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    lancs_lad reacted to MickeyE in Missiles from Gaza destroying Israel   
    If Israel would withdraw their troops and civilian population back behind the the border of their own country, the border that's officially (at least) recognised by  the entire world as where Israel ends and Palestine begins. perhaps Hamas rockets would stop.
    The hypocrisy behind western media/establishment supporting BLM and other anti racist movements, while doing fk all and completely ignoring what Israel has been doing for decades, is beyond ridiculous.
    Not even any meaningful economic sanctions against Israel, despite the continued transferration of it's own civilian population into occupied territories. That alone is a war crime according to Geneva Conventions.
    The MSM media try to paint it as some 50/50, tit for tat dispute. For anyone with half a brain, you only have to look at how this issue has/is reported to realise the MSM is nothing but fairy tales and BS.
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    lancs_lad reacted to Philfg in Anyone else got any historic/ classic cars?   
    I sold this last year. Love them.

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    lancs_lad got a reaction from js77 in Sadiq Khan has won the London election   
    I've culled friends because they've become like this.  The more you insult the less likely anyone is going to change their views.
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    lancs_lad reacted to js77 in Sadiq Khan has won the London election   
    Mate, tiresome doesn’t even come close.
    I don’t want to mug off Donny but unfortunately it’s the view of his and the radical left that unless you agree with their politics youre either a racist, a Nazi or stupid.... or probably all three. It’s these polarised views that will maintain the lack of support from the British public.
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    lancs_lad reacted to js77 in Sadiq Khan has won the London election   
    Labour have got zero identity apart from appealing to the upper class in London.
    Student activists (and that really is all they are) like Owen Jones and Ash (I’m literally a communist) Sarkhar have destroyed Labour for the the next 40 years at least imo.
    The U.K. will never even come close to wanting far left radicals to try and implement their socialist plans.
    I hope Owen and Ash hang around for many years!!!

    This vid is EXACTLY why Labour are now a complete laughing stock and this country now only really has one political party.
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    lancs_lad reacted to Kazza61 in Got my first jab yesterday   
    Maybe a mix of both? Unless Wylde is answering in which case you are just a few weeks away from snuffing it. 
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    lancs_lad got a reaction from EpicSquats in Got my first jab yesterday   
    Had my 1st yesterday.  Can't decide if it's the vaccine or heavy stones and log on Monday, I feel battered this morning with a slightly fuzzy head.
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    lancs_lad reacted to Mingster in Need a new series to watch   
    The final episode is still available on ITV hub for limited time apparently.
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    lancs_lad got a reaction from M73 in Any ex-smokers on here?   
    Smoked from 18 to 32, ending up about 20-30 a day.  Tried so many times to quit using everything.  The final thing that helped was the book "Alan Carr's the easy way to quit smoking". Finished that and haven't touch one since, nearly 9 years.  No cravings what so ever, right from the minute I finished the book. It doesn't require will power!!
    I was sceptical but I was desperate to quit and was beginning to feel hopeless as I'd tried everything else.
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    lancs_lad reacted to Pez189 in Need a new series to watch   
    Probably one of the best TV shows ever made. A hard watch, that’s fitting given the subject material. Just incredible. The cast. The acting. Directing.  
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    lancs_lad reacted to Tricky in What is the best city to live in?   
    I personally don’t like city life. I understand some like the hustle and bustle. Others a necessary evil due to their job. I’ve lived in some nice towns and some smaller cites. I hated London and dublin wasn’t too much better the crime, drugs and homeless is bad. I don’t like the cost of living. 
    York and Harrogate are probably the best places I’ve lived in England. I’ve lived in several villages in Suffolk and Norfolk but these were too small and too remote I didn’t enjoy the lifestyle as much looking back compared to York. I also like Belfast, I do enjoy the option to go for food or a drink late at night places being open. Variety of shops and attractions coupled with the fact it’s not far from the coast as I love the sea. 
    With the experience I have having lived across England and stayed for several weeks and months in places in South Wales, Cyprus and Germany working I can say now I much prefer the north coast of Northern Ireland. I love the laid back attitude, less stress, just causal throw you clothes on and go. Early morning swims, walking the dog along the coast, late night bbq and when needed not a far drive to Belfast. 
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    lancs_lad reacted to AncientOldBloke in Any ex-smokers on here?   
    Allen Carr - The Easy Way To Stop Smoking.pdf
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    lancs_lad reacted to albatross in What’s your waist size chaps   
    Bang on. My true waist size when relaxed is about 39" but there are many makes of Jeans where a 32"-33" fit comfortably and 34" require a belt.
    People fool themselves on waist size more than any other body part (with maybe one exception)  Every single bloke subconsciously sucks the belly in a bit when measuring.
    And some go full on Andy Ruiz:

