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  1. The thing is though, most Asian countries have a history of poverty and are nowhere near the traditional economic powerhouse countries. With the obvious exception of China most Asian countries are still largely extremely poor. The Uk is what? The 5th largest economy in the world and has been for sometime. Yet the gaps between the richest and the poorest continues to grow. I don’t for one minute doubt that there are parents in the country who probably shouldn’t be parents, but to further make those kids suffer because of that with the attitudes displayed by some in this thread just shows a very ill judged and arrogant mindset. I hope none of you lot ever fall on hard times and come looking for a bit of help when needed most.
  2. Anyone else been in this position?

    Time is the greatest healer. If you can’t wait that long a litre bottle of voddy and about 6 gram of sniff before going round her house and torching it whilst they’re upstairs humping is also an option.
  3. Hahahaha. If living on benefits is so easy and such good fun, go try it yourself. The idea parents are on the piss partying all weekend living on take away is laughable. I agree it’s all about being educated. But the government in this country are pretty fu**ing woeful at doing that as well. I’ve seen you ranting about COVID 19 in other threads, with the amount of money that’s been given to pharmaceutical companies to find vaccines for this thing, the HS2 rail line, trident nuclear defence system, a 3rd runway at Heathrow, multi nationals not paying what they should in tax, the money is there to make sure every family in this country could feed their kids without relying on handouts. I’m not convinced the will is there with this Tory government. Go educate yourself pal!
  4. Trying to get attention/likes on the internet by posting comments like this is the epitome of knob end behaviour. Its not funny, it’s so blatantly stupid that all you’re doing is showing yourself up as a very s**t troll. pr**k.
  5. Shift work

    Maybe leave the g string out of next photos pal! Like how you’ve got a copy of your shifts at the desk as well haha.
  6. Shift work

    Strange that I’ve been told that then. Good old Chinese whispers. Pah. 50k. Wouldn’t get out of bed for that mate. I’ve got my UKM shift allowance in place so I get 300k a shift and a blowie off the canteen girls with every bacon butty.
  7. Shift work

    Yeah everything I’ve heard about the place puts me off ever applying. Not even got a works canteen by all accounts. A place that’s in the middle of nowhere that employs thousands and you can’t even get a freshly cooked meal is pretty piss poor in my book. Also absolutely shameless when it comes to cutting numbers as well.
  8. Shift work

    If you’re doing 4 x 12 hours mate you’ll get more than 3 days off a week. My shift pattern is 4 x 12 hour day shifts, 4 full days off then 4 x 12 hour night shifts followed by 4 days off. Bear in mind you’re working till 6 or 7am though on what’s classed as your first day off. Basically work 4 days/nights out of 12. Start chucking in a couple of extras a month and the money takes a nice lift and you’ve still got loads more time off than those who are sat in rush hour traffic or stood next to some smelly fucker on a train.
  9. Regards after every post

    I quite like seeing people do it if I’m honest. I like to think of Danny sat in his library of books by the likes of Chaucer and Keys smoking fat cigars and stroking a luxurious moustache whilst signing off his post and simultaneously jerking off with a warm, wry smile on his face. The bellends at work who sign off emails with things like Best D on the other hand really boil my piss!
  10. Shift work

    No mate. Just up the road in uttoxeter. If it’s JCB you’re referring to ive not heard great things about the place truth be told.
  11. Shift work

    How many others do we have on here that work a shift pattern outside the usual Monday to Friday 9-5? Im at work just now in deepest darkest Staffordshire on my 2nd of 4 x 12 hour night shifts. Whats everyone else’s thoughts on them? Personally I absolutely love it. The extra days off work and freedom it gives you to have pastimes outside of work is a massive benefit to me personally. No queues in the shops, gyms quieter, better service when in cafes etc. The idea of working 9-5 Monday to Friday now is not something I’d consider now. The main benefit to it though is that when the next crew comes in at 7am this morning, if there’s outstanding issues to deal with then I pass them on and off i trot out the door without a moments thought for what’s going on. The ability to never take work home with me is a massive plus in this day and age.
  12. Your gyms still quiet?

    David Lloyd in derby is like a morgue at certain times and never have I gone there and not been able to do exactly what I wanted. The price keeps the riff raff away and it’s not accessible unless you drive really so it’s not likely to be over run by students. I appreciate it’s pricey but it does come with added benefits like always being able to train comfortably and facilities like swimming pools/saunas for a bum.
  13. How do you date girls in the UK?

    Roses are red violets are blue get in the car ive got a knife. works everytime!
  14. 502kg Deadlift.

    Please see above. Haha.
  15. 502kg Deadlift.

    Yes I know, but in relation to body weight what these lads are doing is pulling 3.5/4 x body weight where as I was only just over 2 x. So I would have thought that when the pulls are so far in excess of your own body weight the percentage increases become much harder? Im just choppsing really because I don’t know the science behind it all but I’d be surprised if that wasn’t the case.