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  1. I gave up the morning of the 7th. I'm not crying over a couple hours.
  2. You recall wrong. It was never meant to go on FOREVER. it had a purpose, completed it, time to move on. FYI I'm still doing it, but as PSMF.
  3. Found more than one, you stupid. the fast did what it was meant to do.
  4. Bad idea? not at all. It worked splendidly.
  5. I've decided to do a 7 day water fast. After trying a 3-day one, and succeeding, I decided to try the full thing. After having done my research, I decided to trust theories which state how complete fasting does not dramatically slow down metabolism, while significant calorie deficit does. Purpose of the water fast is also to trigger ketosis ASAP, which I will monitor via Ketostix - taking into account they can only help so far. Energy levels will likely be low. However, I'll still aim to train just as hard. Biggest issue apart from hunger? Focus. Starting Stats: Height: 183cms Weight: 93kg BF%: 24 Maintenance TDEE calculated with Katch-McArdle formula: 2774 kcal/day Supplementation: Full ammino-acid spectrum (not just BCAA), in order to minimise muscle loss even at the 'possible' expense of autophagy C-Vitamin: 1000mg day slow release Multivitamin: 1 per day T3: {50mcg per day, thanks to @I'mNotAPervert! and his suggestions, in order to boost metabolism. I recommend reading his FAQ} no T3. Apparently I had understood the exact opposite of what he meant. Of course, any possible results will be slowed down. But damage will be mitigated. Ultraburn: if necessary, to curb hunger and possibly help with focus. What should be expected from this? - dramatic initial weight loss, which is actually water weight - some lean mass loss, alas, inevitable. However, fasting and ketosis should help in protecting it - greater fat loss than lean mass loss, thanks to benefits of fasting and the fact that my fat% is not as low as the average here Before-after Pictures: will be available via PM. Day 1: Weight: 93kg Ketostix: N/A Training intensity: same as non-fast day
  6. I've been doing some research, but I believe it's worth to ask here. What is best to keep your BMR high? Water fasting, IF (16:8) or calorie deficit?