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  1. My 1st DNP RUN

    "Weigh in", is that what you call it lol? I gave you a gentle reminder not to be bitchy, not an official warning which you will now get. Mods are not paid to do this, we do this in our free time. My free time is limited, not sure about yours.
  2. My 1st DNP RUN

    I don't have the time to read the whole forum daily unfortunately. If you have a problem, make the mods aware of it.
  3. keifei

    They use a different carrier oil to most labs - arachis oil (peanut oil). This might explain it, not that I've touched arachis oil.
  4. Gear keeps crashing

    Please refrain from abuse. The temperature can crash gear.
  5. My 1st DNP RUN

    If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything. And before you say it is banter, it's not if you the other person doesn't take it as banter.
  6. Would you ever date a cam girl?

    I did. Didn't work out lol. She was fk'in mental and most insecure person I've had the pleasure (or not) of.
  7. My 1st DNP RUN

    I watched Jamie Alderton try the so called Michael Phelps 12k calorie day, which is all bs anyway. It is hard going, not many could do it. I wouldn't get anywhere near 12k, 7-8k tops on a good day using ghrp6 lol.
  8. Who has the biggest arms

    Bigger than gnatty steveo when I was natty and bigger than him now
  9. My 1st DNP RUN

    I wouldn't say it was so much less. Still a decent loss tbf. 2 different weeks, so variables were different. Can't be compared imo. I think it is the water, which you initially lost week 1, and may or not have put some back on in week 2, since this is something dnp can do. Don't over think it. I could barely move let alone workout on dnp lol, so props to you for that.
  10. My 1st DNP RUN

    That's awesome, you think you can gauge active compound weight of dnp from a 'burn test' lol. But great advice thereafter, OP listen up. EDIT: Didn't think people really did the 'burn test' as a real way of testing dnp.
  11. My 1st DNP RUN

    No. I've written leptin levels can be lowered after a dieting phase, and fat loss has stalled or slowed, then when people eat a cheat meal, have a refeed, they can magically lose weight. Not always understanding why. I'm not talking about a full on cheat day of 15k, or even 10k, which btw I doubt many people could eat. This will simply add water weight and in many cases fat. Your weight the morning after your cheat day would be way up. Off topic, do you think you can consume 15k calories? I don't think you were eating anywhere near this much. 15k is an astronomical amount of kcals, even if it were junk only. I think it is generally bad advice to give, as generally speaking, people reading this, are typically people that don't really know how to diet hard in the first place and this gives them an excuse to eat s**t for the day. I've seen it plenty on facebook, insta, "having a refeed". These people posting this have no idea what an actual diet is and look the same year in year out.
  12. PHARMANAN D 600

    Why would you doubt such a dose considering cost of raws? Such an old cynic lol.
  13. My 1st DNP RUN

    Your last paragraph....wow. You won't gain weight on 15k calories? Go read up on skip loading, you can easily gain up to 15lbs on a skip load, which wouldn't be anywhere near 15k calories. Eating like this is not a 'shock', like people think it is, although it can work, but science can explain it. It usually to do with leptin levels being depleted, after a dieting phase and a typical refeed, cheat meal, whatever you want to call it can increase them and help fat loss continue.
  14. Southern Ghost

    MCT is a carrier, the same as grape seed oil is. Guiacol is a solvent and used by labs in higher concentrations to stop it crashing. Why is guiacol "shitty"? I've jabbed things with it, I didn't die. And no it's not toxic at the doses bodybuilders would use.
  15. TM DNP Not good?

    Can I ask you how many calories are you consuming and at what body weight?