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  1. Open to critique.

    Well done mate.
  2. Best man speech

    My best man also said this
  3. Windows 7 vs Windows 10

    Love Windows 10. Had it, downgraded back to 7 and then realised the error of my ways; my PC actually runs better with Windows 10 than it did with 7. There was definitely a marked improvement especially whilst playing games.
  4. Age difference between you and your partner

    She's 6 years younger.
  5. Simplest meal recipes

    Beans on Toast
  6. What does "ip address conflict" mean?

    I think there may be a conflict with the IP address.
  7. How much of a sad fvck are you?

    I didn't bot on EOC lol. I'll login tonight just to add. I always end up back on that bloody game every so often!
  8. How much of a sad fvck are you?

    Classic took mine ;-) lol I got 99 range and 91 defence on an account a few months ago. 500k xp an hour - my bot on RSC is lucky to get 20k xp/hr... so yeah it's a lot easier hahaha
  9. How much of a sad fvck are you?

    'Classic', 'Old School' or EOC? Edit: Nevermind just seen.
  10. at work browsing ukm

    At Sunbeds waiting, nobody can see phone screen.
  11. at work browsing ukm

    Exact reason I don't browse here at work
  12. Member Lucky Charms?

    Krave / Choco Pillows Muesli Fruit & Fibre In no particular order.
  13. Usain bolts last race

    Lol, he knows the score.
  14. Bench vs Smith - problems

    The Smith machine at the gym I use has adjustable 'stoppers' for want of a better word, which means it can't go any lower regardless of twisting the bar over the hooks or not.
  15. Cheetham hill clothing

    Road full of shops selling fake clothes.