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  1. A broader bodybuilding section?

    Searching won't be but browsing by category would.
  2. A broader bodybuilding section?

    No, not at all. It shows you content that you haven't read, so it's a quick way for you to see all of the new content (posts) that you haven't seen. Just click on it to see - on a phone it's the button to the left of the magnifying glass search icon at the top of the screen. I pretty much never browse to any specific section and just use the Unread content button.
  3. rio ferdinand to become a boxer

    Pretty sure he's not going to become Queen .
  4. Training to "failure"

    Smaller weight increments help. How many reps do you think you could do after increasing the weight. I probably wouldn't focus on adding sets in your current position but go for more reps instead. (I structure my training into blocks where I add an extra set every workout but this is probably more complicated than you need. I do this: https://renaissanceperiodization.com/training-volume-landmarks-muscle-growth/)
  5. Training to "failure"

    You want to be making some change to achieve progressive overload each workout, so more reps, sets or weight; or a combination. One common option is to try to stop most sets a rep or two from failure but take the final set for a body part to failure.
  6. Not read the replies but I'll just mention that discussions like this are generally confused by the fact that different people mean different things by maintenance. Some conflicting possibilities are: A value off a 'calorie calculator' website. The calorie intake they need to maintain weight when not training. The calorie intake they need to maintain weight when training off-cycle. The calorie intake they need to maintain weight when training on-cycle. And there are probably others I haven't thought of quickly.
  7. Training to "failure"

  8. Training to "failure"

  9. A broader bodybuilding section?

    I think you're probably right in your observation. If more people would just use the Unread Content the problem would disappear...
  10. A broader bodybuilding section?

    We have no way of knowing. I suspect the number of people who read this forum is MUCH higher than the number who actually post. Note my point about browsing content also applies to threads that are no longer currently active. To put it another way, if I browse forums other than this one then I do it by section but the regular posters would have no idea I was doing this.
  11. Not gaining, review my diet

    A week provided you are consistent. Weigh yourself daily, first thing in the morning after using the toilet, and compare average weight from one week to the next.
  12. Training to "failure"

    Not reaching failure does not mean training is easy and can actually be tougher overall as the total volume can be higher. If you reach failure on an early set you'll find it limits how many reps you can do on subsequent sets more than stopping a rep or two shy of failure. Reaching failure is going to be more important for people who aren't working to planned progression schemes. As I alluded to above the other general point here is that not all exercises are really suitable/safe for training to failure.
  13. A broader bodybuilding section?

    I think a single diet/nutrition section would be a good idea.
  14. A broader bodybuilding section?

    Where it matters is for people who want to browse the forum for a particular type of info.
  15. Not gaining, review my diet

    I'm pretty sure I only suggested changing the milk which would have only given an extra 70 kcal. The yoghurt change would be much bigger. I was though suggesting ways you could increase fat rather than blanket changes to make without consideration to total calories/macros.