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  1. great UK Mystery

    Just been busy doing other things, so having a bit of a break from posting here. I'm all good though, and still training. As you were .
  2. Quick reply as I was tagged but I have NOT read the thread, just the first paragraph below, so apologies if I'm repeating what anyone else has already posted. (I'm busy with other stuff at the minute so I'm not getting into this.) This fundamentally misrepresents Mike Israetel's ideas. An absolutely fundamental part of his approach to volume is that this needs to optimised for the individual, with the MEV and MRV landmarks varying wildly between individuals and also for the same individual over the course of their training career. Mike discusses this in the following recent podcast, which will start at the relevant bit. (Do have a watch @swole troll as it's not a long section and I really do think you'll find you disagree with Mike a lot less than you think.)
  3. Ab Workout

    Your skeleton and all of your internal organs make up a big proportion of your weight, so you don't actually have 9 stone of muscle. You are probably also more than 7.3% fat actually since however you measured that won't be super accurate. Neither of these things particularly matter but just getting the facts straight. Visible abs requires a combination of low body fat and muscle size. Growing muscle takes a lot of time and effort I'm afraid so 6 weeks is nothing really. If you train effectively you're more likely to notice a difference after 6 months, and it might take far longer I'm afraid. At your age you might find you have a bit of a muscular growth spurt of course. If you're training at home I'd suggest you have a look at the Athlean-X YouTube channel for some ideas on exercises and routines. I'd also suggest you don't just focus on your abs but train your whole body.
  4. Need some help with diet

    If only there was a diet section for questions like this...
  5. Anyone on here with experience insulating a garage gym?

    Gloves solve the cold bar issue. Rust/damp is an entirely different issue though, although I can't say I've noticed an issue myself so far (after 15 months). A little rust wouldn't hugely concern me though. You could keep the bar in the house and just take it out when you train, although that sounds too much hassle to me.
  6. Anyone on here with experience insulating a garage gym?

    Have you tried training in it yet? You'll probably find the temperature is much less of a problem than you think once you do. I was training in an unheated garage last week when there was snow outside. To get a garage warm needs both a lot of insulation and a heat source (insulation stops heat escaping and so is useless on its own), both of which will be expensive. If you really do want to insulate then the ceiling and floor would presumably be very important.
  7. Skoda Octavia vRS

    OP drives a Vauxhall... (I have a non-VRS Octavia. Decent car and I don't care in the slightest about the 'badge'. To my mind a Golf is an uglier and less practical Octavia!)
  8. Nature or nurture ?

    Oops, I see I misread 'caring homes' as 'care homes'!
  9. Nature or nurture ?

    Adopted at what age? You could argue a mix of either the 'damage' already having been done prior to adoption or the effect being the result of being in a care home. Both would be nurture rather than nature (genetics).
  10. Nature or nurture ?

    My gut reaction is to say nurture is dominant on this one but I've not looked for any research into this. For myself I'll say that to really achieve my best in any area I need to convince myself that I need to. In practice I don't...
  11. How many calories on IF?

    For fat loss it makes zero difference. For health benefits you'd be better off with occasional longer fasts instead of IF I think. For absorption it's best to take zinc supplements away from meals.
  12. Low calorie sweets/puddings?

    When your body has food to use the calories come from whatever the food is, so carbs if you eat carbs or fat if you eat fat. It makes zero difference for fat loss though. What matters is you eat less than you use because the difference comes from body fat. As in its running out of food that counts, not what happens when you have food. (I'm not going to watch the link but it's wrong if it says anything else.)
  13. How many calories on IF?

    Drop from what you're eating now and see how you get on.
  14. Low calorie sweets/puddings?

    Sugar free jelly. Mostly I'd suggest either sugar free drinks to satisfy sweet cravings. Or fruit.