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  1. Mayweather/Mcgreggor who you got

    So are we of an accord that in a street fight Mcgreggor would win hands down?
  2. Gear makes me want to cheat on my girl

    Got any injuries? If so get a chinky massage to sort it out. If the masseur asks if you want a happy ending then it would be rude not to. , no emotional attachments, not technically having sex, just part of the holistic approach to healing your injury and probably cheaper than a physio. Much smaller level of guilt than cheating.
  3. Mayweather/Mcgreggor who you got

    If Mcgreggor beats a well prepared Mayweather will he be considered as one of the best boxers in the world?
  4. Apparent Drachev had received a beating from the mob surrounding him just before the video started. https://en.crimerussia.com/gromkie-dela/suspect-in-world-champion-in-powerlifting-s-murder-wanted/
  5. Arnold still the best

    If a clone of Arnold in top shape turned up he would win the Olympia. Fans want a return to this look it is more marketable and it would reset the standard. ZYZZ fans are all benders
  6. Arnold still the best

    I have been watching all of the preamble in the run up to the Mr Olympia and been awed by freakishness of the current crop. Then I saw this picture on a forum.Arnold was the Elvis of Bodybuilding fo'sho'
  7. In the colour manual my mate Gavin had we aspired to look like this. I cannot believe how gay all of the "old hench" guys looked
  8. Good sites for gym equipment (pins etc)

    @Chelsea check out eBay search multi gym, lots of weigh stack pins for sale today
  9. Ronnie Coleman return to the stage?

    I am sure that he knows more about training than I will ever know but I watch a lot of his videos and his training form is awful. i recently read an article about ronnies injuries ( ironmnmag) and the "expert" blamed most of his injuries on sloppy form. i think Dorian looks better than Ronnie at the moment
  10. Guitars, Amos and keyboards and loads of expensive instruments that I cannot play. Totally ruins me when I look at them staring at me in an expensively un-used manner. Recently decided to sell all of my toys that are not needed, made 2k since June.
  11. Trump to ban transgenders in military

    Unfortunately, I believe that the only reason someone who is transgender would join the military is......to eventually sue because they were bullied while serving, write a book bleating about how hard done by they are, appear on Ellen Degenerous and get their own reality to show called " it's not fair".
  12. Any musicians on UK-M?

    Played in bands for most of my life and pretty much all of my mates of musical persuasion. A couple of them have " made it" in some way in the music industry. i play guitar badly and dabble at drums and learning keys. Not bad singer and OK songwriter. music is my major competitor to BB. Passionate about both but frankly sh*t at both in reality.
  13. Shoulder day

    I have heard of people only training lateral and rear delts specifically but I am not sold on giving up direct shoulder pressing movements. It seems that most of the pro's attribute delt mass to overheard pressing.
  14. Used sports equipment

    I am looking for a body solid fusion f600 Multigym if yeeev gat one
  15. Couple of radio interviews suggesting that anger will lead to riots. things keep getting worse