable dumbbells, a pull up bar and two pieces of theraband gold one of which is 4 meters. The dumbbells go up in units of 1Kg, so I have today ordered some half kilogram weights to that I can increase weight by smaller increments when I feel right. A bit of background: I have a history of chronic fatigue, candida and (something i found out about while going through my journey of alternative health) some rather nasty co-infections that I have been controlling with rife therapy (incidentally I learned so much about rife therapy that I am now periodically hired to run conferences in Rifing). I know I don't have to get massive, just to stop looking quite so emaciated and weak and thus to improve general health such as immune responses and the like. My weight is about 12 stone and my height is about 6ft3 inch. Since the beginning of December and not including Christmas week, I have been doing 30 minutes of whole body workout with the limited resources I have at home about 5 days a week. Now I intend to on all days apart from the day when I do pilates, to do that seem 30 minute workout and steadily increase resistance. Exercises that I am working on (as its mainly upper body as my pilates seems to do the core and the legs reasonably well) Arnies, bicep curl, triceps extension, shrugs, chest presses and flys at the three incline angles that my little weight bench will go at an lying down (face down) rows. I have also started dumbbell calf raises (on a plank to increase range of motion) and extensions with the quads using the theraband for resistance. Also pull up bar slow descends and the occasional rise when the body thinks it can do it. No I cant do much more then 2 pull ups and I am cautious of the bad shoulder which still aint right even after all the work that has gone into its healing. Proteins are mainly from Huel and Huel black. Already my flat elastic bands inside my bicep area has turned into somewhere half way between a golf ball and a tennis ball. Ok, its closer to the golf ball...... Any pointers you can give would be welcomed.