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  1. Sex a no go after test

    Agreed. I'll still make the offer though. Anyone wants to pay for this advice, I'll give you it for 1p. The tests here posted are utter shite. A non statistically significant increase in free test. Most likely s transient one. As is seen in anyone who goes for a test (levels vary) and the other really shitty numbers do not scream "pay" for this info. And how long was this period? Months? Ffs. Snake oil. Utter shite! Anyone wants help, DM me.
  2. Sex a no go after test

    And "worked". And I didn't say I was discussing that companies products, did I? Sorry though, don't want a ban, comrade. I think the group think too. Honest. Can I stay? An I being sent to the gulag?
  3. Sex a no go after test

    Nah, I think I'll stay. Thanks for encouraging an open atmosphere for discussion though man. Sterling effort there. What's next? Ban for asking questions? Awesome post. Should bookmark that for future reference.
  4. Sex a no go after test

    And I'd also say that advice on prescription only meds from a non qualified person would be skating on thin ice, "legally". But hey ho. DM. I'll sort you
  5. Sex a no go after test

    Clearly selective rules. Seem to recall getting a warning when I worked for a supplement company, as me discussing things could be seen as advertising. And other people have been pulled up for less. But fair enough. Selling through DMs and charging for info is fine on UKM. I'll make sure everyone knows this now. Will screen shot too just in case this thread goes missing as well.
  6. Sex a no go after test

    Cool. I'll just DM people saying I'll do it for less than whoever else. Snake oil salesmen. Anyone in here considering paying someone for this info please DM me and I'll do it for 1p. Will provide you links to every study and reason you'd need X y or z. Will provide all info. All back up and all needed notes. @CarrotTop Thoughts?
  7. Sex a no go after test

    Cool. Guess we'll all start setting up price lists. Should be fun.
  8. Sex a no go after test

    Yes, we should ignore the decades of placebo controlled, peer reviewed research because some dude on the internet said something. Genius!
  9. Sex a no go after test

    What info did he sell you that wasn't available elsewhere. Genuinely curious.
  10. Sex a no go after test

    So you're charging people for freely available information? How someone feels isn't an indication of anything. Bible bashers "feel" the presence of the holy spirit when they put a whammy on someone's head. And that means?
  11. True though. No point sugar coating it
  12. Are you gay if you like trans?

    Exactly mate. The level of pure fucktardary is unbelievable. I need to stop engaging idiots too. It's tough to let this s**t slide though.
  13. This, you're in the rollercoaster thinking everything is fine while it climbs to the peak. You've got a surprise coming.

    And no mention of cardio or actual reduction of calories.
  15. Are you gay if you like trans?

    Yeah, this fu**ing world. Opinions over facts always. Idiot post isn't it?