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  1. Thought I'd bumo this recent thread up As at the momemt im on 10 months being on had maybe a month or two here and a month there of cruising on 250mg test e per week. Couple things out of range on my bloodword. One is that proclactin keeps comin up high when im almost always on Test E and Mast E in which i was under the impressoon it wouldnt raise much. Another was HDL wasnt good but the other cholesterol markers were good. Kidneys and liver working fine. The other compounds i used was 3 vials of EQ at the start. A tub of winng and half a tub of anadrol all seperate on top of test & mast. For the majority 500 test and 400 mast though I literally dread comin off. Ive got everything ready test prop, HCG, clomid, ashwangandha, tamoxifen, creatine ready for coming off. I feel like this is now an addiction because i keep settin dates and then fu**ing them off and carrying on. And now ive met a girl, and its a little to early to say hey... ive been using steroids, and ive been using them a while so when i come off theres not gonna be much interest ftom sex from me and even if we try its likely to just be floppy!! Not ideal!! Was thinkin of another couple month down the line and ill ahve to tell her and do it.. however I'm only doin 3 months... i can deal with march april and may not on juice but im jumping back on in June its fuckin summer man. Will just 3 months benefit me? Or should i just crusie? Ill get bloodwork before i jump back on after 3 months just to see my organs have recoeverd... then its vials of one rip then EQ TEST MAST +HGH till the end of summer? @swole troll Will i get beneifts from coming off for just 3 months? If you had 3 months REAL pharma HGH would you wait till your on cycle or as a bridge

    I'm reading up on DC training now mate. Looks interesting.

    I'll level with you @Quackerz lol what do you think lads? 3 on, 1 off Abs tabata at the end of each 90sec rests between sets. Session 1 - Squat - 1x10 3X6 RDL - 4X8-12 Split Squat - 4X15 Bent over calf raises - 4X15 Session 2 - Incline Bench - 1x10 3X6-8 Weighted Dips - 4X8-12 Pushdowns - 4X12 Lateral Raises - 4X12 Session 3 - Weighted Chins - 3X8 BB Rows - 4X8-12 BB Curls - 4X10-12 Rear Delt Raises - 4X15 Session 4 Deadlifts 1x10 3x6-8 Power bag walking lunges 3xfailure Leg extensions 3x10 Standing calf raises 4x10-12 Session 5 Incline Bench 3x8 DB shoulder press 3x10 Smith machine shoulder negatives 3x8 (above 1rm spotted) Weighted dips 3x10 Straight bar Front raises 4x12 Skull crushers 3x12 Session 6 Weighted Pull ups 3x8 T bar rows 3x8-10 Shrugs with diamond bar 4x10 Rear delt flys (pec dec) 3x10 Hammer curls 3x12

    As I said I'm I'm taking on board what everyone is saying and plan to tweak accordingly. I am asking for advice and opinions, I just didn't like your training like an absoloute fairy comment seen as I train with maximal effort with high intensity. However gathering from what everyone has said I should look at taking a bit of a different approach. Thanks mate might give it a go. I think maybe i just find it a bit difficult to drop so many exercises and feel like I'm missing hitting places. Like I dont wanna leave deads out, would like a calf isolation in there, I'd miss a shoulder press and shrugs...

    Training like a fairy ? by doing high volume intense training mostly to failure with mostly 90 second rests between sets, yeah ok pal, fairy training that... And 45 sets on chest per week? Maybe put your readers on chief theres 21 sets of chest over 2 push days in there...
  6. Steroids - rest periods between sets

    60-90 seconds optimal for hypertrophy. I think it's up to 5 minutes for strength.

    I'm going to take on board what everyone said. However I have enjoyed the first week, 90 second rests and most sets are to failure. If anyone wants to make some further suggestions for a couple tweaks to lower the volume slightly without scrapping the whole structure I'd like to hear them... Clearly the second lot of push and pull sessions are the highest volume so they would be the priority of chop and change. Let me reiterate the 1x15 sets are activation/warm up sets with no or next to no weight.. Also did anyone get chance to read the article I posted on volume?

