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  1. Why do my emojis show up as question marks?

    Because this site has a bullshit antiquated censorship filter that almost no other sites have. It's also ironic, considering absolute majority of audience is adult men, so it's not like they have to "protect the children" or something.
  2. Who's got a drone?

    I saw this one next to my work not long ago, pretty sure it should last at least 11 minutes
  3. Boris has Corona

    Well it's about time the fat fcuk got it.
  4. Where has all the money come from?

    Nowhere. Government will just print money and spread around, which will of course cause massive inflation and won't solve sh|t. I mean, how difficult is to understand this? It's simple - we are surviving, because the economy is constantly moving forward, products are made, services performed. Stop all that even for a short time and many people will suffer, there's no way around it. Modern economy is a huge, incredibly complex and sensitive machine - try to fcuk with it and it will break, badly.
  5. Exactly this. Fcuking cnuts are bleeding us dry and still failing to deliver. Fcuk Fitness Superstore cocksuckers.
  6. Any good places to get some dumbbells?

    I've seen olympic dumbbell bars sold on ebay for 1K, but can't find it anymore, probably some desperate idiots bought those too
  7. Any good places to get some dumbbells?

    You waited a week for this? By now even pictures of dumbbells are sold out I've placed my orders on Saturday and already most of the good stuff was wiped out, had to order from 4 different online stores and all I wanted was olympic dumbbells and a bench.
  8. Yeah, I got these. It's not that big of a problem, most exercises that involve dumbbell going vertically are done with lighter weight.
  9. Well if that happens, I'm just gonna return all that s**t
  10. I mean, so far I've dropped about £700 for a good bench, olympic dumbbell bars and a set of plates. It sounds like a lot, but I don't have many other alternatives that don't suck. When gyms reopen I'll probably just keep the gear, or sell it on gumtree like you said. I am however considering a more advanced approach, which is me buying something like the monster rack. In that case I wouldn't come back to a commercial gym for sure, because I could do just about any imaginable exercise at home and save time by avoiding overcrowded gym.
  11. Yeah, I don't like them either, I'm gonna buy better clamps.
  12. Yeah, they're about 50cm long, so not exactly ideal in that regard, but I bought 5, 2.5, 1.25, 0.5 kg plates, so I can scale those dumbbells from 5 to 45 kg and there are no alternatives to that.
  13. "Shortage" is not the word I would use, everything is pretty much wiped out. At first the biggest online stores put up minimum order amounts like £200 or even £1000, then stopped taking orders all together, also stating delivery times of up to 4 fu**ing weeks.