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  1. Best way to calculate maintenance calories

    Track consistently for a week. Everything! See what your weight does and adjust from there. It's about consistency over a sustained period of time.
  2. Sage advise Gyms close again

    Zero covid is completely unrealistic and a stupid expectation.
  3. PT Career?

    I work 3 hours a day Monday to Friday, 2 hours on Saturday. I'm not "full" but take home £1300 a month. Lot less than my previous career but a lot less stress and hours. Plus I have my house sorted so don't need to worry about mortgages. I'll also get a nice inheritance one day. I'm lucky I know compared to most. It fits brilliantly around my 3 kids. Only downside is taking holidays. I was teacher before this but due to the decrease in stress and not being accountable to anyone else I really haven't missed the 13 weeks holiday I use to get.
  4. Why is GRENADE so expensive?

    Got to admit I like a grenade bar. If I'm leaning out I'll have one a day. I never pay full price, B&M and my local newsagents have them for £1.70. They are nice and it's convenient. I eat enough yoghurt etc so it's also a nice change. If we always moaned about the price of stuff we'd never spend our money!!
  5. When Gyms Reopen

    Their plates just look a bit s**t tho. I know it's the weight that matters, but they look like a GCSE tech project :-)
  6. Zac Efron

    Anyone watched his new series on Netflix, down to earth? If there was any doubt about his PED usage to get in shape for Baywatch he is the other end of the spectrum on this show. Big red puffy face!! Or he could just have carb face I guess :-)
  7. Retraining in your 30s

    Not if you had multiple projects on the go. We've just had builders in for 2 weeks. The main guy was barely here. You wouldn't just take labourers on at your current work load, that like you said would be just a pay cut.
  8. GPS watch

    Garmin? I have the forerunner 230 (prefer a chest strap for HR). They do quite a few more swanky ones above this.
  9. Can't see on the pic but it's got scuffs and hand prints on it.
  10. All depends on the paint finish. I've just painted a feature wall in vinyl matt. It's been done a day and it's ruined by kids hand prints. So going to paint over it in either eggshell or satin. Apparently harder wearing and more wipeable.
  11. Compounds enough?

    Stop hiding behind insecurities and just get your first show done and dusted. You're easily developed enough to not look out of place.
  12. Camping

    Yes I'd like to do that but on a canoe trip.
  13. Compounds enough?

    Compounds are definitely enough. I deadlift 3 times a week. Turned 40 today and continue to PB. Today I equalled my overhead PB but from the floor this time.
  14. Overhead PB

    Equalled the most I've put above my head today but from the floor. 100kg