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  1. It has always been the case that signs of gyno and SEO use would be marked down. This is nothing new. The distension is a hard one, and the pictures used to show distension are often a bodybuilder relaxed, in transition of posing, in off season or doing a rear double showing a pic of his gut, from side of the stage, which is not being scored from that shot.
  2. Agreed, take away their drugs and it is still great to watch.
  3. This is not even a post from IFBB. The gut comments do annoy me. People fail to realise to amount of muscle these guys carry, I'm pretty sure it is not to do with GH or insulin. Try posing on stage, you are blowing out your arse, trying to control your breathing whilst controlling your midsection. Take drugs away from any sport and it will be boring to watch, except women's american football.
  4. Cypionate is known to crash. Enanthate shouldn't crash unless it gets near freezing. Heat it up and dissolve all the crystals. Is fine to inject once you've done this. Can use hair dryer, radiator, boiling water, dry heat from pan on stove, the oven but no more than 100 degrees.
  5. Brown rice or white long grain

    Tri-colour rice for the win
  6. SG Primobolan Watery?

    It certainly is a pricey one so I understand people avoiding it, but as you say sides are minimal on primo. Sounds like a nice cycle for summer.
  7. SG Primobolan Watery?

    There would of been some in there whilst on prep
  8. SG Primobolan Watery?

    Have you tried to bulk on primo? If so, what body weight did you go from and to? It is effective either way imo.
  9. SG Primobolan Watery?

    Disagree. That has nothing to do with primo. All these things you described come from conditioning along with a dht drug(s).
  10. SG Primobolan Watery?

    What extra look does primo give, that tren doesn't? Not that it is comparable to tren. Primo is a great anabolic and can be used to bulk or cut with. It is a mild drug so I would recommend using more than 200mg as suggested above. Dose will be totally dependent on who is using it.
  11. Alpha had some products which were supposedly pharma, registered under Samarth, who are registered on MIMs database. https://www.mims.com/thailand/company/info/samarth pharma?q=samarth pharma
  12. White coloured Test-Cyp?

    If exposed to extreme temperatures a lot of compounds can crash, cyp is renown for this.
  13. Oestradiol too low?

    Was your blood taken by a nurse or did you extract your own from a finger pr**k? The finger pr**k can skew the result of these blood tests from what I've seen.
  14. Dimension labs T3

    Get a thyroid test done from medichecks. Very cheap.
  15. White coloured Test-Cyp?

    This is wrong and wrong, on both accounts. Depends what solvents are used as to what a compound can be held at.