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  1. Next Gen Consoles

    Rest assured that it won't be. It will have AMD RDNA 2 GPU which is inferior to Nvidia's RTX 30-series and that's just this year. Next year I bet Nvidia is gonna pump some steroids into their lineup and leave PS5 in dust even further. Consoles are poor man's gaming. Their prices are subsidized, but then they get their money and then some from selling games. Vendor lock-in, folks, avoid it whenever you can.
  2. Using POF

    Everything is fake, but POF is not only fake, it's ѕhit and no longer has any meaningful traffic. I've seen it in it's "golden days", trust me. I've been doing online dating before online dating even existed (IRC anyone?). Basic Tinder is free, but you won't see likes and will have limited swipes. If you're remotely serious about dating you'll drop those few pounds a month, because a date will cost you more anyway.
  3. Using POF

    POF is stuck in the last century, it's by far the ѕhittiest dating website of them all. Unfortunate reality is that Tinder has won and none of those has-been dating websites have any meaningful traffic anymore. If you have good quality pictures (not ѕhitty bathroom selfies), Tinder works well.
  4. Gym rant

    My gym has 1.5 hour slots with 15 minute booking intervals. There's always 100% availability no matter what time, even when it's busiest, you can just book and start working out within 5 minutes. Nobody actually checks how long you've been inside, you can be there the whole fuсking day if you want. I think that app is bullѕhit and exists only so they could cover their аss if government starts snooping around.
  5. Another lockdown?

  6. Gym rant

    When it opened, my residential gym had a ѕhitty non-working booking app, every slot was booked 2 weeks ahead, they allowed 1 hour sessions with some retarded cleaning rules which would have doubled the time of my workout which is already 1 hour under normal circumstances. So I said fuсk this ѕhit, signed up to Third Space and was working out there within 20 minutes. 100% availability, 1.5 hour sessions that nobody checks and no other bullѕhit.
  7. Another lockdown?

    We couldn't afford the first lockdown, the devastating consequences of which are yet to be felt.
  8. Best Joke ?

    Are you trying to put everyone to sleep? Guy comes back home, finds his girlfriend upset, packing, getting ready to leave. So he asks "What's going on?" She replies "You know, today I found out you're a paedophile!" The guy says "Whoa, whoa, that's a big word for an 8 year old!" Guy comes back home drunk, carrying a duck. Enters the bedroom where his wife is sleeping and says "Look, here's the pig I've been fuсking" The wife says "Bug honey, that's a duck!" The guy replies "I wasn't talking to you!"
  9. Best Joke ?

    Am I the one posting gay ѕhit all the time on this forum? He is, hence the collection, right on the fuсking point.
  10. Best Joke ?

    What's the matter, princess, are you feeling left out? Here are some specially for you: If 2 guys are having sex and the house catches on fire. Who gets out first, the guy on top or the guy on the bottom? The guy on the bottom cause he's already got his ѕhit packed. Two deer walk out of a gay bar. One of them turns to the other and says, "I can't believe I blew forty bucks in there." How do you get four queers on a bar stool? Turn it upside down. Q: Why did the gay man get fired from his job at the sperm bank? A: Drinking on the job.
  11. Best Joke ?

    Guy comes into a store to buy condoms. Store clerk asks "Do you want a bag with that?". Guy answers "No thanks, she's not that ugly". What's the difference between acne and a priest? Acne waits until a boy is 14 to come on his face.
  12. Best Joke ?

    Not really. You should look up the definition of impression. For instance, in this case if he said "I'll be back" in Glasgow accent that would be a terrible Arnold impression. Saying "I'll return" is just dumb, meaningless and not really an impression of anything.
  13. Best Joke ?

    That was a classic joke and you still managed to ruin it. "I'll return", really?
  14. So my gym has two "membership managers" - smokin' hot babes, basically glorified courtesans. Their job is to show potential clients around and sign them up. No guy with a pulse will say no to one of them. I somehow think that a middle aged fat guy wouldn't have such good conversion rate in this position. Today I couldn't hide a smile when I saw the classic situation. One of the babes wearing a skirt short enough that you could see her uterus was walking some young couple around. The guy was dragging his tongue behind him and his not-so-hot girlfriend had a sour face. She will make him pay for that insubordination, beta bucks always pays.