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  1. How old are you? Do you have kids? Partner? Can the bills be paid on their wage alone? All things to consider. I've just recently made a similar career move and if I stop and think about it, it's facking terrifying the position I've put myself in. But it also has given me a reason to get up every day and it is certainly something I enjoy doing. What it came down to for me was; we can die at any point, tomorrow isn't promised. Would I prefer to trudge through life with comfort and security doing some meaningless thing that I hate or would I rather take on chance on something I love. The risks are scary if it goes wrong but the rewards make it worth it if it goes right. And if you're willing to put in the work required to make it happen then imo you should do it.
  2. Depression and anxiety

    I completely agree with this mindset. I've suffered with both and I can't help but wonder what real stress is like. What I mean is, in caveman days, when it was a case of hunt for your food or die, I wonder if cavemen ever felt a bit sorry for themselves or a bit down so they didn't go out to hunt that day, or week or month..? No I doubt it, I reckon they probably just got on with it. I have no doubt it is a real illness, I've seen my dad on the brink of suicide with depression. But I think we have developed a culture that enables (and even encourages..?) This kind of self pity. You can definitely make the problem worse by allowing yourself to be consumed with the idea of it.
  3. The most overlooked element of PCT

    A brief background on my situation: I was found to have hypogonadism after months of tests 4 years ago. Since then I have been on a minimum dose of 250mg sustanon every 2 weeks. At my annual endocrinologist appointment I mentioned I had been thinking of trying to have children. This lead to an appointment at the fertility clinic and producing a sperm sample which I'm still waiting on the results of. Apparently for male fertility the NHS need to apply for funding rather than it being automatic as it is for women. So they suggested staying on trt until the funding had been granted. I decided otherwise and came off cold turkey. My reasons for doing this were: - Morbid curiosity - I just wondered what I'd feel like to be off test for the first time in 4 years. - I had spoken to an ifbb pro that I know and he never pct's, just comes off. - I had been cruising on the trt dose for a good 3 months before I took the plunge. That was 11 weeks ago and I feel great, and have done throughout. I have lost a bit of strength and about 6lbs in weight! (Despite my best efforts) and libido has been hit and miss. But not half as bad as I thought it would be. I had a blood test done last week and test was at 7.8 nmol while lh and fsh where around 1.0!! The boys are coming back to life. What remains to be seen is whether I'm fertile or not but I've got plenty of time and don't mind the practice. So, the whole point of this post; I believe the single biggest contributor to this recovery has been my diet. I've been very particular with my diet for years now and would keep my macros written in a spreadsheet, bulk cook all my meals, all the usual bro stuff. About 6 months ago I took a good look at the MICRONUTRIENTS I was (or wasn't) taking in. I overhauled my diet, aiming to get the bulk of these through whole foods rather than supplements. I started adding in beans, nuts, seeds, wholegrains, tonnes of different kinds of fats. All kinds of fruit and veg. I had been eating chicken and rice for so long that at first this was strange to me but I soon got used to it. I started focusing on my digestion and how I could improve it; I went from 6-7 smaller meals a day to 3-4 larger ones. I started chewing my food thoroughly (an essential yet often overlooked part of the digestion process). I stopped drinking water around meal times. I began to include apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut and other pro-digestion foods. I didn't eat fruit after a big meal and i stopped esting close to bedtime. I even tried adding bicarbonate of soda into my morning water. The result was that I felt really really good. Sleep was better, energy levels higher and more constant, skin improved massively. This is what I believed has carried me through the last 3 months. I have another blood test in 4 weeks so I will keep this updated with my progress. Id be interested in others' thoughts and questions so please fire away if you have any.
  4. The MEME Thread 3.0

  5. Lee Priest hospitalized.

    I think that's a side effect of excessive hgh use in some people. I heard a podcast where they mentioned they knew when Shaun Clarida had jumped on as his temples blew up! Seeing pictures of him it's obvious.
  6. Goodfella ed?

    @eddoldfield_pt on insta. I remember that thread very well, it was his and Sean's prep threads that ultimately inspired me to do the same. His post-contest was epic to say the least, I'm sure he gained 100lbs+!!
  7. I doubt youd have sprained your lcl through stretching. As mentioned you'd know about it if you had. Have never heard of a sprain through stretching though, only usually through impact from inside of knee.
  8. Muscle pain that won't go away

    Rest and ice until inflammation has subsided. Warm up thoroughly before and stretch AFTER Change form/grip/exercise Form above everything
  9. Musclemania India Classic physique Winner.

    People saying lats lagging, chest needs work etc what planet are you on? Everyone's entitled to their own opinion of course but in my eyes this guy has the ideal physique. I can't say I've seen many (any) people looking like this in the gyms I frequent
  10. And how successful was it? EDIT - these are genuine questions, not trying to catch you out
  11. Like I said, apologies if I offended. That's not my intention. Nope, didn't see that bit, glad to hear it. What it seems to me is there are other, safer ways to skin the cat here. And these other methods are 100% more sustainable in the long term. When was the previous, 3 day fast? I do understand the benefits of occasional fasting. I'll be following along though and interested to see how you get on. Certainly wouldn't advise this to anyone though, clients or otherwise.
  12. If you can't lose fat (esp to drop any from 24%) then your metabolism is already wrecked and you shouldn't be messing with thyroid meds. Any 'jumpstart' will eventually provoke an equal and opposite reaction and progress will stall and you'll inevitably rebound. The body is smarter than you and will find homeostasis one way or another. This approach seems to me to be unhealthy, lazy and ultimately, no better than any one of these other stupid herbalife or Cambridge diets. Actually they may even be better which is saying something! Reading this back it looks harsh but I can't believe no-one has pointed this stuff out yet. Patience and consistency are key in any physique related goals but they're not a quick, sexy answer so no-one wants to hear it.
  13. Dieseldave - Gaining

    I guess I should update this! Well, things have been happening... It's been a hectic few months and the sports massage stuff is going very well. I've been working for the Oxford University women's boat club and of course that's been very busy in the lead up to Sundays boat race. They lost and it was heart breaking to see after seeing what they've gone through in training since september. Made my contest prep seem like a day at the fair! Training has been consistent: squatted 4 plates last night for a good few and benching 3.25 plates still. Still in ok shape but having a small diet before a holiday in may now. I'll be honest I've got no immediate desire to compete esp with business going the way it is. UKBFF membership expires in 2020 though so plenty of time still I'm getting a website together with various articles as well as touting my wares of course. I'll put the link up when it's live if anyone's interested. Pic is from the house on the Friday before the boat race.
  14. How good/bad do you see yourself?

    I would say I'm looking decent... However, I've noticed a direct correlation between the better I look externally and what a horrible personality I have (internally). Spent so much time working on my body that my personality got fat and ugly while I wasn't looking. Deep, but true. I'd be interested to see if anyone else gets this.
  15. Everyone hates the English?

    Colombians for me... that's where Shakira is from anyway. Whenever I see anything on telly with colombian women they're near enough all absolute stunners