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  1. Flip Flops in Shower

    Do you wear flip flops in the gym shower?
  2. Kilmarnock gyms

    Moved to Kilmarnock, Scotland temporarily and looking for a gym to train for a few weeks. Any recommendations?
  3. Chest acne tattoo

    I havent, i will when i get it done tho
  4. Chest acne tattoo

    bit of both
  5. I just started pct and have got really bad chest acne. Wprst thing is im booked in for a tattoo on chest. Is there anyway to get rid of or soften the acne?
  6. Review our Protein Rice Pudding and Protein Jelly

    received choc rp. reviewed.
  7. Jacked up in uk?

    Hi Guys Do you have any plans to stock the jacked up pre workout in your uk warehouse to save me money on the shipping as someone on the live chat explained that this was why it was so expensive to ship to my house compared to mesomorph?
  8. Knots in glute

    after a google i think it may be because i am pressing the plunger down too fast, injkecting in 10 secs rather than 60.
  9. Hi I am three weeks into a test e cycle and have been getting knots in my glute a day after injecting which is agony. It goes away but is a killer when its here, makes bending down and walking hurt. I only injected glutes so far so thinking of doing another site to rotate it up. Any advice on how to avoid the knots? is it common?
  10. About to start my first cycle of test-e. The guy i got my stuff from said dont bother with armidex unless i start to feel gyno coming along by week four? Is this good advice or should i take it anyway?
  11. are microfine needles ok to inject?

    no idea just about to buy them was lookin for advice
  12. Hi there just a quick q, are microfine needles ok to inject test? are they better than normal needles?
  13. When you drink, whats your hangover cure?

    was drinking for a few hours on friday, Got portion of pakora from indian on way home, still feeling rough today. Took milk thistle to flush my liver, loads of lucosaze and iso drinks to replace electrolytes and still rough. I feel as though iv tried everything but still get the worst hangovers. Think it may be time to chuck the beer.