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  1. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    That's pretty much it. Unfortunately now you have such a liberal way of life and politicians that'll pander to anyone, that now these ideas are trying to force us to deny reality. When it was "gender is a social construct" everyone was saying yeah that's fine don't worry. Not the case. Things never settle. I knew it would get more ridiculous. Now there's no such thing as male or female (unless you identify as it) biological sex isn't real or set. And it isn't binary And if you don't want to suck 'girl' dick it means you're a bigot. That's not a joke by the way. That's legitimate. Groups are trying to pass laws that mean not dating someone would be a hate crime. And state that sexual preference is a learned behaviour and can be unlearned. This is from trans activists. Which is hilarious as it puts them in the same boat as the pray-the-gay-away brigade. And supports the erasure of gayness. Mental. The west is f**ked. It'll get a lot worse before it gets any better. That's human nature.
  2. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    If anyone has twitter, go and spend half an hour making comments on trans. Mind will be ruined
  3. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    Yeah, it is how most do, but then people are getting arrested for saying men aren't women. People lose jobs. Laws are made. The world gets more and more f**ked.
  4. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    Yeah, saw that at the time. Words are violence. A medical historian thinks he's a scientists. Fuds!
  5. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    They can change their birth certificate now too.
  6. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    This. Have you ever read up on critical gender theory? The fu**ing drivel they spew. Mygod. Hard time breed strong people. Strong people make good times. Good times breed soft people. And here we are.
  7. Is the world getting fckin confusing???

    It's just getting too cosy that so many people have f**k all to do but make.up problems or try and make themselves seem more interesting. Must change everyone's language. Must enforce their opinion on everyone else. I mean, who in actual f**k cares how they're referred to in the third person? When they're not their. Utter pish. Also, fox, fairy and worm are recognised genders now too. So f**k them!
  8. Points based immigration system

    Still don't know how to meme
  9. Points based immigration system

    Hahaha. It must be him then.
  10. 4th week into a cycle

    Them buzzed titty gains!
  11. 4th week into a cycle

    This. Always this. Food causes the weight gain. Not drugs. Always the same answer. Even if the drugs were s**t, if you were eating enough you'd be gaining weight. That's how people get fat too. Eat more!
  12. 4th week into a cycle

    The deal has work buddy. There's no such thing as a non responder. If your weight hasn't increased its a diet issue. Regardless of drugs use.
  13. 4th week into a cycle

    Mate, the gears fine. If you haven't increased in weight or strength the answer lays elsewhere. If that was fake gear there's plenty in here that would be moaning. Diet and training is always the answer. Not the one you want. But it is what it is
  14. Cheapest primo lab?

    I'd wonder what you think anavar and primo will give that one won't. But just go with what 1. Fits your dosing. 2. Is from a lab you're happy with. You're essentially asking us to work that out for you. Use a calculator. Work out what one has the best price per mg for what you're looking for.
  15. Cheapest primo lab?

    As said, price shouldn't be a concern. It's over priced anyway. But "cheap" and "primo" shouldn't go hand in hand. You're setting yourself up for a disappointment