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  1. Balance my hormones

    I was on 125mg of sust every 5 days and my trough levels were 10nmol, so they upped it to 250mg/w. This brought my trough level up to around 20nmol. After 5 months on this dose my trough level was 27nmol and my E2 was perfectly in the middle but I did take 0.25mg of Anastrozole once a week. My prolactin was raised and my haematocrit and hemoglobin were just outside of range. Not sure if it's the high dose of test that was causing this as I was never asked to get this checked before I started TRT. I'm now on Nebido and had my first bloods taken last week so will see what the results are.
  2. TRT 1st bloods

    Or your test levels is not the cause of you problems as I suggested before. They prescribed me 250mg of test a week.
  3. I think my GP will put me on whatever I suggest. He didn't even know about the Nebido booster shot and just said yeah come in and get it when I told him about it.
  4. Interesting. I crashed after three weeks. If Nebido doesn't work for me I'll ask my GP to put me back on Sustanon. I'd prefer not to inject myself every week, but if there's no other way...
  5. Simplest meals with the least amount of ingredients that you can make quickly and that tastes good. No challenge.
  6. Just watching this where thousands of migrants from Africa are trying to cross into Europe and half of them drowning, some are caught and held in detention centres in Libya and then thousands getting rescued by EU boats and taken into Europe. Then these migrants are upset that they were caught and are subjected to 'inhumane conditions'. Well cry me a river. You lived in your own piss and sh*t in your sh*t hole of an African country where you couldn't make it work. Now you want to go to Europe to do the same thing leeching on working tax payers' money. I say they should sink any migrant boats long before they leave the African coast to stop them putting a further drain on the European economy and culture.
  7. Balance my hormones

    I used BMH too. After it got too expensive I decided to self administer. There is absolutely no difference apart from it costing a lot more as you never see the inside of a hospital. Plus it's not that you're not properly monitored, you're not monitored at all. Just medichecks blood tests that you do yourself anyway. They never requested full bloods from me in the beginning and missed that I had potentially high prolactin. They also didn't diagnose me properly as it was thought I had secondary hypogonadism when in fact it was primary. All of this revealed when I went to see a private endo. I'm now on the nhs which costs nothing and you're regularly and properly monitored. As has been said before, either go on the nhs or do it yourself.
  8. Not at all. It was straight forward switching to the nhs. I asked my gp to refer me to a private endo as I have private health care and went to see him. The endo wasn't even interested in where I was treated before, just looked at all my blood tests and said I had primary hypogonadism. Then wrote back to my gp with a treatment plan and off I went for my first shot. I had actually been self administering for a couple of months by then and was worried he'd pick up on it, but there was no problem. I guess it all depends where you go and how your gp is. All the gp's at my practice are sound so I'm pretty lucky I guess. I don't even have to consult my gp about getting bloods done or to book my next shot. I just ring and book it with one of the nurses.
  9. I've just come of the phone with my GP. He wasn't even aware that a booster shot existed as it wasn't stated in the endo's notes. He also admitted that he doesn't treat a lot of patients for TRT but had no problem booking me in for a booster shot next week, fair play to him.
  10. Ok, I will have to make them aware of this. Since I'm on every 10 weeks I'll see if they'll give my second shot on week 5. Do you only get one booster shot? Also now that I know this, there's probably no reason to get bloods taken just yet?
  11. 6 Week booster? They never mentioned anything about this to me. Can you tell me more?
  12. 1st NHS Endocrinology Review

    I guess it all depends who you see. My endo looked at my TRT regime while I was doing it privately and saw that I needed more T to maintain the same levels as most other people, so he advised a plan on the NHS of a shot of Nebido every 8-10 weeks where I believe as a rule it's normally every 10-12 weeks. I've just posted I feel like I'm already bloody crashing after 4 weeks so hope it's not my body eating up the Nebido so quickly. Lol
  13. Your prolactin is only slightly elevated and is fine. With my last bloods my prolactin was 563 and my endo didn't even offer an explanation, just said it's very slightly elevated and can be caused by many things. People with prolactinomas usually have levels 10-20 times higher which is why they don't even bother when it's slightly over.
  14. Had my first shot of Nebido and initially felt good. Much better than when I was on Sust as it was very up and down. Four weeks in though and I feel like I'm crashing. Noticeable drop in energy and libido and just feel lethargic and sleepy all day. Has anyone experienced this so soon after a Nebido shot? I'm going to get bloods done next week to see where my levels are at.