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  1. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    Do you really think they're that bad? - I had been thinking along the lines of "20kg is 20kg" and Kg : £, they're fair IMO. I would not be planning to sell-on, post lockdown - I would be permanently training from home if I committed to buying; 7ft Barbell, Plates, Bench & Rack.
  2. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/weight-plates-125kg-20kg-olympic-bars-and-standard-bars-all-available/1376918778 Very tempted.
  3. New Triumph Range...

    Very interesting, just before Gyms reopen
  4. Mcdonalds should have a ride through

    Funnily enough I drove past a lad in town on Monday evening, sat on a wall with his bike next to him - eating a McDonalds. When I had seen it, it made me question whether they had served him.
  5. Aubrey's been getting about

    My thoughts exactly!! But could not remember their names!
  6. Adult meltdowns you've seen....

    Having worked in a Warehouse in the past, I have seen many a man child meltdown.
  7. Summer House Mix 2020

    Thought I'd seen your name in Liverpool
  8. Summer House Mix 2020

    Legs tomorrow, will play it during. Nice one
  9. Bumper plates in stock at Mirafit

    I messaged him 2 hours after he posted but didnt get a reply. Was wounded, guarantee his emails blew up.
  10. Ronnie Coleman on Joe Rogan JRE

    First JRE that I have listened to in full. Yeah buddy!
  11. Another bollox ease of the lockdown!

    Nice, haven't seen any round here yet.
  12. Another bollox ease of the lockdown!

    Sunbeds are opening 4th July!
  13. Tech or Minimal House if I need to do work.
  14. Has anyone...

    Upper today