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    I am a competitive bodybuilder. My goal is to educate people on many subjects and give me experiences with compounds and supplements.
  1. I was just wondering if anyone went to to go see the show this year and opinions on athlete standard?
  2. That is not a trt dose I'm assuming it wasn't a doctor who recommended this protocol to you?
  3. That classic question

    This is difficult for me to answer because every mass. Cycle I've done has been with tren and I always do a low test does with tren and I've put a lot of size on however this time in going to do high test without the tren so I guess I can give you my experience after I finish the cycle.
  4. PCT after 3 years ON

    This isn't a good idea them two compound still Cause suppression and this renders your pct infective
  5. Creatine mono / time off?

    It allows more water to be stored in the muscle making it larger and fuller.. It also allows more gycorgen to be held in the muscle, but it doesn't up-regulate GLUT-4 protein expression. (so it doesn't allow gycorgen to be transported into the muscle faster.)
  6. Creatine mono / time off?

    Yh its not nessassery to cycle however I do I use on cycle to take advantage of the gycorgen and water storage.
  7. Advice needed urgent

    Personally I've had a few surgeries while on gear and had no issues just make sure you tell the anethatist. If you want to come off then drop the eq and lower the test dose to 250mg per week.
  8. T3 and the heart

    This is the main reason I haven't used it I was going to use it pre contest but doesn't seam to be worth the risk. And T3 is catabolic as well so if you use it to much you can definitely lose muscle.
  9. hgh cycle length help

    I know a few people who tried high dose gh and couldn't handle the carpel tunnel syndrome
  10. PCT after 3 years ON

    You definitely need to run hcg first to stimulate the testies directly once they come a normal size you should then run clomid and arimidex. You could lower the dose of the hcg and still use the clomid or just stop the hcg all together. If you can go high on the clomid then do 100mg ed for 5 weeks if not you could run say 25-50mg ed for 7-9 weeks and arimidex 0.5mg eod and then stop once Estrogen is under control
  11. protein advice please

    A lot of cheep protein powder contain a lot of lactose and your body may have had a slight intolerance to this before taking the protein but you never would have known because you wasn't consuming that high level of lactose.
  12. Creatine n hypertension

    I agree it shouldn't have any effect on your BP (it never has on mine) it doesn't cause subq water retension which could increase BP. There are really simple things such as eating healthy doing cardio and evern using hawthorn betries can lower BP if all this fails you most likely need a prescription.
  13. hgh cycle length help

    I'm pretty sure that this protocol isn't worth the money or time, how come you can't run it for any longer than 2 weeks but you can with the steroids?
  14. HGH/Peptides Advice

    Wow that really hit hard for me I cannot thank enough for sharing this with me