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  1. Small op and cruising

    Thanks for the replies guys, put my mind at ease. ill stay on cruise then, will get my bloods checked also
  2. Small op and cruising

    150mg every 10 days yeah didn’t fancy telling the doctor about using gear
  3. I’m currently cruising on test, I’ve got a small op in around 10 weeks. will I need to come off totally
  4. TEST E & NPP

    and probably not best idea to so say you 'should' use an oral, should be an option if needed but more is not always better, especially how much more liver toxic they are
  5. Tried to get the info off spotinjection.com but the website is down. normally pin glutes and delts but want to use some more sites, thinking quads is probably best. has anyone got a good link showing where on the quad is best to inject?
  6. Total Mass Construction

    That’s pretty awesome mate, well pleased for you and can’t wait to see how you get on in the future
  7. Total Mass Construction

    well done mate, you looked awesome on stage. Shows how much work you have put in over the years. It was a very good line up too so 6th place is good, and im sure you will place better in a years time bud. Do you have a coach or do you do all your own nutrition and training?
  8. Ah my bad, was thinking you did the ukbff but it was the pca lol pca looks to be a lot better quality of competitors though. im sure your pretty much ready for the supers anyway, your a unit lol
  9. Looking good buddy. are you competing in the bodybuilding over 90kg category?
  10. Dnp brand

    You have to check the website regular mate, they will come back in stock but not normally for long
  11. Triumph labs

    My triumph source went awol about 6 weeks ago
  12. i use ralox regularly and never get any sides off it mate
  13. Yeah totally agree with you on this, ive only used sphinx before which cleared mine up but took a fair few months, not used any for about a year until this last couple of months and tried triumph, cleared mine up within about 6 weeks, lips got really dry and cracking. Im just going to take a tablet every few days not to keep it at bay
  14. I’m not sure which it is tbh, I had it done with medichecks online with finger pr**k. the result was 314 pmol/L prolactin came back at 1388 mIU/L also