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  1. Triumph labs DNP

    Should be as the supplier i spoke to last week said they were 250mg tabs
  2. Who's going reading festival

    So if i see a inflatable white T rex i need to say 'Hi Slagface' and hope to f**k its you and some bird dressed up
  3. Who's going reading festival

    Bet you dont keep that on long, will be sweating like f**k
  4. FelonE Year Long Bulk Log.

    Exactly, defeats the objective of bulking. I'm going to give winny a try on my next bulk see if thats any better, if not then just keep away from orals
  5. FelonE Year Long Bulk Log.

    I wish i had that effect whilst cutting lol, Same happened to me whilst i bulked last time, appetite went to s**t on superdrol.
  6. FelonE Year Long Bulk Log.

    Are you taking 20mg a day?
  7. Who's going reading festival

    I'm going this year for the first time, sacked of v fest to give reading a go. You will find me at either the burger bar or donut van as I'm still cutting
  8. I've always had mine delivered within 2-3 days
  9. Ross1991's Bulking Log

    In for this mate, similar cycle to what I'll be lean bulking on in a few weeks.
  10. Sphinkter's time to get swole

    those chocolate mini weetabix are dangerous mate, my kids have them. If i decide to have a bowl its hard to just have the one bowl lol, soon get through the calories
  11. Sphinkter's time to get swole

    Will keep an eye on this one mate
  12. Triumph or Taylor Made

    either of those, i've used both and they are gtg
  13. FelonE Year Long Bulk Log.

    Obviously in in
  14. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    In on this one