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  1. Anyone had a 'virtual date'?

    Might aswell meet up on World of Warcraft whilst you're at it.
  2. 91 hardcore techno mix Rezerection

    Check out Ben Böhmer - there's a couple sets on YouTube, fu**ing awesome.
  3. 91 hardcore techno mix Rezerection

    You not use Sound cloud? Edit: check out Linus Quick, he used to upload 60 min sets on SC
  4. 91 hardcore techno mix Rezerection

    Love pretty much every genre; Hardstyle, Psytrance, EDM, Techno, Drum & Bass... and everything inbetween!
  5. 91 hardcore techno mix Rezerection

    Got Camelphat in April and Tomorrowland in July. I can't see either happening. Roll on 2022.
  6. 91 hardcore techno mix Rezerection

    Dying for a Rave, I'm still hoping Creamfields will go ahead in August but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. If you only ate Chicken, Brocolli and some Sweet Potato every time you was hungry, I guarantee you wouldn't end up fat as f**k. I wish I had this discipline, as that is one tasty meal. However, it is not a 16" stuffed crust, meat feast pizza.
  8. Whats up guys, its ya boy, like and subscribe, dont forget to comment down below. *slaps camera to fade out* - 99% of Youtubers.
  9. Is this price normal

    9 seconds, did you type with your nose?
  10. Any good films on netflix

    Don't let the url fool you, Rupaul's drag race may fair better here.
  11. TRUMPS fate

    That is fu**ing brilliant.
  12. FFS Frandeman...

    @Frandeman , you can bloody stay over there! https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/covid-japan-new-variant-brazil-latest-b1786847.html
  13. Cost to run convector heater

    f**k a heater, get a grow on!