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  1. Same. I used to be a member of xercise4less in Doncaster and whilst it’s well kitted out, there’s often kit waiting to be repaired, the numbers in there at times are ridiculous to the point you can’t train in the timescales you want to, the changing rooms are cess pits and there’s no steam room or pool. I use david Lloyd now and whilst it is pricey I don’t mind paying it to be able to train how I like at any time of day and the extra benefits. Having said that I’m gonna try the old “cancel my membership because it’s too expensive” trick when my 12 months is up and hope they come back with a reduced offer rate to get me to stay.
  2. 1st strongman comp completed

    If you lads end up entering any of the ones you’ve mentioned stick a post in here and if I’m free on the dates I’ll come along and be your support bubble for the day. Rub downs will be charged however. It might not be the biggest shock to hear that I’m from Doncaster originally so I can always head over there and stop at me mams if the dates fit in. Stay strong and sexy.
  3. Fadi's 'Swift Beast'

    Not really mate no. I’ve got 50 quid on with my cousin that I can run a 10k in under 45 minutes, be around 12 stone lean and have a 100kg bench by June so I’ve got financial incentive to get my arse in gear. 44 quid for kettlebell and £17 for courier pal so not exactly cheap. But it’s gonna be getting used 2 or 3 times a week for about 3 months I think. Once I’ve got my punch bag hung up as well I’ve got more than enough gear to be able to have a very decent workout at home when the gyms open again but I’m short on time to go there. You got any goals for this year big lad?
  4. Minus about 30 years maybe but you get the picture?
  5. You don’t need it pal. I don’t have it either and it plays fine for me. You look like John mcalees (sp) lancslad!
  6. Nice going pal. I do go in the strongman forum now and then but it’s a one horse town and the horse has bolted. I’m led to believe there’s a good strongman gym in derby but I’ve never been. When lockdown ends I’ve decided I’m going to be going more for functional strength and incorporating Muay Thai as I’ve found a Muay Thai academy in derby that gets excellent reviews. So you best like my post or I’m gonna come and kick your teeth down your throat in 6 months time shag!
  7. Fadi's 'Swift Beast'

    A tad heavier than myself then pal but nothing to make such a notable difference in output. I’m hoping to be around 80kg myself by summer time and as you say, most of that to come off in the next 10 weeks or so. I actually did a sandbag workout yesterday. A minute of each of skipping, then sandbag squats, push ups, mountain climbers and bastards. I’ve ordered a 16kg kettlebell that should arrive this week which I’ll incorporate as well and thinking about ordering one of those aqua heavy bags which I can attach to a bracket with a pull up bar added to it. Best of luck to you chief x
  8. Cardio alternatives for bodybuilders?

    I’ve just ordered a 16kg kettlebell to help with fitness and hopefully even leaning out a bit during this next lockdown. Is simple and sinister a programme name that’s found on YouTube pal? Or can you describe it to me? Cheers.
  9. Really missing the fu**ing gym now!!

    I think so pal. He was a pretty strong guy from what I remember. Turned his life around with weights. Was a complete piss head before taking up strength training. So there’s hope for you yet foreskin x
  10. Really missing the fu**ing gym now!!

    I was gonna say, there used to be a Scottish guy on here who used his wee lads bedroom as makeshift gym. Used to turn the kids bed over so had enough room to deadlift. Im going back years now and I still remember the video he posted of himself deadlifting in his kecks farting away till his heart was content?
  11. Jogging - what's the best option?

    Yeah I was more referring to LISS when done on a flat treadmill as opposed to just pounding the streets. Obviously treadmills have their use for people such as yourself who lives somewhere with such a varying climate. However, it is still boring as f**k and there’s no doubt about that haha.
  12. Hair Transplant members here

    What do you lads think to this? Cost me f**k all, no flights to Turkey, no trips to London, I actually have to pay someone to cut it every fortnight! Some people just get all the luck eh
  13. Jogging - what's the best option?

    Not that I’m looking to pick a fight with you here mate and whatever you prefer is obviously entirely your choice. But running on a treadmill is an absolute piece of piss and does very little to increase your cardiovascular health or burn anything like as many calories as the same run outside would. Its also boring as f**k. If you have the mental ability to plod on a treadmill for more than 5 minutes you’re a better man than me. Getting out in the fresh air (even at this time of year) is a lovely feeling and gives me a sense of achievement that’s impossible to get on a treadmill.
  14. Fadi's 'Swift Beast'

    That’s an absolute warriors performance pal! My next attempt at is tomorrow so hopefully I manage to get a 4th round in this time. I can’t be posting up a routine then having some punk on the internet coming along and showing me how it’s done What body weight are you if you don’t mind me asking mate?