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  1. The two batches were both Regal, one seemed underdosed and the other properly dosed (going off experience from using some stuff years ago, different brand).
  2. Not OP but i've had Regal twice, first time it worked but i'm pretty sure it was under-dosed. Spent 7 days on 250mg/day then bumped to 500mg/day and felt little difference. Second cycle on new batch, sweating balls at 500mg/day after day 3 just as you should do. Would not recommend bumping to 500mg/day of course, but I was curious. Gonna go back down to 250mg where you should be (if not lower).
  3. 10 weeks isn't a lot of time, 15+ is what I prefer for blasts.
  4. Coming Off 8 Year Test Cycle

    I don't have experience with hairloss meds, sadly I never knew about them before I started going bald, RIP. The horror stories are probably overblown, you don't hear about all the millions of people using without issue - similar to steroids i'd imagine. You can buy fina etc at Boots for example (not that you want to overpay there).
  5. I have a filing cabinet with a lockable drawer.
  6. Coming Off 8 Year Test Cycle

    Awesome that you recovered. For hair loss you should start taking medication to prevent any more hair loss now as meds cannot reverse it. If you are already taking them then awesome again. tressless on reddit has lots of info. Don't buy that stuff from Boots cos it's a ripoff - there are online pharmacies that sell it for pennies on the pound.
  7. Starter steroid

    Steroids aren't the answer here, you just need to diet and exercise in order to get back into shape. Intermittent fasting works great for me along with limiting my calories. Pick a 6 or 8 hour window that you want to eat in, e.g 10am-6pm and never eat or drink any calories outside of those hours. You can have coffee, but black. Sugar free drinks are also fine however no food under any circumstances, not even a grape! If you are wanting to take steroids once you are back into shape and feeling better about yourself, you need to do a LOT of reading up between then and now.
  8. Red capsule pill issues

    No. Just swallow with water like everyone else does. Practice deep throating with a banana till you get it right.
  9. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Just Test E at the time. I started a Test E cycle again Jan 25th, last month after having around 2 years off everything (except my prescribed meds below) and 5 days later I have weakened muscles (starts with the legs, forearms, shins). I did read at some point that large meals especially carbs can cause this - I did eat like a mad man that day. After eating a good few potatoes everything was back to normal after 2-3 hours. It's pretty odd and i'm not sure the reason for it happening however there is definitely a correlation between starting my cycle and weakened muscles which I am quite sure is due to low potassium. My diet hasn't changed since hopping on cycle. Currently on prescribed medications levothyroxine and propranolol along with my own cycle of test e - no other meds at all. I did find this however prognosis seems to be diuretics (selfish body builder didn't disclose exactly what he took ) https://www.hindawi.com/journals/crie/2014/483835/
  10. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Thanks for the reply. I had my bloods taken at hospital during an episode of muscle weakness and potassium came back as very low (can't recall the number). I believe they checked the levels again at a later point to confirm they were in a healthy range before being released although it was 2 or so years ago now. Unfortunately I can't get potassium levels checked myself via medichecks as it's too sensitive to send via post. I'm going to up my supplement game and see if there are general improvements (get the occasional shin cramps).
  11. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Hi @ElChapo Have you ever heard of someone suffering from hypokalaemia due to steroids? I believe I had a bad case of low potassium years ago when on Test E and was wondering if it is a somewhat common thing to look out or take pre-emptive measures for with supplements.
  12. What are you running after the 10 weeks, cruise or PCT? Not a fan of 10 week blasts personally!
  13. Which sites for slin pins?

    How much and what are you injecting each time?
  14. Which sites for slin pins?

    Been quite some time since my last cycle but aspirating from what I recall isn't necessary, even people working in the medical field don't bother with it for IM injections. You should go ham and try most injection sites and see which you prefer, big rotation is always best. Personally I preferred thigh as I can sit on the floor, use both hands and take my time: https://www.spotinjections.com/thigh1.htm
  15. Personally i'd just toss it, not worth the risk even if that risk is small.