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  1. sub q is fine for trt but when cramming several ml per week in you need to do im
  2. Tbol & winni

    i rate tbol over winny , just run a decant dose of that , winny does give mg per mg slightly better strength but i gain more and feel better on tbol
  3. 50mg oxy /50mg test base , 100mg dhb/ 200mg test c. 100mg dhb/100mg tren e/100mg test c (i dont use tren now but this would be epic) 200mg mast e/200mg test c.
  4. Ah panic over , cheers fellas. , just grabbed a handfull of their long ester t400, 200mg ew for trt should keep me going for while if any issues with the china and raws fuss causes any bother
  5. ive not used sphinx for a while and my order just came , all the vial seem good but dont have a hologram on , ive not seen any fake sphinx and source has always been decant but im still bit puzzled to why there is no hologram, exp 12/2022 . any one shed any light on this ?
  6. just drop the tren , its headfuck city , ime no matter what i add ai wise or test ratio i run it always does the same after a few weeks .
  7. ive used them in the past and always been very good
  8. really, shame as it seems very well put together but i cant find a single review of it online, the lab themselves seem to have wide range of products and not just AAS.
  9. these have popped up locally for decant price and they look the part, come in boxes of 10 amps like alpha use to, has anyone any exp with them?
  10. yep , ive tried various test/19/nor ratios, tried with caber and i always keep my oestrogen in check, nothing works so i avoid 19/nors altogether now
  11. as most folk know i dont like the stuff, shame as nothing builds tissue like nandrolone ime but i mental head fukery puts mean its a no go, last time i cycled npp i got depressed and just dropped out the gym and withdrew from my family and friends . took quite a while to pull myself together again to. bang for buck deca is one of best meds you can get , pain free and holds in high mg/ml and cheap
  12. my body responds fantastically to trenbolone but my mind suffer big time , i feel like a god for a few weeks then dark clouds roll in and head games start, ive used as little as 20mg ed and got nice effects and got as high as 700mg and turned me into a monster , i was a benzo addict at the time of running high doese so never got and ill mental effects or suffered insomnia (100 or so mg valium ed)) but now im clean(ish) i suffer big time , it alter who i am, iver had plenty of aggression form other gear but only when on tren do i loose it come a liability to myself and others even at low dose it seems to have profound effect on my personality and values , a vary dark ugly drug but f**k me is it effective , me most effective cycle was test tren oxys , i doubt you find a stack that such a drastic effect on your physique doubt il cycle it ever again
  13. Test A

    they are both the same thing mate , test e peak within 24-48 hours then drops off quite a rate
  14. Test A

    those half lifes are miles away mate https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testosterone_enanthate, test e is 4.5 days .. f**k know where this 10 days bollox came from
  15. This happened when operation raw deal went down in america and busted loads of suppliers and tried to give chinese suppliers a hard time , the only time there was real worry was when they hosted the olympics in 2008 lot of suppiers dissapered and gear became harder but not impossibe to get for the next year.. ffwd ten years and here we go again , grab a handfull of extra vials just in case but i doubt it will affect much long term