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  1. I was recently on diclofenac, I'm wondering if that can raise progesterone...
  2. Very interesting mate, thanks for the info. I used caber about 6 weeks ago, but only a one off 0.25 that's enough to put me back where my prolactin needs to be. It can creep up slowly What pharmaceuticals lower progesterone then mate?
  3. Firstly thanks for your reply. Only symptoms I have are aching cracking joints. And abit of fatigue and I dont even know if this is a symptom of high progesterone. Would taking. 0.25 of caber lower progesterone abit? I mean a one off dose, as I dont want to crash it. 0.25 caber brings my prolactin down approx 80mu/l Edit, I was recently on diclofenac slow release, could this raise progesterone? Cheers
  4. @El Chapo Hello mate, i have high progesterone levels how would I go about lowering it? I also have slight lump appear under my nipple. I'm on trt and my testosterone levels are 28 nmol I take adex 0.5 every 3 days Thanks for any help Cheers Adam Results attached Ps I have been taking mt2, can that raise levels?
  5. Anna’s log the sequel lol

  6. Anna’s log the sequel lol

    You dont go topless on the beach? You like white bits?
  7. Am i natural?

    No you would be classed as nutty not natty if you told people you were natty and previously used gear. Once you turned to the dark side, no way back. Like a murderer, you haven't murdered anyone for a few years . Your still classed as a murderer. You will always be a steroid abuser now im sorry to say,
  8. Do you drink bottles or pints.

    Bottles of bud for me. Then JD and coke. Pints bloat me out . Had pints when i 1st starting drinking swapped in early 20's. 40 now and still on the bud. Dont mind the odd pint of bud on draught though
  9. Self phlebotomy

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kawasumi-K-Shield-Advantage-Blood-Drawing-Kit-600ml-Collection-Bag-16-G-Needle-/192843098588?nav=SEARCH I use these
  10. Self phlebotomy

    Have you got a blood pressure cuff above you elbow pumped up to increase flow? And enough of a drop to the bag? To slow flow and blood will clot up . My set up below, I have a nice drop to keep flow, everything masking taped to keep in place . Once I have good flow I tape the butterfly to my arm saves holding it. Once your done clamp pipe to stop back flow before you pull needle out, also let pressure out of cuff as you dont want blood to squirt out and make a mess lol You need a 16g needle mate. Comes with the kit I posted below otherwise you wont get the flow and it will stop. 21g are no good.
  11. Public perception of bodybuilding

    Lucky he didn't grab your balls mate
  12. Self phlebotomy

    Yeah I do it . Check this thread
  13. Nexus Winny g2g?

    I have the nexus winny, going to run for 4 weeks before my holiday . Never run winny before so hard to compare, I was always worried about losing hair on it, I'm 40 now with still a full head of hair so gonna give it a bash.
  14. I just tip the vial upside down with the slin pin in and just draw it out but slowly pulling the needle down until it's about to come out the vial while pulling the plunger back, I pretty much get everything like this.