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  1. Been a while so hello to all the old timers.. home gym is now coming along nicely and I’m getting back to my old numbers. my question to you all would be Deadlift Suit or Squat suit for both lifts? I’m around 110kg now 5”101 looking at a Metal Squatter suit as it’s cheap. I’ve scoured the internet a lot of Americans say you can Dead and Squat in a deadlift suit but not the other way around. There’s a lot of opinions around it and most say buy one bigger than you require to lift in first and see how it goes. id like to buy an Inzer Hardcore as app that’s the one to go for. I’ve lifted previously in bench shirts and never enjoyed that. Also with briefs on and that was supportive but now fancy going the full suit style. deadlift is where il be mostly looking to improve and gain support around groin pelvis. Squats aren’t so important as training alone in a garage with a suit on isn’t advised!! thanks let me know your thoughts..