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  1. Stop PM for sources

    I only ever had about 2 I Remeber I used to get a few emails from sellers but no people asking me (this was way back in the day though)
  2. What age did you start roids?

    Think I was about 24-25, I Remeber joining a hotel gym asking the fat pt to help me with diet etc and he said what size did I want to get to and I said 13st (I was only 9) he laughed and said it’d be impossible so I bombed him off and got to 12,8 joined a different gym and started the gear got to over 15 but haven’t used for a while so I’m going back to it when the gyms open and hopefully rebound and get past 16st. Do what you want when your ready, I researched for nearly a year before my first cycle and that was only test e, a mix of cido and alpha pharma from a decent guy on here but he got caught lol never grown the same on any other cycle
  3. Hygene Pharma Anabolics

    Yea original black tops back in the day. I’ve been offered replicas before for less than 40 a box, there was a website where you could buy the fake boxes then the labels for vials and you put it all together. This website had loads of different stuff I was quoted stunned lol. This is 100% not the same company, they are just piggybacking on the name as someone did with sg/dg. Stargazer knows his stuff and I totally agree with his below comments
  4. Hygene Pharma Anabolics

    The vials look terrible lol there is no way that hygene who makes hgh make them, they would have far better labels and tubs for pills. I know you can buy semi finished oils from over there and filter it this end to save cooking it but there is no chance that is made and shipped from China
  5. Injectable winnie

    Didn’t hygetropin have their pharma license stripped for being dodgy as sh*t a few years ago?
  6. Does it look legit?

    So if this is the 3rd time they have rebranded it must tell you all something. They started as Infiniti then got sh*t Raws and said it was all fake stuff so they changed lids then decided to rebrand to sis and got poor reviews on their oral range, I personally used their sust I Think it was and got such low bloods I would of been in the low end of normal range (9nmol) and now they’ve gone and changed again. I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole
  7. Elixir Test Cypionate

    I had the duratest 475 I think it was called. Didn’t overly rate it to be honest. The packaging is decent as are the labels which is why I expected good things but wasn’t great
  8. Nexus?

    I just got some sust/tren e blend to use but not jabbing because the gym is shut so I’ll hold off until they get close to re opening
  9. Anyone tried these? SARMS

    Not this brand but used it at 20mg a day before. Massive water gain within a week
  10. What labs ?

    Just picked up 2 vials of sust tren e blend from nexus and will use the bar from them to. I’d also recommend rohm (if legit) NP, havent used sg since it went and came back
  11. Was tempted to jab next week but I will wait until we get some sort of definite answer on when things will go back to normal. Got a sust Tren e blend that I’ll use with some mk677 and var. will do for me

    I had my old teeth ground down and then had crowns put over the pegs. Teeth are perfect now.

    I don’t doubt that I will be and after an article on the mail website the other day I wouldn’t go for sapphire. Everyone over there is in and out I don’t think there will be clinics that do one person a day. I’ve had my teeth done out there and the results were epic to say the least and that was a revolving door

    I’m considering going in April ive been speaking to vera clinic and been quoted 2600 euro for sapphire fue transplant. Do they mention about taking hair from back etc while your there because my back grows and grows so itd be ideal for my crown and take from the back of my head for my front. Flights are looking about 250
  15. Elixir - Duratest

    I’ve used the elixir stuff before and didn’t really rate it tbh. I think there are better choices for labs out there