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  1. Dating apps

    Read what I said above and you'll understand why you fail. It's like midget being angry that he sucks at basketball.
  2. Dating apps

    I've been doing online dating since before online dating sites existed IRC anyone? Anyway, in order to be successful in online dating nowadays you basically need to be a Chad and have these 3 things: Nice face Ripped (abs picture) High quality pictures in fancy locations If you don't have the above your results will be s**t or mediocre at best and if some bish takes pity on you it's because she wants you as her instagram orbiter. No amount of hacks, tricks or strategies will work.
  3. We could have a civil war on our hands

    Anything is better than slow lockdown death.
  4. need advice on something

    Hypothetically, that "lad" is a cuck in denial, so he needs to read about The Red Pill ASAP or stop being in denial. Hypothetically.
  5. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    Also, what the fvck is up with McDonalds still not delivering when the likes of KFC managed to keep delivering throughout the lockdown. Fvck you McDonalds you fvcking cocksuckers. For the record, I am frustrated for my friend, definitely not myself.
  6. Space X is a lie

  7. Space X is a lie

    Fun fact - if you are doing squats with 100 kg on Earth, you would need 265 kg on Mars for the same resistance, actually more, taking into account reduced body weight too by a factor of ~2.65
  8. Space X is a lie

    Faked? Are you high? You do realize that there are actual people watching SpaceX launches on launch sites, right? How do you fake that? Mind control?
  9. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    There's a reason why McDonalds is by far the largest and most successful junk food chain in the world. Their sh|t is the best - they have perfected the formula, the addictiveness. It's like the original Coke that still has the actual cocaine in it.
  10. Space X is a lie

    SpaceX rules. I will fly to Mars or die trying. Ya'll should check out that new show "Space Force" with Steve Carell and John Malkovich. Also Mars (by NatGeo) and of course Expanse.
  11. Fat people annoy me

    That's because most men in the West have become weakling cucks, they are too afraid to show the fat pigs their place. Go to some rural Russia and see if you can find many fat chicks there.
  12. Is Boris for real?

    Yes, Boris is for real.
  13. So Who's Building A Home Gym?

    Lessons learned. Never use XDP and never buy from the fvcking Fitness Superstore. In retrospect I now realized that I should have ordered my stuff a week before the official lockdown, that's when my gym closed.
  14. So Who's Building A Home Gym?

    According to their shitty tracking page that's down half the time it was next day. I live in London and Fitness Crapstore warehouse is in Northampton, so not a great distance, maybe that's why.
  15. So Who's Building A Home Gym?

    Yes, it was XDP. I heard they're the worst on the god damn planet. I'm glad I got my stuff though, although I will never ever order anything from Fitness Superstore again.