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    OnePack got a reaction from sjacks in Tuna ice-cream   
    Step 1) Can of Tuna, Milk/water or fruits of your choice, add a bit of sweetener for taste/ extra sweetness
    Step 2) Blend
    Step 3) Freeze
    Step 4) Eat after the gym to cool you down or a delicious Summer snack.

    edit: can I edit the title say Tune ice lolly.
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    OnePack got a reaction from ellisrimmer in ive shrunK!!..   
    as a matter of interest can i ask where is the measurement taken from and to? along the side, top or bottom?
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    OnePack got a reaction from mal in Alternative Quad Routines   
    i just read the leg routine, gonna try that next week.

    but there was no mention of rests, like how long between each set and between doin each exercise..
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    OnePack got a reaction from cellaratt in Possibly most impressive UTube/Dance video ever   
    yeah jabbawalkies and diversity r 2 of my fav dance groups, animaniacs and the other group that competed against diversity on bg talant are also good too. can't remember their name.