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  1. Bloody Sunday (Londonderry 1972)

    An eye for an eye, the whole world goes blind. You will never change people’s perspectives and it’ll probably carry on forever with the mutual hatred of one and other.
  2. Are there any women around here?

    Let’s be honest this forum went to s**t when it was sold off. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage and wish you luck with the the future, didn’t you use to do the vape stuff? also under another name can’t ever remember my last ?
  3. Drwae getting massive

    What’s Kefir good for?
  4. Let’s talk vegan

    Not a vegan book but Gino Dicampos vegetarian Italian book has some great recipes in it.
  5. Nature or nurture ?

    Don’t you feel that the child is rebellious as they have been taken away from their family? How would you handle being stuck in care home away from the only family you know.
  6. 15 reps for mass

    ? next you be wanting him sending nudes.
  7. Tendinitis on the elbows

    I had tendinitis and had multiple cortisol injections, physio etc. After a year of faffing ended up getting tendon release surgery and this has now solved all the problems. I found anti inflammatories and such would just mask the pain and when it felt better I was making it worse why working and training. Good luck with it whatever way you go it’s a painful condition and I remember just knocking it used to kill.
  8. Best IPTV provider

    http://hellraiseriptv.com/forum/ Currently using this service been good and 30£ for the year.
  9. Cannabis oil....Parkinsons

    Scumbags, they will get there's eventually. I hope your mother gets the help she needs from it when you source some.
  10. But you aren't a software developer, you assume you'll get a job from relatives. Post back when you've got the job rather than bash others and brag about what you don't have, you self entitled little pr1ck
  11. Macdonald's drive thru check out for the win then. Typical student still stuck on your high horse
  12. Wildcat setup

    Good while it lasted, on that note I still have a bottle of pro sust with an expiry of 2014 can I use it you reckon?
  13. https://www.mikebrewermotors.com Wheeler Dealers Mike will sort you right out.
  14. In London watching the marathon...

    Great city full of c unts. I love it.
  15. Hygene black tops

    How long did they take to kick in? What dose you taking