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      Well, try. I'd like to share with you fast results if you want. 

  2. I couldn't care less at this point. Pretty much all of you need to go back to Ethics 101 because you have failed what it means to be fair.
  3. You didn't miss much. Pages and pages of insults to which I rightfully answered. And lots of research being either downright ignored or argued by people who lack even the most basic critical skill (with a number of exceptions). For a number of reasons: - I didn't yet try this one, and unlike most people here I'm open minded to try new stuff - I don't have much time: I'm going to the surgeon's table next month, and I want (not need) to get rid as much fat as possible in order to avoid possible complications. I'm sure a number of people here now would be delighted to see me die during the operation, and I plan to deny them this pleasure. - I evaluated the protocol on the basis of "tolerability-speed-results" and fasting matches both speed and result, but is definitely intolerable in the long-run - Fasting is shown to be more BMR-friendly in the long term and boosts BMR in the short term. which shouldn't worry a one-week experiment but still, diets with calorie deficit do lower BMR in longer periods, even with exercise - Fasting puts the body into Ketosis, and I have experience of keto diet, and I like it, but it always kicks in too slow for my taste. Fasting triggers ketosis as early as 24 hours - Believe it or not, I find it more tolerable than severe (1500/1000) calorie restriction. I feel hungry sometimes, but more satisfied. - For the ratio of fat burned, fasting has been shown by research to be not extremely harsh in terms of fat free mass sparing. Not completely, hence why I am taking ammino-acids to at least partially compensate this, and of course I'm training - fasting can trigger autophagy of body cells, and produing newer, fresher tissue would help me during my surgery. Not enough research has been done on this, so I'll take what I can get Also, I need to clarify: when I say "fail" you have to distinguish between the most recent period (february-now) and previous ones. In the most recent period it means I hardly lost any weight. In the past it means that the weight loss was there, but not enough fat. HOWEVER, since apparently I GOT A WARNING for giving an insult-happy user the answer he deserved and the other user (who came here insulting me first) DID NOT, I'm going to abandon this thread. If you want more information PM me because I will NOT tolerate this mafia-like environment. And I don't like Double Standards either, and here literally EVERYONE has been allowed to throw crap at me and I'm denied the right to defend myself. It's clear that one should never try to cast pearls before swine. So long, and thanks for the delightful memories. If anything, you people prove that we are ready for a reform of cybercrime Law. If anyone else is interested in knowing how the fast goes, PM me.
  4. I love your insults when you have literally nothing to add. Also, I love your assumptions about who I am - I mean, you know nothing about me except a couple numbers and selectively ignore all the rest of data - which someone au fait with the scientific method like you claims to be should find inconcievable, thanks to your very impressive qualifications. I bet your CV is a bore. Did I need to post a review of the entire literature here? I'm really sorry about it, I had no idea, since you qualify people on the basis of their body fat %. Oh but wait, I did! I posted peer-reviewed literature and extracts, including a couple pieces unconcerned with fasting! Riveting stuff. I don't doubt your statement about calorie deficit. Point me where I did and I'll apologise. If you can eh, because I didn't. PS: In respect to you pointless list of degrees, here are mine. MJur, MA, LLL, MSc, MiA, currently a UoL MPhil/PhD student with published peer-review research - all degrees since the MJur achieved while also working (I also got professional qualification while I was at it). I'm so impressed you went to Oxford: if anything, it means that there's a chance for everyone! Which I didn't doubt, after all, even Boris Johnson and the beloved PM, two paragons of incompetence and stupidity, are Oxford Graduates. If anything, you only prove that even the most expensive private education in the world can't change the nature of a thick school. PPS: I never said that your general points are wrong. But your general points being wrong don't invalidate my specific ones. Is it too difficult for you to get?
  5. Lost it quite a long time ago with your sister and your mother, working in the traffic. I know! That poor mother of yours. She told me that, when you were born, she asked to be cleaned with toilet paper. Now, are you done with the cheap insults and ready to be as mature and "well-cultured" as you claim to be?
  6. Why, thank you. I wish you all the best in trying to reach this point of being a "moron". It's still a long way from down there, where you are, but not to worry, eventually you'll see the light.
  7. Ah bless you, still using words incorrectly. But hey, don't let me stop you - what do these PhD and their peer-reviewed research know when there's you, knowing all answers?
  8. Well you are a poor moderator if you can't follow the rules you enforce for others, are you not? You'd make an excellent Conservative/UKIP however. Well, you did. Sorry to break it to you - but calling others stupid breaks at least rule 1. Secondly, I like the fact that you disagree - but I don't like how you try to spin reasonable facts just because you want to be right at all costs. I mean, Ultrasonic put a reasonable argument - did you see either of us getting carried away? Saying "My success speaks for itself" is boasting, in case you don't know. But as I said, your successes are very evident, even if from pictures alone. So yeah, I know.
  9. I like disagreement. It's the only way to improve. What you did was disagreeing (which was OK), then hurling insults and quasi-witty remarks paired with boasting (Lord knows why you need to boast - no one here is denying your success). Yes well, being a moderator you should lead by example. Are you familiar with Rules 1 & 2? I suggest you refresh your memory.
  10. I'm not a moderator/administrator nor someone with such a high track record of success. I guess you don't know what "mentoring" means, by far. If anything, YOU of all people should lead by example, in place of behaving like a thug. EDIT: and at least I didn't act the way you did unwarranted - and always tried to argue and reason sensibly. You started the insults, I don't have to hold back.
  11. Thanks. I agree that, in doubt, it's better to be safe - even if we will take the glycogen into account. I'm aware that fat cells are not destroyed nor created (unless you do liposuction or are morbidly obese). Well, according to the research, any kind of fasting promotes GH - which is supposed to be anabolic - even if longer (more than 2 weeks) periods of fasting see a decrease of this bonus. The same research and the leading modern author for fasting say that weight training is recommended during fast periods (I can testify, I did it), as in theory autophagy, GH increase and nutrient usage due to the ketosis should provide for muscle repair, but fasting without weight training leads to faster muscle breakdown. Which sounds reasonable to me. I can send you the original source if you want, but via PM because it's copyrighted material which I own legitimately (necessary clarification).
  12. I doubt your sincerity. I didn't post the final data, did I? So, as of now, I have nothing to admit I'm wrong about. Also, FYI, fasting does NOT require ammino-acids to be taken, most authors would consider it superflous. In fact, no study I quoted actually showed an ammino-acid intake I mean, I bet few people have done a full fast here on the forums. You all could AT LEAST be curious about how it goes without hurling insults and trolling. PS: I am always nice. I only retaliated to the abuse you people started. Blame yourselves. I don't have to prove moral superiority to faceless online strangers who had no reservation at treating me like crap. Recap them please. They got lost in the insults, abuse and general trolling. Also, please do remember that I might have answered them, even if you don't like the answer.
  13. I didn't avoid any points. I guess it's bus time for you.
  14. Well forgive me for defending myself. Or you expect me to simply take all of the abuse without batting an eyelash?
  15. Also, let me be absolutely clear: once it's proved I'm wrong, I'll be the first to admit it. I don't care about being right at all costs.