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  1. White Shaming

    I'm done replying to ignorant racists, so if you want to stop being an idiot and educate yourselves, there you go : https://metro.co.uk/2020/06/01/george-floyd-protests-what-watch-learn-about-systemic-racism-12789706/
  2. White Shaming

    stop making excuses for s**t police officers Plenty of unarmed black men have co-operated with police and have been shot and killed this forum is filled with ignorance
  3. White Shaming

    Protest and it's working...every big corporation is finally TALKING ABOUT IT The whole world is now standing up to racism and racial injustice except racists on UK-M of course....
  4. White Shaming

    lol okay....so because of a simple traffic violation or a forgery, they deserve to get shot and killed even if they aren't resist arrest. I don't know why you guys refuse to acknowledge the presence of systemic racism in the police The FBI even investigated KKK members infiltrating police forces to cover up crimes and harm even more people.
  5. White Shaming

    white people love saying "don't make it about race" when the issue is clearly about race FFS open your eyes and look at the treatment of black people, there's hundreds of videos, protests etc. Racism is ingrained in the police system.
  6. White Shaming

    People like you will never understand this, white people especially police officers have brutalized African Americans for several decades, BLACK MEN ARE 5 TIMES MORE LIKELY to die than white men when apprehended by police. There are thousands of examples. America is not ready for unity when they have a openly racist president. You're not black, you will never be, and therefore you will never know the struggles of African Americans especially at the hands of the police. “All lives matter” is a problematic mission statement because it presupposes that oppression is the same for all races. Yes, white people die all the time, too, but the history and politics involved in the deaths of white people and black people are vastly different. insisting on All Lives Matter when the issue is clearly about racism on Black people is like talking about how men are raped too only when the subject of rape on women is being addressed
  7. White Shaming

    Go look for the damn evidence yourself you idiot, there's clearly a racial problem with cops in America, you just choose to ignore it
  8. White Shaming

    You're not clued up about the whole history of racial injustice black people have suffered in America Educate yourself. Most of you people here should watch "13th" on Netflix.
  9. White Shaming

    Africans Americans have been persecuted for hundreds of years , that's why, jesus some of you really fit the meathead stereotype. You just simply refuse to be educated
  10. White Shaming

    I guarantee you're the token black in guy in a white group everyone makes fun of, and you love your Becky's and Sophies.
  11. White Shaming

    yes you idiot because black people don't kill each other SIMPLY for being black, How can you not get this?
  12. White Shaming

    you're not black, you're a fu**ing coon. Get off the white man's nuts we have every right to protest, even the UK has a brutal history against black people and you're here being a coon
  13. Who has lost muscle in lockdown?

    I have and its pissing me off I'm really tall, so any weight loss will be noticeable
  14. Shadow boxing in gyms

    shadow boxing is good cardio why don't tell you tell them you have a problem, so they can practice on your face?
  15. FFS she's doing my head in.

    some of these lads acting like they've been forced to marry/get in a relationship at gun point