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  1. Rip 220

    1 ml every other is where I would start and adjust too your needs from there, does sound like you could do with doing a bit more research but good luck with it
  2. Now I have to click on this video to read the comments
  3. Mk677 and HGH

    That’s a good idea, might use it over lockdown and save the growth for when back In the gym again
  4. Mk677 and HGH

    That’s what I was worried about, wasn’t sure the MK would be affective so soon after the GH shot, no worries not that fussed about using it anyway cheers for the reply.
  5. Mk677 and HGH

    Just got some mk677 tabs and was wondering if it was possible to use them on the days I don’t use HGH 8iu Ansomone split 4iu morning and evening then 20mg MK677 the next day then repeat
  6. I’m making a list and gonna start doing all these things from now on
  7. Gyms to relieve stress, turn your anger on the weights, I do all my moaning at work lol
  8. Southern Ghose Tren E gtg?

    Yes I’ve used it recently, no pip when mixed with there Test E, it dose tend to crash when left in the cold but a quick blast in the micro sorts it out or boiling water if you prefer.
  9. Southern Ghose Tren E gtg?

    Good s**t, as above or 30 secs in microwave
  10. 300mg primo worth it

    300mg primo is a good dose but I don’t think women should be using test with it
  11. Miserable cu**s that complain about everything