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  1. Stronglifts. Download the app, it will do everything for you except the lifting.
  2. Gyms to open announcement....

    I've PB'd in overhead and deadlift while training in my girlfriends garden. Thankful the weather has been amazing. I usually train in my own studio on my own so it's pretty much a posh home gym. I pay £26 pm to hustle (formerly pay as you gym, using various discount tricks to get 50% off), to use the sauna and steam room at my local commercial.
  3. Stocks and shares ISA

    I use Hargreaves Landsdown for my 3 kids ISAs. I have set up a monthly to each and so have my parents. Currently half is in a US indexed tracker (low fees) and the other half is in the managed fund lindsel train global equity.
  4. 45% off everything on myprotein

    So the real price then
  5. Need nike airs today NOW!!!!

    Fair enough. I'm nearly 40 and wouldn't wear air maxs, but have in the past. I do have a pair of Nike internationals in an understated colour. Merrells are my "smart" trainers and Salomon speedcross my other pair. However, I do outdoorsy activities so that's influenced my style. I'd wear boots or brogues in winter and boat shoes in summer if I was doing smart ish. In the gym it's lifters or deadlift slippers.
  6. Where can I buy weights?

    Some prices are inflated but reputable companies haven't. It's just most people who are now frantically searching don't realise the cost of the equipment they use in the gym. Iron £2 a kg Bumper £3 a kg Calibrated £4+ a kg
  7. Where can I buy weights?

    £3 a kilo is standard for bumpers.
  8. Where can I buy weights?

    https://www.assassingoods.com/pre-order/rubber-crumb-bumper-100kg-pack-pre-order/ 20s and 15s on preorder for 1st week of June.
  9. Need nike airs today NOW!!!!

    How old are you?
  10. Running

    Only time I swap sides to traffic behind is on long sweeping blind bends.
  11. Tempted to invest in something but no idea how

    Hargreaves Landsdown. Download the app, get an ISA. Dead easy. As for what to buy and making a fortune that's entirely different.
  12. Is Boris for real?

    I believe the facts but I'm still pissed off that my business is going down the toilet. When it comes to supporting my kids, yes I will have a selfish opinion I think most people would if their income went from decent to zero overnight. I'm not a rule breaker, never have been so I will do as the government says. Doesn't mean I have to agree with it. And not agreeing with it doesn't make me a moron. I believe the vulnerable could be isolated and the rest of us carry on. Go for herd immunity, which is the only way out of this without a vaccine. A happy medium between deaths from covid and deaths from a recession.
  13. How to beat the feeling of hunger.

    Drink water and cotton wool balls.
  14. Squats lower back pain

    It could be your bar path. Film from the side, the bar should stay over mid foot and be a nice vertical up and down. If it's going out over your toes you will feel it unnecessarily in your lower back.