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    lancs_lad reacted to Tricky in Owned or converted a campervan?   
    Yes I wouldn’t get a SWB all LWB I’ve been looking at as I’ll be doing it as I go along if I can’t get a good base van with high roof within my budget and low miles then I’m happy to get a good van around 80k miles max and further down the line at the pop roof. The VW t5 are small inside as you say when all units are fixed down along the drivers side the bed so snug enough for two grown adults. Ideally if I can get a great van built for around 15k all in I’ll be happy and I think I’ll rent it out as I live in Northern Ireland. People don’t do massive miles over here just along the north coast ect so won’t be racking big miles on it and get £70 or so a day 
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    lancs_lad got a reaction from Tricky in Owned or converted a campervan?   
    I had a t5.  It was originally a kombi.  I insulated it, carpeted it, leisure battery, swivels and added a platform bed (full width)that pulled out over the top of the folded flat kombi rear seats.  Loved it but everything that could go wrong mechanically did, both drive shafts, alternator and the dual mass flywheel.
    It was a swb and was small, can't imagine how anyone shares the bed in conversion with units down the side.
    I now have a t5.1 lwb caravelle to carry the kids about in. Added the bed extension and swivels so can use it for the odd weekend away. Currently got a swb t6 caravelle as a courtesy van, how these are used as airport taxis is beyond me the boot is tiny! Certainly not worth the £62000 price tag.  Glad I got the lwb.
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    lancs_lad reacted to hmgs in Females gym clothing   
    Double take every time - this lass insists on wearing flesh coloured top & leggings, skin tight - with my aging eyesight I’d swear she was naked, and had just taken a wrong turning out of the showers!
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    lancs_lad got a reaction from Denied in European Super League   
    And city.
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    lancs_lad reacted to Kazza61 in Predict the outcome of the Chauvin/George Floyd trial   
    Or maybe a box of EQuality Street?
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    lancs_lad reacted to lewdylewd in Predict the outcome of the Chauvin/George Floyd trial   
    Just wait till they realise they’ve been given $27 million in fake 20’s.
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    lancs_lad reacted to Donny dog in Big fors back to gym blog   
    If you’re going to sleep around noon and waking up at 5 and claiming that’s 15 hours sleep I don’t see how you can possibly go wrong when injecting steroids into yourself......
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    lancs_lad reacted to Blanka in Who is the GOAT of boxing?   
    Some great names mentioned but this guy will always be the GOAT.
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    lancs_lad reacted to albatross in HRH Phil the Greek condolence page   
    Nothing wrong with the thread. It's the utter lack of respect for a 99 yr man who lived a life of duty and service with dignity that doesn't sit well with me.
    The jokes are fine. The black humour is welcome. But the snide comments from some make me a little bit sad to be honest.
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    lancs_lad got a reaction from Mahuna in HRH Phil the Greek condolence page   
    A lot of hate on this thread.
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    lancs_lad reacted to Mahuna in HRH Phil the Greek condolence page   
    I liked him. 
    He was a flawed human like the rest of us, and didn't pretend to be an over sanitised beacon of  purity on all issues like you have to if you don't want to be cancelled by leftist twits these days.
    RIP Big fella. 
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    lancs_lad got a reaction from ThatsLife in Photos of people’s best physiques   
    1 year ago pre lockdown. 100kg, 40 years old.