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  1. Don't do drugs kids

    fu**ing roll on next year.
  2. Don't do drugs kids

    I've been so good for so long, but this thread just makes me want to get absolutely twisted
  3. Being sober is boring

    Would definitely help with cutting weight. Trouble is, it is very morish.
  4. Whats macro break down for that?
  5. Pure gym petition for gym to remain opened

    Lol, I was only joking. Any gym is better than no gym!
  6. Pure gym petition for gym to remain opened

    Nah, never did like Pure Gym. f**k 'em
  7. Gyms to re-open in Merseyside

    Keeping pubs closed indefinitely, would not bother me one bit. But if we had 4 weeks of no gym, it would be massively shite.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/21/gyms-allowed-to-reopen-in-merseyside-after-tier-3-covid-rules-row
  9. Lancashire- Tier 3

    Listen, we're all asymptomatic in our gym - leave us be.
  10. Lancashire- Tier 3

    Crazy isn't it
  11. Mirtazapine??

    Seen someone put on a good couple stone whilst prescribed Mirtazapine, they even went back docs to find something else to use instead because of it.
  12. Lancashire- Tier 3

    But gyms are still open! Well that is a relief.
  13. Come on, its Wylde.. A Tinfoil hat.
  14. 1st gym to stand their ground

    By looks if it, most of General Conversation are behind him to be fair!
  15. Kell Brook v Crawford

    Cindy Crawford just reminds me of Jumanji now.