    Interesting read... https://mennohenselmans.com/optimal-training-volume/

    Counted up the working sets minus abs Think I've just gone a bit wild on a pull and push day lol 21 22 18 32 lol 28 lol 19

    Not 6 in a row... planning 3 training days 1 off repeat..

    Make no mistake about it I'm going full throttle, I did the pull workout with an abs tabata on the end, was a mega session!! It's a bit killer its ment to be ha. My works quite sedentary atm aswell, couldnt imagine doing it after a manual labour job all day. In no point did I say I was newbie mate ?been weight training 13 years. Theres loads of compounds, I made this program to be highly intensive. Granted I could drop a couple of things but I think it's well rounded. I might cut 1 or 2 things out and have a complete rest day after every 3 days I.e pull push leg, rest, push pull legs, rest, push pull legs rest...

    It is a hefty volume. Maybe 1 day on 1 day off if not juicing? @Endomorph84

    Thanks for your input mate. Will take your points on board. The 1x15 are going to be warm up/activation sets.. recently learned they are more beneficial than just a warm up, gets your neurons firing ready for the heavy weights, chance to go through the motion of technique before you load it up aswell.. with these I mean just the Olympic bar or next to no weight added. But I get your point with energy however they arent working sets. Appreciate your input mate
  14. What do you guys think of this for a workout plan... 6 day split... two different pull routines, two different push and two different legs routines... can be carried out over the course of 7 or 10 days... Each session should start with some mobility and a 5-10 minute warm up Each session should end with tabata and 5-10 minutes of strectching PULL DAY 1 Deadlift 1x15 3x6-8 BB Rows 3x8-12 Reps Pull ups wide grip 3xfailure Lat Pulldown narrow grip 3x8-12 Reps Rear Delt (Reverse Pec Deck) 3x12 Reps Standing Bicep Curls 3x6-8 Reps Concentration Curls 3x12 Reps PUSH DAY 1 OHP 1x15 3x8-10 DB incline bench 1x15 3x8-10 Flat Bench 1x15 3x10 DB Lat Raises 4x10-12 2xdrop sets DB Flies 3x8-12 EZ Bar Skullcrushers 3x10 Rope Pulldown or Overhead 3x12 LEG DAY 1 Back Squats 1x15 3x6-8 RDLs 3x8-10 Hamstring Curl 3x12 Reps Leg Cable Extension 3x12 Reps Calf raises 3x6-8 dropsets 2x15 Reps Weighted sit ups 3xfailure Crunches 3xfailure Super set.... Toe touches 3xfailure PULL 2 Deadlifts 1x15 3x6-8 Pull ups hammer grip 3xfailure Underhand row machine 4x10 Cable lat push down 3x10 Face pulls 3x10 Preacher curls 4x10 DB hammer curls 4x10 Shrugs 1x15 4x10 (x2 drop sets) PUSH 2 Vaired angle Push ups 2xfailure DB Seated OHP 4x8-10 Incline BB bench 1x12 2x8 1x12 (full pyramid) Smith machine sitting OHP 3x-10 (negatives) Cable bar front raises 3x10 DB Rear flys 3x10 Superset Plate raises 3x10 Sven press 3x10 Cable Scoops 3x10-12 DB Tricep kickbacks 3x10 Cable Tricep push downs 3x10-12 LEGS 2 Glute activation Squats 1x15 1x10 1x4 1x8 1x12 (pyramid) Power bag walking lunges 3xfailure Leg extension (lever machine) 3x10-12 Bent over calf raises 4x12 last 1 is a drop set.. Standing calf raises 4x12 last is 1 is a drop set.. The plank 3xfailure (Tri set) 3xfailure Hanging leg raises DB Side bends Medicine ball sit ups and rotations