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  1. Your bloods doesn't make sense. Rock bottom e2 but everything else is in range. Something strange going on. Have you had any other bloods done to compare?
  2. Anyone on nebido for trt ?

    The thing most people forget is that even though your trough level might be quite low before the next injection, the whole time before that your test levels are quite a bit higher.
  3. Yep. Not the best idea to do your first cycle with sust as the test prop can cripple you with pip in virgin muscle. You will get used to it though but it will take a few more jabs. If the pip is too much, switch over to test e.
  4. Were you just as scared the first time you had to stick your cock into a vagina?
  5. Anyone on nebido for trt ?

    I never have any pip but it always stings like a motherf*cker when the nurses inject me. And I hate how they always say, "Sharp scratch", and then proceed to harpoon you. I'll sharp scratch you in a bit bitch!
  6. Iran won't do sh*t. They were taunting Trump thinking he would sit on his hands. They got a big wake up call with whats his face blown all to bits. If they really do go for revenge and hurt any Americans, god help them as they have no chance of surviving a war with the US.
  7. I spoke to a raws supplier in China as well who said they will stop trading end of this year.
  8. Well in that case everyone on here will be natty by next year.
  9. I suspect people will just fly over to Turkey and Egypt etc. to buy pharma gear in bulk, bring it back and sell it on. Win win if you ask me.
  10. Autism

    Reading this I wonder if I'm on the spectrum as well. I find dealing with people really hard. Not in the sense that I'm afraid, but I just don't want anything to do with anybody which makes it hard in my job as I have a very senior position. I don't trust people at all which is why I have written people off very close to me without a second thought if they've hurt me in some way. I have this belief that if I trust someone, I would do anything for them without question and I would never do anything to hurt them no matter what. Through life though it seems people don't see it the same way and one way or another I've always been f*cked by the people closest to me. So now I just concentrate on my wife and daughter as they're the only people left I care about. Makes it a lot easier knowing I don't have anyone else to please.
  11. F*ck me, so you don't know the first thing about UK law but you kept arguing and giving out false advice. I rest my case your honour.
  12. Well of course you would say that having been part of the pig force.
  13. For a start you said there is no duty solicitor or free legal advice with a voluntary interview. I've already shown you the legislation which you seem to be ignoring. Have a look on the government website which reiterates this and points to the relevant section of PACE - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/voluntary-police-interview-your-rights I think you missed the point. For a case to get to court, the police need to charge someone with a crime first. And for this to happen, certain protocols must be followed which are enshrined in law. The police on the other hand invent laws as far they go and abuse their powers grossly on a daily basis. They illegally detain people under made up laws, arrest them illegally when they are carrying out perfectly legal activities like public photography where they use anti-terrorism laws which don't apply, carry out illegal stop and searches where there are no Section 60 orders in place etc. The list goes on.
  14. There's mostly fat and ugly chicks at my gym. However there's a woman that started coming a few weeks ago. Really tight body and big tits which are always on display. She has a face like a crossing between Sarah Jessica Parker and a catfish though so I tend to concentrate on the tits.
  15. Honesty has never been the best policy with the UK police force. I'd be inclined to make them work for it. If you said for instance you couldn't remember and asked what evidence they had, it may come to light that they have none and it's your word against the 3rd party. In which case they'd have no choice but to take no further action. If you held your hands up straight away and accepted liability then they might well try and f*ck you.