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  1. T bol cycle

    You’ll feel better on test, you’ll look better on tbol ideally if you dont mind pinning why not do 300mg test and 50mg Tbol? Best of both worlds and still a very mild side free cycle
  2. Clen Dosage

    It varies so much person to person which is why you start low For example I can work my way up to 160mcg Clen, and tolerate it quite well My mrs took half a tab so 40mcg and wad shaking like mad and refused to use it again, its not a 1 hat fits all and someone being able to use 160mcg doesn’t mean its underdosed and the next person should take the same, I’ve been known to drink an expresso and fall asleep, I’m obviously quite tolerant to stims, some wont be I’d start at 40 and go from there
  3. T bol cycle

    Peak levels and stopping gyno are two different things, whenever I’ve got a slight increase in sensitivity and I start nolva, it goes within 4/5 days, it also doesn’t get worse during this period I wouldn’t be taking a cancer drug for over 3 months if I didn’t need to but thats just my opinion
  4. T bol cycle

    Yeah mate, went up about 3kg which is decent for me. Wouldnt bother with Nolva, if in the unlikely event you had any issues you could just start it then, it works fairly quickly I’d run it 8 weeks and If all I was running was TBol I’d be looking at 100mg, I ran it at 100mg and that was on top of test npp and mast. PCT of nolva at 20mg for 4 weeks is enough
  5. T bol cycle

    Im very gyno prone mate and 100mg a day didn’t cause any issues, just great pumps, hardening and strength, really underated compound.
  6. Labs

    Far as I’m aware they’re still good mate, one of the longest going labs now,I remember when they first came out with the old logos etc Wouldn't be my first choice but wouldn’t doubt any of their products either really
  7. ECA

    I was told it was banned in china which is why it seems to of dried up Does anyone know if kaizen ephedrine is still about? If it is your best bet it sourcing that and making your own, I’d love to use it again.
  8. I always stick 60kg on and do a couple sets of 20 where I rest the bar on my chest and do some puased reps till I feel like bloods ran to the muscle, then i’ll move on and do my working sets
  9. Inject Dbol

    Impressive considering its 80mg/ml, Gona get some of this or there Tren base, or maybe test base, 0.3ml of test base tren base and inj dbol would be a laugh pwo
  10. Inject Dbol

    Mate what’s the pip like? I keep seeing this on the site I use but always assumed it would hurt as all the other inj Dbol I’ve seen was like 40mg/ml Is the oil thick?
  11. Recent blood results

    this is my levels on 250mg pharma grade test, bought from a pharmacy. The Test C is fine. This isn’t aimed at @MrGRoberts, just for the lads that seem to think that X dose of test gives Y result for everyone
  12. Recent blood results

    Exactly what I thought would be the case is you retested, same result I had on normas test E, lads seem to think they know it all and everyone should have the same levels, my brother gets levels about 30nmol higher than me on same test. I’d look into other factors like are you overtraining? Stressed? This is also a very good point
  13. Dbol 50mg?

    Pretty sure they cut fine as they’re quite solid, I’ll try cut one of my var when I’m home and see how it goes.
  14. Neuro pharma and cerberus

    NP is top draw Not sure on other