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  1. Sadiq Khan has won the London election

    100%. I've culled friends because they've become like this. The more you insult the less likely anyone is going to change their views.
  2. Got my first jab yesterday

    Had my 1st yesterday. Can't decide if it's the vaccine or heavy stones and log on Monday, I feel battered this morning with a slightly fuzzy head.
  3. Women don’t like muscles.....

    Imagine if that was done to a female actress?!
  4. Need a new series to watch

    Was watching viewpoint this week. Won't finish it as ITV have pulled the last episode tonight, due to the allegations against Noel Clarke. Tad annoyed.
  5. What’s your waist size chaps

    I don't have big legs so can't emphasize. They do stretch tho.
  6. What’s your waist size chaps

    I'm actually 42 inch relaxed (107kg, 6ft3) if measured around my belly button but wear 34in next jeans. Always have worn that size, even when I was 95kg about to step on stage I still wore the same size jeans all be it a bit looser, but I was never slim enough to make 32in comfortable. Im sure most are similar, Jean size isn't actually your waist size in the anatomical sense.
  7. Any ex-smokers on here?

    Smoked from 18 to 32, ending up about 20-30 a day. Tried so many times to quit using everything. The final thing that helped was the book "Alan Carr's the easy way to quit smoking". Finished that and haven't touch one since, nearly 9 years. No cravings what so ever, right from the minute I finished the book. It doesn't require will power!! I was sceptical but I was desperate to quit and was beginning to feel hopeless as I'd tried everything else.
  8. Owned or converted a campervan?

    I had a t5. It was originally a kombi. I insulated it, carpeted it, leisure battery, swivels and added a platform bed (full width)that pulled out over the top of the folded flat kombi rear seats. Loved it but everything that could go wrong mechanically did, both drive shafts, alternator and the dual mass flywheel. It was a swb and was small, can't imagine how anyone shares the bed in conversion with units down the side. I now have a t5.1 lwb caravelle to carry the kids about in. Added the bed extension and swivels so can use it for the odd weekend away. Currently got a swb t6 caravelle as a courtesy van, how these are used as airport taxis is beyond me the boot is tiny! Certainly not worth the £62000 price tag. Glad I got the lwb.
  9. Take out a personal loan or car finance

    Look for new deals on PCP or lease. Treat your car like a mobile phone. Workout what you can afford monthly for 3 years then give it back and start again with an upgrade to the latest model. Major problems arise if you do high mileage as the deal is based on the residual value of the car in 3 years.
  10. European Super League

    And city.
  11. Big fors back to gym blog

    What are your PBs? Hope operation recovery is quick.
  12. There is a base strength needed but it's definitely more to do with endurance (and bodyweight). Hence why you can improve at them very quickly. Just like running the initial improvements come from capillarisation, the creation of extra capillaries. They allow the toxins to be carried away more effectively and oxygen to be delivered. If it was purely strength then your so called bodybuilders would smash them out the park.
  13. HRH Phil the Greek condolence page

    A lot of hate on this thread.
  14. Favourite holiday destinations

    Seen quite a few places from a perspective not many do back in my kayaking days. Italy Scotland Slovenia Wales Uganda England Chile Norway
  15. Favourite holiday destinations

    Chile is beautiful. Only time I've flown business class after I shattered my ankle while there. :-()