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  1. Gyms reopening.

    OK if i'm wrong please feel free to come back and call me a pr1ck
  2. Gyms reopening.

    I've said from the beginning that gyms will be the last places they will even CONSIDER reopening and i realised it wouldn't be until the end of the summer. Now it probably won't be until early next year.
  3. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    I sent an email to the manager at the gym i started at last year. Replied today that gyms won't open before 1st September at least. Government have been advised that gym atmosphere is the worst place to be when a virus like this is around. But the morons open pubs and cinemas. Just about sums them all up. I'm not bothering now even going back because the rules will make it unbearable.
  4. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Got an email from my gym manager saying won't be open before 1st September. Government says the atmosphere in gyms is the worst place to be when a virus like this is around.
  5. I'm not against what Cummings did rather the lockdown policy that he helped set up. It's completely over the top as the virus mainly hits a small percentage of older folk with underlying medical conditions. Shutting down all these businesses was totally unnecessary. It didn't happen with the Hong Kong flu (80,000 deaths) and the present virus has killed roughly half that number. Back then they got on with life and accept it unlike today's pedantic and rather pathetic society . People need to toughen up and I'm not afraid to say it.
  6. Boris Johnson is a buffoon and a clown. Hopelessly outof touch and generally clueless.
  7. Will covid 19 go away

    Won't be until next year at least. They will only be allowed to open when either the virus has completely vanished or a successful vaccine has been developed and tested. And that is at least 18 months away.
  8. Petition to open gyms again

    It isn't going to happen. Same as theatres, clubs, bars large event venues. Especially with no covid vaccine available. Not a chance before autumn at the very least. Don't forget with lockdown easing of sorts there will be another spike in infection rates. No way can places like these can reopen any time soon.
  9. Sunak taking Piss Now

    The government cannot be seen to be allowing people to die. That isn't on at all....
  10. Sunak taking Piss Now

    Sunak should go back to running the family convenience store.
  11. Is Boris for real?

    Correct. They won't open until autumn at the earliest. But most likely 12 months.
  12. Gym open

    Public gyms will not open this year and many will close down. The rents on these buildings are astronomical and unless they can persuade members to carry on paying subscriptions they can't carry on. I for one am not paying an "empty" subscription
  13. What easing of lock down may look like

    They can still operate gyms safely in my opinion. Regular cleaning as before the shutdown and machines and benches are apart anyhow. Same with cardio machines...use every other machine space in the middle. Arrive ready to train do a workout and leave. This is a ridiculous over reaction because businesses will close down. Permanently.
  14. What easing of lock down may look like

    Looks like he was on to something because a couple of days later i read that the government has placed gyms as one of the last establishments to reopen and not before autumn. A government source stated that most likely not until next year which will cause many places to close for good. I paid 3 months subscription and 2 days later gyms were shut so i've lost that money. Personally i think it is unnecessary and an extreme over reaction to do this.
  15. Spot on about people needing to toughen up and stop being cry babies. 100% correct. All you get these days are pathetic wimps who are essentially losers in life.