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  1. Test + DHB + ?

    var and dhb is cracking combo!!
  2. nice med but nandrolone give more mass and dhb does everything eq wishes it could .. i used to be a big fan but it not really got a worthy place in the body building toolbox with what other stuff we have access to .
  3. 100mg mast e ew is a waste imo. 400 test 3-400 mast split in 2 shot and 500ius hcg a week. i doubt youll need a ai but keep one handy
  4. DHB dosage

    as soon as gym open bakc up il be running 300dhb 100 var and trt test .. ive gone as high as 600mg ew and was very impressive indeed , . its like tren light in some respects
  5. 100mg tren e per week can give some very noticable effects indeed . ive also ran 15-20mg ace per day with nice results ..
  6. pretty much exactly same as you mate , i fu**ing hate dbol
  7. Balkan Pharma Oxy

    Ive had some shite oxy in the past mate.
  8. Who has tried DHB?

    after not training or juicing since xmas i think im going to get me a cycle of this and sort my life out!
  9. I wasnt the only one to have issues around that time with their sust mate , so much that the guy who was selling it dropped the whole range, ive down well over 1000 injections and never had an infection , the docs said the the rate it spread and damage it done must have been a very dirty product mate ive probs used several litres of gear over the past decade, ive had some epic pips and used to piss poor gear but nothing like that mate . i genuinely believe that it was a dirty product have a look at the over all option and independent lab tests for maylay products mate ,,.. it back up my statement they are piss poor and best avoided
  10. sub q is fine for trt but when cramming several ml per week in you need to do im
  11. Tbol & winni

    i rate tbol over winny , just run a decant dose of that , winny does give mg per mg slightly better strength but i gain more and feel better on tbol
  12. 50mg oxy /50mg test base , 100mg dhb/ 200mg test c. 100mg dhb/100mg tren e/100mg test c (i dont use tren now but this would be epic) 200mg mast e/200mg test c.
  13. Ah panic over , cheers fellas. , just grabbed a handfull of their long ester t400, 200mg ew for trt should keep me going for while if any issues with the china and raws fuss causes any bother
  14. ive not used sphinx for a while and my order just came , all the vial seem good but dont have a hologram on , ive not seen any fake sphinx and source has always been decant but im still bit puzzled to why there is no hologram, exp 12/2022 . any one shed any light on this ?
  15. just drop the tren , its headfuck city , ime no matter what i add ai wise or test ratio i run it always does the same after a few weeks .