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  1. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Is that even a serious question? UK is well known as Cuckistan of Europe, that's why I'm never getting married
  2. Buying for women is frigging hard

    Buy her slippers and a dildo. You know the drill.
  3. Sleepers on the NHS

    The only "proper sleeper" is melatonin, because it's the actual hormone that our bodies produce. It's written black on white on wikipedia: "Zopiclone is a sedative". That one sentence says it all.
  4. Sleepers on the NHS

    I wouldn't take any of that prescribed zombifying ѕhit. It's from the same series and the same doctors who hook adults on Prozac and Zanex and kids on Ritalin and Adderall. ZMA and timed release Melatonin, 300-750 mcg. Melatonin you can get delivered from US based online pharmacy, it's cheap. There's also a nuclear option. Phenibut can give you the best sleep of your life, but it can only safely be used once a week. The sleep on it is otherwordly though.
  5. Clothing

    My recent tracksuits are from Armani and Hugo Boss, because Adidas, Puma and Nike decided to stop making pockets with zippers. Twаts.
  6. The gym build

    I would get mirrors if I were you, like in a real gym. You can find 2x1m mirrors for less than £100.
  7. Kicked off in the Bank

    I recently lost access to one of my accounts and had to go through all the bullshit dance of calling them, waiting forever on hold, sending some bullѕhit papers, waiting for days or weeks to regain access. In times like this it makes you realize that your money is nothing but ones and zeroes in some servers and if something goes wrong you may loose it all. Accounts that I've opened in the last years were done purely online, no paperwork whatsoever, so you effectively have no proof they even exist. Welcome to the nightmare that is the future and I'm saying this as a software engineer who works in finance.
  8. Would you admit using steroids in a date?

    Sigh... Some of you guys are so naive, including the grey haired ones, unfortunately. You don't admit ѕhit. Ever. Just like how she won't admit she will drop you the minute she sees you as a whining self questioning bitch.
  9. Would you recommend others to use steroids?

    I see most of you are missing the big picture here. You keep talking about "natural", "natty", whatever the fuсk it means in today's world. There's nothing natural about us, any one of us for a long time. We survive because of centuries of advancements of technology, pharmacology, food engineering, etc. Being all "natural" would mean statistical average lifetime of 35 years or some ѕhit like that. Truly how nature intended. On daily basis people do way more harmful things than taking steroids, be it junk food, smoking, alcohol, hard drugs, getting married, you name it. This particular discussion is just purely philosophical, that's all.
  10. When will we recover?

    Apparently even before the corona hysteria, economy wasn't recovered to the pre-2008 level, so I'm pretty sure we won't see a recovery in our lifetimes from this particular bump in the road. This is very much a self-inflicted crisis, but there's another one coming that is even much much bigger. Climate refugees. That's gonna be the end game.
  11. Remember remember the fifth of November...

    No, that's just a normal Thursday for all of you cucks, this Thursday is different. V For Vendetta kind of different Ride the sentiment - fuсk the government, for they are surely fuсking all of us right now.
  12. Gunpowder treason and plot. We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! You know what movie you should be watching tonight
  13. Dating someone much younger than you

    Sigh... Blue Pill brainwashing in action again. I'm older than you and before this whole corona hysteria started I went on a date with an 18 year old. It's never a problem for women, it's you who makes it an issue and talk yourself out of pussy. Needless to say, never go the other way. Used up past wall hags are never worth it.
  14. Will you vote Boris in again ?

    Bojo is a certified moron. The comunist socialist party is a different kind of evil. There's nobody to vote for, if I even bother I'm just gonna spoil my ballot. "Political homelessness" is trending in the past few years.
  15. Sean Connery

    Man with balls of steel, not afraid to stand up for what he believes. They don't make them like that anymore.