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  1. Triumph cialis

    @BULK @sen 0547 for mine...
  2. The truth about anavar

    @DanielScrilla I personally wouldn't use Winstrol, as it f**ks with my joints, which kinda voids the point in using it. Dianabol is great, if you keep estrogenic sides under control, but can really screw with your stomach. Turinabol is also great, and a better alternative to Dbol, if you're prone to sides. Be warned, though; some products claiming to be Tbol can actually be Dbol mixed with a SERM or AI, so always pick a reputable lab. Anadrol is also a good alternative to Dbol, for me, at least, as I get less estrogenic sides, and don't get any stomach problems. Anavar is fantastic, if you can get ahold of the genuine article, and one of my favourites, along with Tbol and Anadrol. Works "invisibly" behind the scenes. Again, be warned; some Var is actually Winny, or cut with Winny, so as said before; pick a reputable lab. I've found most AAS will do the same thing, so long as diet is in check and sides are controlled. Just pick the one that is most compatible with you.
  3. Triumph cialis

    What batch numbers are you guys running? I have a tub of these from Triumph, and they're doing nothing at all. Last ones I encountered that did nothing at all were by Noble Labs, which were later proved to contain no active ingredient. Wouldn't expect this of Triumph, as other products I've tried of theirs have been G2G.
  4. Novorapid flexpen

    And get injured quicker. Sorry, that's just a stab at myself. Pun intended? Maybe.
  5. That would be the more sensible approach. Always dubious as to how much actual Test is in UGL brands, though. I know that's not an excuse.
  6. I know where you're coming from. I'm far more level headed and calm on Test and / or Mast, than I am when off everything. I'm pretty sure I remember my bloods showing my Test being on the low side before I started cycling, all those years back, so that could be why.
  7. I totally appreciate where you're coming from, but definitely easier said than done. For me, anyway. Not speaking for anyone else. I hadn't run Deca in years, and only began having a vague recollection that it reacted with me in this way, after I started experiencing familiar feelings this past month. I've now dropped the Deca, and am on Test / Mast only, which are about the only injectable compounds that have a positive effect on my mind.
  8. If I'd known I was going to be off training this long, I would have considered it. But because I've been on the juice for the past 5+ years, I'd worry about recovery. Might just be worth decreasing the Test to 300mg PW for the time being, as I've no reason to be running it at 600mg PW at the moment.
  9. I meant 200mg of Tren PW is tolerable. Can't last longer than 10 weeks on it, though. I'm going to quit the Deca now, leaving 2 weeks left in the vial. Had thought about running some BPC-157 alongside it for the last couple weeks, but really don't want to have to put up with these sides any longer. I'll just run the BPC-157 with my usual 600mg of Test PW, and will add 400mg of Mast PW for the next 5 weeks to help get my mind back on track. I find Mast really helps, psychologically speaking, after running Tren or Deca. I think one of the reasons the BPC-157 may not have worked before, was because I was still training back then. Now I'm not -- haven't been for the past couple months -- so maybe it'll have a better chance.
  10. GH actually makes me feel really "rusty" while I'm on it. I only start feeling the benefits when I'm off.
  11. Think I'll just quit the Deca. Only about 2 weeks left in the vial, anyway. Not worth the state of mind it's keeping me in.
  12. Mental sides from tren

    Just when I thought I was out, Tren pulls me back in. I have a love / hate relationship with Tren. Hate it for all the negatives mentioned here, and love it for all the positives mentioned here. But when it's all said and done, the sides just aren't worth the gains for me.
  13. Tried BPC-157 for about a month -- didn't seem to do anything? Used Pure Peptides. Tendon only started getting remarkably better after I began Deca. Been on it around 8 weeks now. Thought about giving TB-500 a shot, but I know that's more for muscular repair...
  14. Any way of counteracting the "must be a total cvnt to everyone" sides of Nandrolone? I have this problem with Tren -- haven't noticed it with Deca before -- so now limit my cycles to 200mg PW for 10 weeks, which helps lessen the cvnt sides to a certain degree, but they don't truly go away until I stop the compound altogether. I'm running Deca @ 600mg PW to help heal my biceps tendon, so was planning on running it until things got better. I'm now thinking I'll have to cut it short after finishing my current vial. Before you ask, I'm running Test-E @ 600mg PW as well. Caber doesn't seem to do a thing when running Deca, nor does controlling estrogen. Same when running Tren. Do we even know yet why 19-nors cause psychological sides in some people? Do 19-nors strip your GABA receptors? It's not limited to 19-nors, either -- I have issues with Equipose, too. That one's a total headfcuk. Everything else I have no problems with.
  15. AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    @ElChapo At the risk of asking a stupid question... Would you negate the 5a reductase effects of Finasteride if you ran Masteron? Or would Mast simply do its thing everywhere else apart from the scalp / prostate? My reason for asking, is because I was thinking about Nolva, which you can take alongside any compounds that aromatase, and it'll help with preventing / reducing gyno, yet still allow the compounds you're running to do what you want them to do. I know that Nolva is a *selective* estrogen receptor modulator, so perhaps this is one of the areas it differs... Anyway, any commentary on this would be appreciated.