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  1. Nexus problems?

    nexus test e is literally pip , pain and flu in a vial everything about it was brutal, never again.,
  2. I'm not new to AAS mate, been taking gear for 5 years. I got gyno even on adex im saying because most people complain that it kills their libido when it does the opposite for me
  3. I'm currently running 600 test e a week one thing I've noticed is how dramatically 1mg adex raises my libido and erections. i take it once a week, sometimes every other week. What could be the reason ?
  4. I am currently over 2 months into a test cycle, and im baffled as to why im losing strenght, for example last sunday I could bench 100kg x 12, and today i could only get 4 reps, this is a huge decrease. I was previously using Nexus T300 at 600mg a week but stopped because of bad pip, but it was good, i just couldn't train legs, switched to Pharmacom T300 , same dosage 5 weeks ago. Could it be that it's less dosed?
  5. I was using Nexus test e for about 8 weeks with crippling pip every single time, pinning 600mg once a week in glutes or ventroglutes, i'd say most if not all the injections were painful, to the point i've had to take many days off work and gym especially leg day, But I did gain muscle so the test was good. Now I've been on Pharmacom test 300 for 4 weeks pinning the same amount in the same sites and the next day it literally feels like I haven't pinned at all, even if i did get pip, it would be very very minor, and I haven't missed any leg days at all my question is why the hell is there such a huge difference in pip?
  6. Nexus labs

    il never ever use it again since i startd using pharmacom test e, it doesn't even feel like i've injected.
  7. Hi I'm currently using 600mg test weekly with 60mg raloxifene everyday to combat minor existing gyno from previous cycle and also using 1mg adex taken on Monday when I pin however my nipple still gets sore sometimes, shall I up it to 2mg adex a week ? thanks
  8. Bad pip

    very funny you say this, I've also just switched to pharmacom test 300 from nexus which was giving me disabling PIP, and 4 days later after first pin, no pip pinning again today
  9. I have taken the most potent superdrols ever made M-drol and Beastdrol, okay they make u feel shitty but to the point of depression?
  10. i don't get how something youve taken for 3 days in such small dose can change your entire mood maybe life is just s**t at the moment?
  11. Pharmacom?

    how much are you pinning at a time?
  12. Pharmacom?

    used tren ace and it worked now switched to their test e 300 from nexus cos nexus pip is insane.
  13. Good ugls?

    You are already using the best so not sure what you're after...
  14. its such a shame when the gear is good but ive missed so many leg days because of the pain.