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  1. “Dad, Dad!” “What son?” “True vegans can be spotted a mile off... they don’t need “t**t” Tattooed on their foreheads, as it runs though them like “Scarborough “ through rock.” “Eh! I’m from Scarborough “
  2. Yessss the gyms are opened from...!

    Chat s**t about where I’m not going on holiday...or chat s**t about “been missing ma gainz bro, innit”** **neither are really applicable - got clippers and home gym...
  3. Yessss the gyms are opened from...!

    f**k! The dilemma continues...
  4. Power to the PPL

    16kb, 8cb & 2x4cb mash-up 30min Garden workout with kettlebells and clubbells. Shoulder felt better after the dynamic swings.
  5. Power to the PPL

    Super warm garden mini-workouts......bbq & wine, to finish the day off
  6. Power to the PPL

    Nothing fantastic - jump rope and a mega short kb run-thru’...plenty of sun, followed by 3/4 bottle of cab suav
  7. Where do you get your Protein?

    Ergo; eat grass & inject Tren...
  8. What makes a simp?

    Anothershandy == simp == you xx
  9. Have you ever thumped anyone

    Throwing a punch is ok... but actually catching one, makes the ‘thrower’ think twice! Especially whilst staring Into their eyes and being silent... they s**t themselves at what might happen next
  10. Looks like you bought ‘washouts’ fu**ing scammers
  11. Where can I buy weights?

    f**k that! Grab yourself a length of scaffold and four sets of collars or a couple of bolts - jeez breaks my heart that peeps are paying this!
  12. I’ll blame myself - our lasses MO is; I do “something” in her dream, she wakes up and blames me - hence I’m in the doghouse...
  13. Therapists

    We need @wylde99’s input; he sees the-rapists... thinking about it, he’d be sectioned before the initial therapy consultation paperwork was complete!
  14. That ‘phone - surely just for effect (is he playing us?!)
  15. Will covid 19 go away

    I sincerely hope @wylde99is a jaffa...