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  1. derek chauvin Is going...

    Why don’t you stick a grand on top then rockafella
  2. derek chauvin Is going...

    @todai I have a genuine bona fide offer for you. If you allow @js77 to pin you down with his knee on your neck whilst in hand restraints, a vest top and some arseless chaps for a period of 20 minutes and can honestly say afterwards you felt no levels of discomfort at all then I’ll give you 100 pounds. Deal?
  3. derek chauvin Is going...

    There’s absolutely no point in us discussing then further then todai because our opinions on it are completely opposite. I just find it shocking anyone can think it wasn’t the knee on the neck that killed him.
  4. derek chauvin Is going...

    It’s a shame for him how exactly? He held his knee on a mans neck until he died. How in the name of Christ can you feel sorry for him?
  5. European Super League

    Ed Woodward resigned as well. Its beautiful to see.
  6. European Super League

    It’s laughable to see and hear all these people coming out foaming at the mouth accusing these clubs of greed. Durrrrr. Do they think abramovich, the Americans and arabs are diehard football fans who are genuinely interested in the history of these clubs and communites? The premier league allowed these shysters into the competition knowing full well profit was their main motivator so why wouldn’t they try and maximise their growth by doing something like this? Reap what you sow.
  7. Need a new series to watch

    They’ve probably been filmed prior to lockdown and then need editing before being given to the production companies who then release them to the likes of Netflix. What you’re watching now was probably being filmed a couple of years ago.
  8. Need a new series to watch

    Prisoner cell block H. Set in a woman’s prisoner in Australia. Has some incredibly powerful story lines in it and the acting is wonderful. The scene where joan Ferguson gets thrown in the tumble dryer will haunt me forever!
  9. First day back at the gym thread

    Mate, if you’ve got the spare poke then do it. I went for a run earlier because I’m on nights this week and the gym in derby is half hour away so the hours travel there and back I can do without but I’ve told myself it’s shoulders tomorrow and I’m already dying a little inside at the thought of training there. You need to enjoy the experience of training to be able to maintain it long term and training amongst a sea of filth in these budget chain gym places doesn’t make that easy. The crowd at David Lloyd are the other end of the spectrum in that they’re a bit poncey but they’re decent people who just want to train alongside like minded people who aren’t complete toerags!
  10. What have you lot got planned/booked? We’ve got a 7 nights in Devon booked for September. Self catering little cottage on the river teign. A day at Newton Abbott races and some nice meals booked in for some cute looking restaurants. The weeks cost us about 800 for the two of us which I don’t think is too bad considering there’s stories knocking about that a lot of places are ramping up prices with a lot of people looking to book up staycations. Which is a word used only by knob’eds! Hopefully by the time winter comes around we’ll be able to travel abroad again and we’ll look to get abroad again for a reasonable cost without the risk of having to isolate again when you get back but for now I’m happy to visit parts of the UK I’ve not been to before. What you lads up to?
  11. Census

    I’d be careful with not paying your council tax. As someone who tried to get away with not paying it for a couple of years and then stopping signing onto the electoral roll for a couple of years to try and avoid them chasing me down I can assure you they will stop at nothing to ensure they catch up with you. Im going back about 10 years now when I first left my parents house and was of the mindset that if I didn’t pay my council tax that would give me another 90 quid a month for reccies. They eventually tracked me down to a completely different county about 3 years ago and I’ve just finished paying it off with substantial interest in the last 6 months. If the US wanted to find Bin Laden quicker than what they did they should have employed the people doncaster council use to hunt down people who evade paying council tax. They stop at nothing!
  12. Big fors back to gym blog

    If you’re going to sleep around noon and waking up at 5 and claiming that’s 15 hours sleep I don’t see how you can possibly go wrong when injecting steroids into yourself......
  13. I work 12 hour shifts days and nights so meal prep is essential. I also enjoy cooking so spending the day in the kitchen cooking 3 or 4 meals ahead for when I’m back at work isn’t something I find tedious or laborious. Jamie Oliver’s cook books and the monthly Sainsbury’s magazine keeps things from getting monotonous as well. Im going for Caribbean chicken curry, lamb and chickpea stew and spiced salmon with prawn fried rice as this weeks options. I’ve got friends who aren’t even capable of making the absolute basics from scratch. There’s tales in the group chat of people eating frozen ready meals because they’re completely inept which is pretty shameful in my opinion.
  14. First day back at the gym thread

    Siiiiiiiigh. No. Probably not in truth. When you consider that places like pure/JD etc can offer everything you need in a gym for about a 1/5th of the price, and Nuffield has everything a David Lloyd does for a 1/3rd of it. But you do notice the difference when you step foot in one after the other. The changing rooms, the showers, the availability of the equipment/how quickly things are fixed and just the type of people that use them. There’s just a difference across the two and it’s not easy to adapt to one after being in the other. There’s an independent gym in my local town I’m going to pop into to see the set up in there because I just can’t see me enjoying the JD experience if today’s a taste of things to come.
  15. First day back at the gym thread

    I signed up to them about a week before lockdown because the David Lloyd club I was using decided to take the punchbags down which pissed me right off. Ive used the JD in derby about 10am this morning and it was absolutely horrendous. It’s a well equipped gym and there’s loads of benches/squat racks but not enough weight plates and dumbells to go round the amount of people that are crammed in there! Like a shoal of herring waiting to be swallowed up by a breaching blue whale! The sooner David Lloyd come back to me with an offer of half price membership for signing up again the better because I can’t see me having the patience to train there for long!