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  1. Been reading up on a few articles on ergo-log regarding melatonin. Seems to have strong anti estrogenic effects, and provide sharper GH spikes in conjunction with exercise! I have not tried this hormone myself, but I have seen it in pharmacies, and seems to be reasonably cheap. Anyone have some more information? Would love some anecdotal evidence
  2. best supp for joints and muscles !!???

    Just want to chime and advice against using Naproxen unless it is very important that you are able to have full function that day. Used for prolonged periods it can make irrepairable damage to your stomach lining and sphincter. Then again causing GERD and nasty acid reflux for the rest of your days. And that is only one of the many serious sides with this medication. Seek out professional help!
  3. You are most certainly right. I have been told that nandrolone is very good for heloing the ligs grow stronger. Whereas tren for example does not. I have certainly overdone myself when I sustained the injuries, but now I want to get rid of them I am doing 100mcg of GHRP6 and Mod GRF 1-29 morning and before bedtime. Should give me some HGH benefits. I have a few vials of that stuff. Used about 5mg a week for some weeks but couldnt make out any difference. Maybe I have to try with a different protocol.
  4. Someone should make a best-of collection
  5. I am considering nandrolone because of painfull old muslce tears. Hoping it will assist in dealing with the aching. As serious as it gets. We love and respect each other. Try to be humble and learn as much as we can from each other. But with this situation fear has taken over and i am getting nowhere. Need to bring back reason and have her belive that I will not turn into a completely different person just for using a little gear. She is not one for in-depth researching, information mainly coming from "ask your doctor" columns, gossip magazines and anti doping agencies. She has been informed that this is going to happen, it is more of a matter of damage control. Not having her freak out so much...
  6. Howdy! Mentioned to the girlfriend that I am considering doing a cycle of nandrolone and test. At first she did not think much of it. But after "reading up" online, I have had a proper shitstorm coming my way. All sorts of accusations of wanting to become a violent sex maniac in order to f**k and beat up everyone but the postman. She is freaked out. -To say the least. There is no way I can get away with using anything stronger than creatine before this the information has become balanced out. Now I am looking for some safe, cozy stories about calm, kind people using AAS without wrecking havoc on themselves and others. Something on the opposite side of antidoping agencies.
  7. What substances are regarded as the best for healing muscle attachments and joints? Have suffered a few years with pain in bicep attachments, and have suffered a few muscle tears in my shoulders. Have done 3 cycles in my younger years. Seem to remember that any cycle with a bit of nandrolone will go a long way in healing achy joints and weak ligaments. Should I perhaps try to go trough a few vials of BPC157 before trying AAS? Any well-founded advice would be awesome!
  8. My GF has done a top notch job losing a lot of weight over the last months. Problem is that her 38 YO skin does not seem to have the elasticity needed to adapt to the new conditions. From what we read one of the key points is having a healthy collagen production, so that the old skin cells can be replaced by new smaller or fewer ones. Does anyone have any experience or insights to what would be an effective method to shed excess skin. Besides cutting it off
  9. Did you find anything?
  10. Not exactly TRT, so please move if it is the wrong forum for this. I have seen a few claims that low dose cialis, -around 5mg will increase T. What about Vardefinil and Sildenafil, Could it be the same with them?
  11. Have not been able to do a proper bicep workout in a very long time after suffering a small tear to the lower bicep tendon. I have tried with ultrasound, lasers, electricity(only once), and regular local injections of TB500. None have done much for me so far. I can barely take any load on the bicep before it flares up and gives out a throbbing pain. Any well meant ideas would be very much appreciated! Massage oils, prayers, drugs, crossroads demons or whatever
  12. I got a set of these bands or belts or whatever. When I try to tighten them up they pinch some of my skin. Am I doing it wrong or am I just too fat?
  13. So, Iǜe managed to lose the scre caps for a lot of my shaker bottles. Seems kind of stupid to get new ones, so I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a kilogram of caps?
  14. I am looking into trying supplementing with resveratrol. But from what I understand, just taking resveratrol powder will not do much as it is wuickly degraded in the body, and uptake is minimal. Have any of you come across some time-extended formulations that actualy work in regards to uptake?
  15. Can IF cause low BP?

    Just came back from the doctors office. The doctor measured my blood pressure to be 85 over 55. At the moment it was about 13 hours since last meal. I have been doing IF for about two weeks now, first week 16/8, then moving on to 18/6. My blood pressure have never been high, but these numbers look a bit extreme to me. Does anyone know of science or personal experiences where it was likely that fasting, short term or prolonged could be the cause of abnormally low blood pressure? Any good tips for getting it normalised? Besides jabbing 1g of tren