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  1. 90% of people that come here can't count calories to save their lives, so it is an obvious route of questioning to ask. This is not my first time. Anyway, looks like you can. So yes likely to be water, if next weigh in you get another drop of more then 1kg then increase by 300 kcals.
  2. Clearly it is not being calculated correctly else you would not be losing so much in a week, so lets cut the bs. How is moroccan chicken 500kcals? Is breakfast part of snacks (1700kcal)? Break down of snacks?
  3. No one has mentioned he could quite easily be tracking his kcals wrong. Can you list your food intake for 3100kcal?
  4. Messed my life up good and proper

    Enjoy the temporary ban.
  5. Taylormade pharma

    Please read the pinned post regarding source discussion. Locking this now. I will start banning people. It is illegal to discuss supply and purchase. It is legal to discuss use. Do you want UK-M to be shut down? Stop being so ignorant.
  6. Tm site down

    Please read the rules, any discussion of websites are not allowed. You may talk about feedback and experiences regarding certain products, hence being in the "Steroid and Testosterone Information" section. This is not a place to discuss anything beyond that. Do you want this forum to be shut down? (No pun intended)
  7. Yes it would still be sterile providing that it has been stored correctly and not in a biological orifice.
  8. More assumptions? He has told you what he injected, SG test prop. We know the story based on what he has written, why must you assume there is more? Based on what he has written it sounds like test flu. And seriously have a word with yourself if you need to visit the doctor for simple flu symptoms.
  9. But you did say that. Why should we assume there is more to what he has written? Where does he give that indication? And I don't have anyone holding my pocket, just others who share same opinion.
  10. Based on what he has written it sounds like test flu. He has not mentioned anything about his jab sites, apart from some pip from 1st injection. Why would you start making assumptions for people and give advice based on your assumptions?
  11. No where does he say he is red, swollen or leaking lol.
  12. Here we go lol Shame on you if you toddle on down to the doctors anytime you feel a bit sniffly, bless you. "i feel like s**t, fatigue, fever, dehydrated , back pumps etc so wtf?" There is enough info there to ascertain enough and save the nhs a visit.
  13. Your english is fine. Sounds like test flu symptoms., nothing more in my opinion.
  14. Rohm Thermo-Lipd....

    Depends which area of the country you are. There is fake rohm which has tainted the reputation of it.