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  1. China's ban on raws Jan 2020

    Just got an update from my guy in China that things are back on from now. They never elaborated on what they have done but, when I started this thread my main supplier was saying they needed about 1 month to sort out this problem. Now they are ready to go again so hopefully all the other suppliers are sorting themselves out as well and that will be the end of it.
  2. China's ban on raws Jan 2020

    I've heard from different raw suppliers for the last few weeks about changes to the laws in China. One particular supplier which I use on a regular basis and trust 100% confirmed the news today, which is not what I wanted to hear. Have a read of this link and the attached links https://amp.reddit.com/r/sarmsourcetalk/comments/e1smuu/meta_sarms_banned_indefinitely/ More
  3. Recent regulatory changes in China have resulted in the ban of hundreds of compounds from January 2020. Looks like this is going to have a major effect on supply. List of banned products (basically everything) https://www.dropbox.com/s/nk6lr8r0ctial8d/2019年兴奋剂目录公告.pdf?dl=0
  4. It's nothing to do with the seller not accepting PayPal PayPal or visa or MasterCard etc will not provide merchant accounts/services to a seller that sells gear lol
  5. What worked for myself was 1500iu hcg Mon Wed Fri 75iu hmg Sun Tues Thurs. 50mg Clomid per day 20mg nolvadex per day 150mg proviron per day Zinc, d3, folic acid,
  6. Home brewed AAS

    It's really simple to do, buy quality filters
  7. Medichecks

    Never had any problems myself. Found it very easy to draw my own blood
  8. Scar tissue has built up in the glutes from all the pinning in the same spot. Try adding in some regular foam rolling to try and break it up