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  1. UFC 254

  2. UFC 254

    Link to highlights?
  3. First comp done today, was quite nervous but everyone was so friendly and supportive. Equalled log PB and pulled a new 18in axle PB. Also it was very inspiring to watch the other athletes, the u90s was load with world class athletes. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGvHAkqH8RN/?igshid=nke9kyl2kvv0 (Won't embed for some reason) Full comp hopefully end of November.
  4. I got Covid!!

    Your relatives die every year?
  5. I got Covid!!

    If you believe it's much to do about nothing go visit all your elderly relatives?!?
  6. 502kg Deadlift.

    You know the increase on all of those increments is over 10% the last one being the smallest but still over 10%.
  7. Online Coaching

    But who coaches them?
  8. Recent PBs

    Overhead PB of 102.5kg. Just need to get my clean more consistent so I can do this from the floor. Deadlift 205 for 6 (nearly 7). Yoke 250kg for 30m and 270kg for 15m. All being well got my first two competitions in November.
  9. best British movie

    Dog soldiers Gentlemen - the new guy Ritchie one.
  10. Do strongman from the start, so much more fun and technical. Get a coach.
  11. Anyone into property?

    Stick your money on the stock market. Leave it to the experts and stick it in some managed funds or even some trackers. Easy to make 10% per year. Some funds this year have made rediculous percentages despite the pandemic. 20000 a year in a ISA, rest in a stocks and share account then transfer 20000 across each year to avoid tax.
  12. Gypsy Call Out Videos

    Tyson fury and TLM (travellers lives matter). A traveller was refused entry to the Hurley flyer (pub outside Morecambe FC ground) and it was filmed, basically accusing them of racism. They fail to mention said pub is regularly trashed by traveller groups and the other pub the landlady was beaten unconscious by a group.
  13. Competing ....

    I really don't understand this. It's just a hobby, do you need to be paid to do your hobbies? It's just another goal to train towards, whether that be aesthetic or performance determines whether it's bodybuilding or powerlifting/strongman.
  14. Competing ....

    I didn't place but didn't look out of place IMO. I've done gym all my life which gave me a good ish base. I'd say the comp was 3 years in the making and only halfway through did I believe it could happen. As for strongman that's been 9 months so far to get my strength up so I don't feel out of place in a novice comp.
  15. Competing ....

    Did men's physique in the ukbff 4 years ago. Doing my first strongman comp in November aged 40. So much more fun to train for.