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  1. Loudest And best bass earphones?

    If you're looking for dual driver earphones that are dirt cheap and outperforms anything way more expensive, and with earth shattering bass, then there's only one thing. The original TTPOD T1E earphones. They aren't in production anymore and getting rare to find but you can still get them on ebay. I've had my set for years now and nothing comes close. https://www.ebay.com/itm/172961652563
  2. I was made redundant after 17 years at the same organisation. Quite a shock and horrible situation to be in. Thankfully I managed to walk straight into another senior position less than 2 weeks after my employment ended, but I know there are many people who aren't as fortunate. I can imagine there are many people losing their homes because of this and there are also desperate people committing suicide as they feel they have no other option. If there is anyone on here that has it really bad, maybe we can try and help out somehow. I know I would have appreciated it.
  3. Funny this thread came up again. Since the lockdown started and gyms closed down I haven't trained at all in the last 4 months. Lost all my size and strength and my snoring also completely stopped. I guess that will all change again once I get my lazy aas back to the gym.
  4. I've never snored in my life but as soon as I started blasting and cruising I've started permanently snoring. It's driving the wife mad and she's now sleeping in one of the spare rooms. I've had to order some hannibal looking contraption to see if it will help but otherwise I'm not sure how to solve this.
  5. I've just been made redundant due to this coronavirus situation we're in. My employer of 17 years realised they never had me sign my updated employment contract which has a restrictive covenant clause which states I'm prohibited from contacting any of my old clients for 6 months. Meaning they can't enforce the terms of that contract. Two days before the end of my employment they sent me an agreement similar to what it says in the contract and said if I don't sign it, they won't pay a penny of my redundancy money. I have refused. I've since had an employment law firm take my case who will bring a claim against my employer, but this will cost me around £5k and take months potentially. Then I had a thought pop into my head this evening. If they force me to sign their agreement, then surely it must be null and void as I am signing it under duress? As far as I know, no contract signed under duress is enforceable. This way I get to keep all my hard earned money and not pay a solicitor thousands for nothing. Can anyone shed some light?
  6. Any lawyers on here?

    They have caved in and decided to pay me without signing. I have 17 years exposure of their unethical and dishonest practices, and they know I can put them in the ground, which I have threatened them with. It was a bit of a stand off and I was nearly ready to sign, but they clearly didn't have the nerve.
  7. It's actually really easy. I went on private TRT for a few months, then went to see a private endo and said I would like to continue treatment on the NHS. He didn't asked any questions since I was already on TRT and worked out a treatment plan that he sent to my GP. I've been on Nebido ever since.
  8. Any lawyers on here?

  9. Any lawyers on here?

    The easiest, cheapest and quickest way to get my money would be to sign the contract. The thing I'm trying to ascertain is, if I did sign it now, as far as I can see it still wouldn't be binding as I was forced to sign it under duress. If I did poach any of their clients and they took legal action, I can't see any magistrate or judge upholding it if they find out they unlawfully kept my redundancy money because their house wasn't in order. I'm not immediately planning on contacting my old clients, but I need to keep it as an option as I might start my own business. Plus, I'm not going to give those c*nts the satisfaction of doing me in any further if I can help it.
  10. Any lawyers on here?

    100%. But they aren't offering me an enhanced compensation package of any kind. They are holding my statutory redundancy payment ransom unless I sign the contract they never asked me to sign before.
  11. Any lawyers on here?

    They can't because they never gave me the contract to sign.
  12. Any lawyers on here?

    They are. They would f*uck over their own dead grandmother to save a few pennies.
  13. Think my marriage is f*cked after 14 years. Need help.
  14. Can the OP please come back in a couple of months after he's lost all his gains to tell us if he really meant what he said.
  15. Or you're just so excited about your first cycle that you can't sleep.
  16. Might as well stop calling it TRT and just say blast.
  17. You like to create a lot of hassle for yourself. Just pin IM once a week or even once every two weeks. Millions of people are using UG gear and no one's limbs are falling off. I haven't had a single abscess from a jab of UG gear.
  18. Sounds like whatever problems you're having is unrelated to your test levels. But then we will never know as you've never had bloods done. Ridiculous.
  19. If it was this whole sh*t show might have been worth it. Lol You clearly don't know my missus.
  20. I think what did it for me was her telling me after there was nothing I could do about it any more and then ask me to book the old lady's flights.
  21. We've been like that since the beginning, eye for an eye. It's what keeps things interesting. Lately though she's been bending the rules so it's no longer fair game. And I'm too old and lazy to keep fighting. Women really do wear you down. FML
  22. Yes. I don't think she actually thought it through at all. She was clearly very upset and said she has to think whether she wants to remain in the marriage. After that I don't think she thought about it any further.
  23. I know what I did was a bit c*untish but I'm not that cold. Lol. After we spoke I realised she hadn't thought it through as she was talking about our retirement plans and holidays etc. So I said to her she realises we'll have to sell the house, she'd have to move into a shitty flat and she won't have money for any holiday again. I could see her neck twitching a few times, but she didn't say anything.
  24. Still here. Lol. Seems she was just p*ssed off that I booked a holiday to Spain to go and see an old friend without telling her. I figured we would be even since she invited her mother to come and stay with us for 3 months without telling me. Turns out what I did was way more out of hand. But I'm touched you homos care so much.
  25. Your bloods doesn't make sense. Rock bottom e2 but everything else is in range. Something strange going on. Have you had any other bloods done to compare?