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  1. Footwear in Gym

    I just got some Nike Metcons, nice and flat and fit well. Got mine half price on the Nike website sale but you can pick them up on ebay for a reasonable price (not used...unless you're into that) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nike-Metcon-2-Mens-Trainers-Size-11-5-UK-EUR-47-RRP-110-New/182621120414?var=485182536465
  2. Hayfever

    I just bought some of those fexofenadines. You can buy them online at pharmacy2u with an online cosultation. Hope they work, it's my eyes that get the worst, feels like someone has thrown sand in my eyes and I can't get it out.
  3. Hayfever

    Yeah I've had it a few times but my GP stopped doing it, it does work but I had to get two one year as it only lasted about two months for me but its different for everyone, it may last all summer for you. I was thinking the other day actually about looking at getting it done privately this year.
  4. Got some smelling salts

    I bought some smelling salts more out of curiosity than anything. "Nose Napalm" it was called and now I know why. When it arrived I first sniffed it at waist height and it was bad. I then had a go sniffing it point blank and it was like someone shoving an ice pick up my nostril and into my brain, even that was a little sniff, I don't have the balls to give it a proper snort yet. Anyone actally use this stuff regularly for big lifts? You'd have to be pretty mental..think ill just stick to my strong coffee