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  1. Can vouch for cyber had a vial of their deca and have used their letro. Did the trick
  2. Did roughly twenty weeks last year fir to using deca for 14 weeks, followed by 3 weeks extra test followed by 3 weeks before starting pct. You should be fine. I used hcg throughout and think I recovered quite well. Would I do another cycle that length probably not as I didn't want to come off
  3. isis tren hex??

    Isis I believe don't have the best rep, I've never tried though do only going off hear say
  4. Cipla Letrozole 2.5 mg

    I got some out of date letro same brand box looks identical. Did the job. I can also vouch for cyber labs letro. A ugl but has done the job

    Seen this in a Christmas sale and was contemplating it. Think I'll just stick to what I know
  6. I don't think there is any right or wrong answer here. You need to see how your body responds. I hate putting extra rest days in but you would be surprised as to how your body grows due to time out of the gym

    Baka, how do you rate the lab?
  8. Have to say I've found this too. Worked with a girl who always went on about how she loved cock and didn't care who was on the end of it. If you said anything un pc she'd have you up in front of the boss but because she was a woman it was ok for her to go on like this
  9. I wouldn't class joking that your going to take a bite out of her butty as bullying lol.
  10. Real balancing act I find. Been the only male worker in a totally female department for four years. Some want to sleep with you and if you don't it pisses them off. Some want to dominate you and don't like it when they can't. Some want to be dominated and when you do it pisses all the other ones off. Woman always pull together you will always be an outsider
  11. Balkan Pharma Test E

    Are you sure you're putting the code in correctly. zero's and noughts often get mixed up. I had a few where it didn't accept the code can't remember the characters but there were a few which were open to interpretation. If both boxes were from same source I would expect both to be fakes not just one.
  12. Balkan Pharma Test E

    Any pictures mate?
  13. rip blends

    I understand the risk of using two new compounds I think the only real risk is the tren so I'm planning on getting a vial test p and mast as well so I don't have to cut the cycle short if the ten doesn't agree