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  1. Sars 1 vs Sars 2 footprint/spread

    I hear him saying it when I read this.
  2. ........... Is there something wrong with you? Serious question.
  3. I know them both. You're an absolute clown.
  4. Post the pics. You're advice is not only stupid but dangerous. You advised someone to take harsh orals to 'tighten' skin. Its dumb. Post pics of your tight skin then. Prove him wrong.
  5. Being something doesn't make you an expert in it. If I get cancer am I suddenly an expert in it? No. AIDs? Again, no. Arguments from authority will get you nowhere here.
  6. Someone needs a walk. Getting cabin fever. And your above suggestion is stupid and reckless.
  7. Come on, admit it... Who watches WWE?

    This. Tis pish now. Too tame.
  8. Where has all the money come from?

    Same place, but for emergency reasons. Plus it's still not near the cost of what labour were proposing. Yet
  9. You'd be amazed at how.many don't. And sterile is relative to the numb nuts doing it
  10. Proof of how small my fu**ing penis is

    No one speaks to you. What female member. Provide proof. Then provide the pics of this cage you keep claiming you live in, you utter clown shoe.
  11. And correlation studies. Meh. Would need to look at the individual ones. And also get a specific one to measure it in isolation of everything else. But hey ho. OP, I'd say it's nonsense. But do as you wish.
  12. Well, to be honest it's in those taking them with a compromised immune system (AIDS patients, cancer patients and burns victims). Will try and dig them up. But that's at therapeutic doses, not a gram of many compounds.
  13. Would suggest puncturing the skin right now might not be bright either.
  14. Proof how small my fu**ing flat is

    Proof would be the picture you've been asked for many times. Excuse after excuse.
  15. Links? Have only seen boosts in immune system.