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  1. 1iu Pfizer hgh daily worthwhile

    That amount of GH isn't going to do much except provide some anti-aging effects. If you are only looking to get leaner you would be better off concentrating on your diet and increasing cardio.
  2. Heat lumps on DNP

    You could try some prickly heat powder as that can help with heat rashes but, as mentioned, they should disappear within a few days of stopping DNP.
  3. Re racking weights.

    Not if people training the previous evening didn't rack them and they were put back in the racks by the gym staff you wouldn't. If it was the only decent gym around I would probably still join but otherwise definitely not as that many dbs laying around on the floor not only says a lot about the people who train there but also the gym staff/owners.
  4. Powdered peanut butter

    Never heard of it before but if you looking to bulk or even lean bulk then why not use 'normal' PB? The marketing point of this stuff seems to be that it has 87% less fat and 1/3 less calories than regular PB, which is great if you are cutting but for bulking a few extra cals is what people are looking for. I'd be interested to hear what it tastes like though.
  5. To use an A.I or to not ?

    Have one on hand just in case and I wouldn't bother splitting the var into two 4 weeks spells as it takes 2-3 weeks to fully kick-in. It would be better for you to use it for the last 8 weeks of the cycle.
  6. Rubbing the injection site?

    Never heard of this one before and don't see how it would help absorb peps better. When you go to the Doc's and get a vaccination do they rub the injection site afterwards to help absorbtion? No, they just give it a quick wipe with a swab to sterilise the area so I would just do the same.
  7. National Service

    National Service in France isn't just about joining the military as it was in the UK, it is also about volunteering with charities, doing social care, etc. and just giving up a small amount of your life to put something back into the community and I don't think this can ever be seen as a bad thing.
  8. What are you taking? Some orals (var, winny, tbol) are known to cause back/calf cramps and taurine or potassium (bananas) along with plenty of water can help.
  9. Feels Like a Kick in the Balls.

    Try to keep off the Internet and 'researching' your symptoms as you can research pretty much anything online and the word cancer is always mentioned in the results. I had a swelling behind one of my ears a couple of years ago and searched the Internet and some of the results also mentioned cancer. It turned out to be a swollen gland and disappeared within a week so was nothing to worry about. Good luck and hopefully the scan results won't be as bad as you think.
  10. Father's Day Fishing - Tampa

    Trout farms/fisheries need to charge in order to survive. If you want to keep/eat your catch then go sea fishing - we are an island after all. You could also go coarse fishing in rivers and just take your catch home without anyone noticing as I did this a few times as a kid.
  11. Tm anavar

    50mg tabs are legit, I can't say about the 10mg ones as I haven't tried them.
  12. Ostarine Libido Issues - Advice?

    Don't bother with test boosters or DAA. Especially not DAA as this is has been shown to reduce libido - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25844073 Ostarine does reduce test even though people who sell it tell you otherwise and just say that the tabs were tainted with a PH if people have libido issues. For a 6 week cycle there really isn't any need for PCT as your libido will bounce back after a few weeks without taking any supps. If you want to try something then Maca is pretty good and when I ran a 6 week Ostarine cycle a few years ago this kept my libido up and running during the cycle.
  13. Primo

    I thought DHB was considered the new alternative to primo? Cheaper, similar results and with some labs you don't get the bad pip.
  14. Best HGH out of these?

    Those are the hygetropin.com.cn version, which will probably contain some GH but the Hygene ones are considered much better